With 2021 entering the final week of it’s first month, the wheat has started to become separated from the chaff.

Whether your side is unbeaten or unbackable, each of the NRL’s 16 teams still have quandaries to ponder as the road to September begins to narrow.

Once again, here are the big questions facing every team as they enter a blockbuster Easter Round of Rugby League.


Canberra Raiders

Will Stuart’s storm off sidetrack them?

For those that have followed the game at any time between 1988 and last Saturday afternoon, you will be completely aware that Ricky Stuart is never short of a word when he is hot under the collar.

Still, dumping cryptic messages about truths and departing a press conference after just 90-seconds is a new one.

Despite his emotional exit and his sideline antics, the 54-year-old escaped without a fine, but could his ranting and raving impact his side negatively ahead of their clash with the in-form Gold Coast Titans?

As ‘Sticky’ has been tightly affiliated with the Raiders for 19 of his 34-years in the game, it is unlikely that his shooting from the hip will have too much of an adverse effect on his troops, as it has almost become the norm.

If Stuart wasn’t willing to criticize match officials, dodgy decisions and the opposition, we would all be rushing to take his temperature. The star half and Premiership coach is constantly running hot from the lip, but it doesn’t stop him taking his team to September.

However, it is unlikely that he and his team will be moving on without any scars after blowing a 19-point half-time lead.