PanthersPEN WIN BY 6
Panthers Stadium

Match Summary



Brent Naden 26'
B. Naden 26'
Stephen Crichton 62'
S. Crichton 62'
Viliame Kikau 69'
V. Kikau 69'
Mitchell Aubusson 3'
M. Aubusson 3'
Siosiua Taukeiaho 19'
S. Taukeiaho 19'
Nathan Cleary 28'
N. Cleary 28'
Nathan Cleary 64'
N. Cleary 64'
Nathan Cleary 70'
N. Cleary 70'
Kyle Flanagan 20'
K. Flanagan 20'
Nathan Cleary 47'
N. Cleary 47'
Kyle Flanagan 2'
K. Flanagan 2'
Kyle Flanagan 57'
K. Flanagan 57'

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2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
All Run Metres
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Line Breaks
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Kick Metres
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Forty Twenty Kicks
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Tackles Made
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
Missed Tackles
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL
2024 AVG.
2024 TOTAL

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Previous 5 Games


8/9/19KnightsW 54 - 10
31/8/19RoostersL 22 - 6
23/8/19CowboysL 24 - 10
16/8/19BroncosL 24 - 12
9/8/19SharksW 26 - 20


6/10/19RaidersW 14 - 8
28/9/19StormW 14 - 6
13/9/19RabbitohsW 30 - 6
5/9/19RabbitohsL 16 - 10
31/8/19PanthersW 22 - 6


  1. Where are you Terddy123? Hiding in amonst your mob on the hill… yourself arse.x.clown so I can kick your arse in the head.

  2. Yea and I came out to this dump to kick Terddy123 arse in the head and he piked out like the big mouth gutless wonder is…..after looking for the wimp for 80 mins I just realized Cooper Cronk is an immortal after winning the Roosters two comps and rightfully receiving a Roosters life membership for his efforts.

  3. Cooper Cronk will never be an immortal and will always be remembered has a Storm player, said ages ago Easts won’t finish better than 6th and tonight went a long way to proving that, was it just me or did others on this site see the arrogance of the Easts players when they thought they might actually lose, you could see how they couldn’t believe that as being possible.

  4. @penis0
    we have heard all before from you and 21.
    how many times will you both make fools of yourselves on ZT ?
    ‘souffs are flying and the roosters are gooone’ ?? 🙄🤭
    how many times will you both get it so wrong before you learn ?

  5. Rooster lost game 1 in 2013, 2018 and 2109

    Anyway this team has brought us so much joy,
    I don’t think the jealous guy will ever experience that joy

  6. penso March 14, 2020 at 9:44 pm
    Cooper Cronk will never be an immortal and will always be remembered has a Storm player, said ages ago Easts won’t finish better than 6th and tonight went a long way to proving that, was it just me or did others on this site see the arrogance of the Easts players when they thought they might actually lose, you could see how they couldn’t believe that as being possible.

    No Penso, don’t confuse that with disappointment… you guys should recognise that after 50: years of losing

  7. Look its going to take time for the Sydney Champions of the World time to gel with a new halfback.

    What Robo needs to do is play four forwards on the bench not a 2nd number nine dummy half. Putting wingers in the centre is always a dud move, and the Roosters are renowned for poor performances in wet slippery cyclonic conditions with the completion rate of only 61% proving this well known fact.

    Robo needs to train his champs in wet fields under sprinklers so they can become accustomed to these conditions.

    Nothing to worry about with this rusty loss from the World Heavy Weight Champions of Earth. We lost in similar cyclonic conditions last season to the Soufths Choker Hare’s, however the mighty Sydney Roosters still lifted the trophy for a record back to back premiership. Now move along Rabbitoes clowns……nothing to see or gloat about here…..early days…..peeking in September-October is all that matters.

  8. AdamOfDimWood. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Penrith. You bring your loser Club Challenge Winners with you ,next time you visit!

  9. ………Wrong Again Penis0…….

    Cooper Cronk will always be remembered as a Roosters player who braved the impossible to guide the Roosters to “Glory” over Melbourne with one arm in the 2018 grand final.

    Then playing in his ninth grand final guided the Sydney team to become the first club to win back to back NRL Titles.
    People always remember the most recent things that a person dose. Do you remember Cooper Cronks first NRL game Penis0 ? No of course you dont …..and nobody does.
    But they remember his last game. A 2019 Grand Final Premiership winner and being carried off the field in true immortal style by JWH and Taukeiaho just like Arthur Beetson was carried off after a back to back premiership winning captain in 1975.

    Any clown that beleives Cronk will not be an immortal knows nothing about Rugby League. Back to your hole penis0.

  10. EastOfDivideMarch 14, 2020 at 10:17 pm
    So the under strength Panthers were still too good for your Nugget premiers

    Well ClownOfDivide……your full strength Cats caught the Roosters at the best time.
    Raining wet field.
    Flannagan finding his feet
    No Australian and NSW captain Cordner playing .
    Crichton out.
    Morris playing out of position in the centres.
    Roosters traditionally rusty in round 1.
    Playing away from home even further West than Soufths home ground soon to be at Parra.😂🤣

    Its so far out in the sticks……Hopefully in a few years time The Roosters will be able to fly from Mascot and land in Western Sydneys new airport avoiding all the fatigue that the players gather on the team bus.

  11. Sure thing AdamOfDimWood. You said Roosters by 89 ! Another wonderful tip to add to your list.
    Your Nuggets are the double world champions, you keep telling everyone. Over & over again!
    Penrith.. Missing Kenny, Capewell, Leniu, Edwards , May, Etc .Yet your Nugget World Champions , we’re still not good enough !
    Hope you enjoyed the Loss . 👍

  12. AdamOfDimWood…..March 13, 2020 at 10:12 am.
    Like soufths, Dud players, Dud coach, Dud imports, Dud blowin Local juniors. Say goodbye to 2020. ClownOfParkes🤣😂🤣

    Roosters by 89

    # Just shows that a team producing actual local juniors, can triumph over a team of imports.
    The Nuggets will be out there buying even more players now. 😂

  13. Yes your imported front row did well tonight. Both former Roosters……. 😁😂🤣😁😂🤣

  14. Just goes to show….. if you import Rooster players…..success is sure to follow……😁😂🤣😁😂🤣

  15. These recent Rooster Premiership Winning players, who were imported from rival clubs enjoyed success so far
    Ferguson, Matterson, Tetevano, Mitchell,

    Pink Pansy Penriff Panfurrs are no differrent. Of coarse you will get success out of our magnificently coached Rooster imports.

    I rest my case….Roosters 2020 🏆

  16. Why respond to that fool adamh. now he’s out there wanting to beat people up, as if he’s capable of doing that, anyway ZT if your serious about having credibilty on this site you should be banning adamh. can’t go around doing or saying that, plus the bloke is a complete nutter anyway.

  17. I know penso..
    You still have to twist the blade a bit , if the Nuggets are defeated. Especially if it’s by the clubs that he’s always knocking.
    Funny that in his own statement from March 13, he says even the few imports are duds. Now he’s trying to claim them as champions. Both ways & the middle for AdamOfDimWood.

  18. I agree, penso. Adamhoward, you really need to get of social media, and get an education. A lot of people, myself included, has our comments censored, however, you can get away in posting whatever you like. The fact that you have threatened Toddy with violence just proves what kind of person you appear to be. Just admit that you were wrong, and the better team won?

  19. Who was the halfback who led the Roosters to back to back premierships.
    Tick box 1 for home grown star or tick box 2 for imported star.

  20. That’s right Kev..
    Arguably the best four , that led them to back to back premierships. Cronk, Keary, Tedesco, Hargreaves. Not a local in sight!

  21. …..Wrong Again Penis0……

    Just standing up for myself, this is what the coward Terddy123 threatened to do to me…. but the pink pantfer was to affraid to stick to his word…..


    Quack quack you gonna come to the roosters panthers game big man or are you as I’ve stated above. Just untuck you’re little fella put your big boy shoes on a back your big mouth up. Don’t worry after I break your face I promise I will let you be, I won’t even break your fingers, so you’ll still be able type your crap. I’m a nice bloke hey boy


    Adamhoward are you going to the game surely a hardcore fan like yourself must watch the defending back to back world champions play the first game of the season. I’ll be driving up from Canberra why don’t we meet at the game. I was gonna say you can bring mole52 the ropeablerooster and the other roosters fans on this site with you for back up, but your all the same person and we all know little cowards like you don’t have the guts to talk crap face to face! I’ll be a panthers stadium on the 14th boy I’ll update you where I’m seated on the night. You can come say hello and I can smack you up the side of your head. How’s that……

    So Penis0….. get your facts straight terd.

  22. @ A Howard..You have to be the most pathetic Roosters fan I’ve ever seen. As I diehard Roosters fan/member myself, You give all us Real Roosters fans a bad name with all the nonsense that you type. Panthers were the better team on the night. Roosters looked shot after 60 mins. Maybe a world club challenge hangover. Either way it doesn’t really matter as it’s only rd 1.

  23. Sorry woody I’m stuck in Canberra
    Unfortunately my two youngest kids got sick, and driving 3 hours up and back with screaming sick kids in the car is not a good idea, good things come to those who wait we will run in to each other one day

  24. toddy123
    Had you gone to the game woody and his cowards would have been easy to spot.
    The only 4 roosters supporters in the crowd.
    The crowd numbers against the roosters last night on the tele reminded me of the GF.

  25. Kev

    Who was the import Halfback Moses who Parra stole from Wests????
    Tick box 1 for home grown star or tick box 2 for imported star.


    Whow as the import, blownin so called local junior Halfback Cleary that the Pantfurrs play with???
    Tick box 1 for home grown star or tick box 2 for imported star.

    Two Clowns 🤡🤡that live in glass houses.😁😂🤣

  26. Carey Clown Austen…so you are a one off blowin Panfther fan who pops up out of nowhere to write that….. nice try ClownOfDivide.

    For if you were a true Sydney fan…you would not dribble such rubbish. 😁😂🤣 Cl🤡wn.

  27. Adamhoward, you better get of Facebook before you get into trouble from your parents when you run up their data.

  28. Ahahahaha…TwentyOne obviously That 101yr okd Woody guy has rattled the Terddy123 scaredy cat like he rattled the Japs with his machine gun in the 40’s….now Terddy123 has to hide behind his kids. Ahahahahaha………….

  29. Panferchick18……ask your paarents what a tamm.pon is Clown🤡et in a couple of years you might need one. Now run away and play with your barbie dolls……..🤣

  30. Panthers18March 15, 2020 at 10:46 am

    I wish there was someway that Adamhoward could be reported for his comments

    Comments about defending myself from being bashed by Terddy123 the weekend jail detention clown.

    Wake up Panfurr18 this Terddy123 wants to belt up a great great grand father

  31. Settle down woody you’ll get your chance.
    I was gonna take my eldest to watch the rabbits roosters match but it looks like that won’t be happening. The roosters play the raiders down in Canberra in round 15 I know a super fan like yourself will travel

  32. I thought tetevano was average 28metres and 10 tackles plus he’s play the balls were slow. I thought when Hetherington and leota came on the panthers started to get the upper hand

  33. Adamhoward, you dish crap up, and you can’t take it when it is returned. You really need to get more material.

  34. Take a look at the Penrith squad AdamOfDimWood. Even in the halves there’s Luai, May, Blore for a start. All Penrith locals !!!
    As for Nathan Cleary. Unlike your import Nuggets , who go out to buy virtually all of the players there. Including buying top juniors from other clubs. Penrith didn’t go out & purchase Nathan Cleary from anywhere. He’s been there since he was 14. Went there when his dad went to coach Penrith . So still closer to a junior of Penrith, than virtually all Import Nuggets .
    Nathan looked pretty good last night!
    As did the almost all new Canterbury Cup team , burying your North Sydney Nuggets.

  35. TheMole52
    March 14, 2020 at 10:05 pm
    “Rooster lost game 1 in 2013, 2018 and 2109”

    That’s right. Its part of Robbo’s new tactics to give the other teams a false sense of security.

  36. ClownOfPenriff is claiming Cleary as a local junior….Ahahahahaha
    Can’t have it both ways. Friend, Manu, Codner, Aubusson, Tuivasa- Shek, Mitchell, etc.etc.etc all played at the Roosters as 15yr olds and you say they are not developed by the Roosters when they were.

    Now the Clown on both sides of the GreatDividingRange says …….its ok now to call them local juniors……as long as its Pink Pansy Penriff Panfurr Players. ……..Please…….. Bwahahahahaha
    You’re got the brains of a Terddy123

  37. Carey Austen
    March 15, 2020 at 11:05 am

    @ Penso..You have to be the most pathetic Rabbitoh’s fan I’ve ever seen. As I diehard Rabbitoh’s fan/member myself, You give all us Real Rabbitoh’s fans a bad name with all the nonsense that you type. Cronulla were the better team on the night. Rabbitoh’s looked shot after 60 mins. Maybe a hangover from an Original’s tribal drinking session. Either way it doesn’t really matter as it’s only rd 1.

  38. It is only the first game, so I think it is not fair to be judging any team on just 1-week performance. But the likes of Cronk leaving will definitely have a major impact on Roosters. Cronk was a master when it came to game management specially last 20 minutes of the game.

  39. AdamOfDimWood…
    So I said Nathan Cleary is still more of a Penrith junior than most of the players at your Nuggets. That still stands & you mentioning a few players, hasn’t changed a thing. He was still younger than your imaginary age that Mitchell joined the Nuggets , 15. When he was actually 16. That’s just for a start.?
    Nothing to say about all of the other local halves etc. , at Penrith? As you’ve got nothing…..

  40. By the way … Round 1 or not? It’s sure mattered to you. As you can’t stand the fact that your dual premiership winning Nuggets , were downed by Penrith! Now for South’s to down them as well. Then it’s Job Done!

  41. And we don’t have mitchell who could snatch a win at the very last minute. Even if he only ever really played more than a minute per game. But roosters will still be hard to beat.

  42. So now ClownOfDivide wants a debate over one year. Hahaha

    March 15, 2020 at 3:27 pm
    He was still younger than your imaginary age that Mitchell joined the Nuggets , 15. When he was actually 16. 

    Wake up Clown……..15, 16 dosen’t matter… the Roosters developed him and prepared him for NRL level. ClownOfPenriff one year is irrelevant when you are 101yrs old you idiot.

  43. Gee Adam/woody you must have 80% of the logins on this site. I now realise you are also mychookmycar, panther3, Angryfartknuckle and naveenisa_f1og. WOW!

  44. I agree with Panther3, Adam Howard brings laughter and excellent football facts to this site.
    He like all the others, have various methods of playful jibes. His stirring methods are harmless and called for, with many others on here attacking him with untruthful writings.

    Adam hits the nail on the head and writes his answers immediately to the truth of the matter. He is great reading who is always On The 8 Ball.
    Adam should be allowed to remain on this wonderfully humorous site. Thank you.

  45. Why would you think that for RopeableRooster ? I have only one login on Zero Tackle.

    Is it because others are accusing you along with all the other Rooster fans that every Chooks fan is Woody. Or is it that you are panicking that being linked to Woody by the other nit.wits on here you need to turn on a fellow Rooster to protect yourself from being banned.

    I am not and never been those other clowns you have mentioned.
    Zero tackle arent silly. They check if you, me or anyone else have multiple logins by checking the IP address.

    Most clowns on here don’t know that. Settle down RopeableRooster. I am not your former enemies.

  46. Adam I know you have more than 1 login but I accept you may not be those other rooster clowns mentioned. Roosters Rule.

  47. AdamOfDimWood..
    Of course 15, 16 ,whatever. Wouldn’t matter to you, As you’ve never worried about any facts. You just make up crap as you go along. You’ve no handle on reality either.
    I’m glad to hear that you admit to not actually posting facts though.

  48. Oh well, you win 6 trophies in seven years you have to lose occasionally as well.

    How have Souths Sombreros done the last 50, years ? bahahahahahahaha

  49. RopeableRooster…..below is a clasic example of what I am talking about. As soon as somone agrees with what I post they instantly link those people to me as my other login….

    Panthers18March 15, 2020 at 7:28 pm
    Adamhoward, a new alias, this time Panthers3? Great you, you fool.

    I am suppose to be you, Mole52, Chookstir, backtoback, et.etc.etc.etc…….and anyone else that stand up to those Rabbit bullies. ClownOfDivide is 100% certain that if there are 10 Rooster fans on here, that I am everyone of them. But you obviously know thats not true. Because I’m not you and you must be aware of that Clown accusing us as the one person.

    TheRopeableRooster I did read your protest earlier today of being accused of being me. If no one else beleives it, then at least you and I know the truth.

    But for me I usually don’t care that others think….its water off a Ducks back.

  50. …..Great Rooster News…….

    Lets look at the positives with this terrible Coronavirus.
    If the NRL have to abandon this season due to this world wide pandemic.

    Then I am proud to say that in 2021 season. The Mighty Sydney Roosters will be the defending back to back Premiers and defending back to back World Club Champions. Also meaning the Roosters equivalently have been Premiers for three years. Also meaning the Roosters will be the first team in history to win a premiership lasting two year

    Which therefore means Fatrell will need another 2 years to adapt to fullback and he will be a hellofa lot fatter after another 12 month off season spent up at Taree. He could return to soufths looking like his brother. And his brother who Soufths transit.lounged from Manly reserves at Blacktown will return to Soufths looking like his paapaa.😁😂🤣😂🤣😁😂🤣

  51. So on a happy note 🗣
    Coronavirus iz the Roosters friend

    Glad we play Soufths in two weeks so Crichton and Cordner, who have the virus, plan to cough over every Rabbit ……to help the scientists come up with a cure.

  52. On a serious note… if you need toilet paper ring Soufths head office on (13 spoon). They have an abundance with as all their players are crappp.😁😂🤣

  53. True Adamhoward. I know I am not you nor you me. I also know that souuths guy Penso has at least 4 other logins too. One of them is lam penso

  54. Ahahahaha yes thats true RopeableRooster. I remember when we had a gang up on the Clown Penis0 and he got labeled Iam penso. That was a funny occasion.😁😂🤣

    Thats the spirit mate……dont let these rabbit nit.wits influence us with their propaganda and try to get us into a Roosters fight.

    Lets just enjoy those green and red rabbits talk their team up like they do and then get a great laugh when they capitulate at seasons end.
    Its all I follow footy for. If the Roosters win the comp thats a bonus, but watching Soufths crash and burn every year is the seasons annual highlight. 💪🐔👍

  55. Poor AdamHubcap will never get over the humiliation of Latrell leaving the toxic culture of the sombreros and coming home to the Rabbitohs.
    A broken man.
    Welcome home Latrell.

  56. We were beaten by the better team on the night….end of story.
    WHY are all these souf sideney gronks even commenting on this thread???
    ……obsessing much over the back to back premiers are we?? Jealousy is a curse
    ……..jog on you complete twats.

  57. A Howard. You and those other stupid south’s fan are the reason I never signed up with this site. But I have been looking at the comments for a number of years and that’s why I haven’t signed up. Too Many crazy fans who spill nonsense on this site.

  58. Only signed up to tell you how much of fool you are. And that you make us chook fans look bad.

  59. I have it on good authority the roosters are pushing for the NRL to be suspended after being exposed as 2020 duds by a Penrith side missing 6 of their 1st graders.
    With no superstar Latrell, no captain coach Cronk , a revampt MRC, a seven man referee appointment board and only around $2m over the cap this year as opposed to around $4-$5m past 2 years, the sombreros are coming back to the field and after R1 look in disarray and more hiding to come.

  60. The Great Northern Rooster March 16, 2020 at 8:14 am
    “WHY are all these souf sideney gronks even commenting on this thread???”
    Why are you and your AdamHubcap alias on the Souths v Sharks thread imbo?

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