RoostersSYD WIN BY 6
ANZ Stadium
CROWD: 82,922

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Sam Verrills 6'
S. Verrills 6'
James Tedesco 72'
J. Tedesco 72'
Jack Wighton 30'
J. Wighton 30'
Latrell Mitchell 7'
L. Mitchell 7'
Latrell Mitchell 73'
L. Mitchell 73'
Jarrod Croker 31'
J. Croker 31'
Latrell Mitchell 20'
L. Mitchell 20'
Jarrod Croker 49'
J. Croker 49'

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28/9/19StormW 14 - 6
13/9/19RabbitohsW 30 - 6
5/9/19RabbitohsL 16 - 10
31/8/19PanthersW 22 - 6
24/8/19DragonsW 12 - 34


27/9/19RabbitohsW 16 - 10
14/9/19StormW 10 - 12
7/9/19WarriorsL 20 - 24
1/9/19SharksW 14 - 15
25/8/19Sea EaglesL 14 - 18


  1. Yeah Robinson inherited a team full of established players, well most of them are, and he is coaching a team, who are the darling of the NRL. The better team lost.

  2. It’s official , Roosters are the most dominant team of the decade, well done.
    Any thoughts on who the dominant teams of the 20’s will be ? I think Souths are on the verge of big things, but hopefully Wests Tigers will finally become a Western Sydney powerhouse.

  3. Ok Fellows, do you believe me now that what we are dealing with is corruption? The Bunker and Referees are the tools to get the desired result. This time, it was SO BLATANT that even the biggest corrupt would be shocked. So the Field referee gives the Raiders 6-more tackles, the play continues, and then out of nowhere the bunker makes it tackle last tackle. All Raider players were left disorganized since they thought there were 6-more tackles. The roost then in the very next play scored due to this disorganization of Raiders Player. There are NO Referee errors – it is DELIBERATE.

  4. 80-20 Canberra supporters , just goes to show that Easts have no supporters what so ever , they are a disgrace , and that six to go after the ref’s signalled 6 to go changed the result, happy i won money but not happy Easts handed a premiership they didn’t deserve.

    Now to put up with the idiots, hopefully ZT monitor their comments.

  5. Raiders players win all the players awards except the refs calls.
    Superior team robbed of their deserved win.
    Beyond a joke.

  6. 18 comments on here at 9.57pm and no Easts comments, they obviously are embrassed by their win or ZT has banned them, hopefully the latter

  7. The Refs this year have been awful and for 65 minutes of this game I think they were fine. Cronk deserved that Yellow card. 10 metres out on your on line you can’t tackle a player without the ball when a possible try could be scored it a professional foul and it’s a card. Refs got that right.
    But you absolutely can’t signal 6 to go repeatedly and yell it out “6 more, 6 more, play on” then change your mind once a player is tackled. It’s a live decision and You have to stick to your original decision right or not. Next set the Roosters score and the rest is history.
    I missed the first 10 but what was up about the trainer being on the field and stopping a try also.

    NRL is so corrupt, everyone knows the Roosters are over the cap and that the refs help the teams they want to win. I know it sounds stupid but Gus Gould needs to be in charge and fix our game. That man is so passionate about the sport and knows so much. He knows how the game should be played and which direction it need to go in.

  8. So this game isn’t corrupt?
    You saw it with your own eyes.
    This was up there with the best and will continue unless there is a mass clean up of the nrl administration.

  9. Sawnmuffin, Gould will only act when he is no longer employed by the 9 network.
    It’s why he’s keeping it inside.
    What’s worse is the roosters show no shame as though they earnt it on their own.
    That’s why they have the lowest support base.
    Just look at the crowd tonight.
    They said 80/20 raiders.

  10. I’m glad the world witnessed the better side robbed the only positive to come out of it.
    How do you strongly waive 6 to go 10 meters out with the roosters on the ropes and then change the decision?
    Raiders stunned and the roosters score next set.
    Theft personified.

  11. Honestly, NRL has turned into WWE. Today, thousands of NRL fans will be leaving this game in droves. No one in the main stream media wants to talk about the elephant in the room.

  12. All the comments section is correct. The NRL is corrupted and governed by powerbrokers who are in it to fill their own pockets and not for the good of the game. Take it one step further, what professional sport isn’t. Just goes to show how far ahead Super Rugby is to the NRL. Only one code and professional body not political or corrupted.

    Absolutely correct, the NRL needs a mass clean out. Enough of this nepotism or former players etc being part of the operation, running etc of the NRL. There will never be impartiality if they are involved.

    Every year there is change of rules. Every year new things invented or reinventing of the wheel. Keep it simple and give the fans what they want, good old fashion rugby league with the biff and all. That’s what the fans want not this corporate satirical crap it’s become.

    The final has exposed plentiful for all to see.

    As a Raider I am extremely happy we made it this far against the odds. We didn’t lose to the chooks we lost to the NRL. We were never going to win against that odds.

    Raiders can hold their heads high because we have done well to get to where we are. Next year we will be bigger and better now that we have tasted the big show.

    The sombrero chooks will always win every final they play because the NRL sits in their pockets.

    Well done lads! Canberra and the Viking Clan is proud!

  13. Needs to be an investigation! You cannot justify it. 8-8, Raiders with all the momentum and are about to get a repeat set 10 meters out from roosters goal line nearing the end of the game. Ref indicates to ALL PLAYERS it’s 6 to go, Wighton gets tackled and bang… calls handover. Just so blatant it’s disgusting.

  14. yet another win for the Mighty Chooks…becoming abit boring watching us win…maybe next year someone might actually be a contest for us….maybe

  15. They are saying having watched the replay the rooster trainer could have easily stepped out of the way.
    Also had Papali been able to catch the ball without interference he would have taken cronk with him over the line.
    Penalty try could have easily been awarded.
    Last year it was Klein that the roosters won on the back of his diabolical oversites and after they dumped him 2 weeks ago along come these refs with the same results.
    What was wrong with a raiders premiership on the back of an even playing field?
    Do the roosters really have that much control?

  16. roostesrock, read the comments and note one sided like the crowd tonight.
    Show some dignity and go hide and pretend you earnt it fairly you imbo

  17. Well that will just about do me. How “corrrupt” is this game! What a diabolical outcome. At least the raiders fans NOW know what it feels like to be done over by the NRL. Its a similar feeling to the 2013 rorted premiership. Its a SCAM.

  18. Glad I didn’t watch the game. The result was always going to be a Roosters win.
    Roosters could have played their reserve grade squad and the refs would have got them home.
    The game is corrupt and the worst thing the NRL did was put Greenberg in charge.
    What is needed is another breakaway comp like super league.
    It’s the only way we will ever get a fair competition.
    If it’s left like it is now we will see the Roosters and Storm dominate the game like they have the last 20 years.
    Both these clubs pay the NRL hierarchy top dollar to get where they are.

  19. I said at half time on here only the refs can lose it for the raiders from here and BINGO!!!
    Well done refs, well done Politis what ever it is that makes this club successful.
    Shame it doesn’t translate to memberships.
    What does that tell you about your dump?

  20. Even Russell Crowe has twitted and called it a joke. Here is what will happen now – NRL will stand down a couple of Clown referees, issue a statement, the CEO will have an ugly smile on his face, and they will carry on with their hanky panky business.

  21. Go back to one Ref. The Raiders had a bad call against them and it may have cost them the game. Too many rule changes every year by the clowns who run the NRL – NOT GOOD FOR THE GAME

  22. The journos asked Ricky at the PM conference about the 6 to go and he asked them what they thought.
    One said “you were robbed” and then you heard a couple more agree.
    The roosters scored 2 tries off the back of 2 shams.

  23. I’ve said in posts before that one of my pet hates (inter numerous alia) is the trainers on the field. I hate ‘em. Well, tonight I know why. Poor Canberra, sometimes you’re just not meant to win.

  24. Sportsbet have refunded 1.35m on head to head bets placed on the raiders.
    What does that tell you about the result?

  25. Sportsbet “refunded” bets in the form of an equally valued “bonus” bet. Not the same, not even close really, but a great marketing technic.
    I previous wrote a post agreeing that the 6 again, then trying to overturn the 6 again call was a big mistake, and unfortunately overshadowed what was overwise a great game, but that post didn’t get through (again).
    I can understand Raiders supporters being very upset (I’ll try that wording), and most RL supporters being disappointed, but I can’t agree with the majority of posts above.

  26. Even the usual rooster patsies are too embarrassed to come on here.
    Seriously, what credible comments could they offer?
    Anything else would be laughed at.

  27. Is it true the trainer is getting a premiership ring as well for saving a certain try?
    Who knows what roll on the raiders could have had from that given what they showed most of the game?

  28. Unlike Souths fans, Us World Champion dual back to back Rooster Premiers were watching the footy live at the ground. The fan base was more 60-40 in Canberra favour but you must remember that they were also filled with fans from other clubs with the tall poppy syndrom trying to jump on the Canberra bandwagon.

    It is so pleasingly pleasant to see Crichton the ex Souths player come home to the Roosters after playing some junior footy with the Roosters and after being poached by Souths to gain his first Premiership back at his home in the Sydney colours.

  29. Trent Robinson is the current “Master Coach” with his third premiership in 7 years. Not even Bennett acheived that amount of success in such few years.

    Sydney is the most successful club this decade and this century. Sourhs foolish fans have mobbed this page with garbage. All I can say is enjoy your miserable off season and cry and weep at the fact this Sydney Rooster team is the greatest in NRL History. First club to go back to back in 26yrs.

  30. Congratulations to Cooper Cronk for being the most influential player the Roosters have ever signed since Arthur Beetson. Coops won us two comps in two years. He is a footballing genius and a deadset immortal.

    Like I said Murray was a flop during the 2019 finals while Radley stood up and is a big game player who can play lock, hooker, second row, 5/8, and probably half. And is a dual Premiership winner. Something Murray will never become at Souths, not even once.

  31. The referees boss after the game called it right and put the so called controversial 6 tackle call in its rightful place.
    In the bin.
    The ball came off a Canberra player and if the refs did not rightfully correct the intial wrong call immediately like they did, then the referee boss would most likley be talking about a wrong try awarded to Canberra by giving them six more tackles on the Roosters line, when they did not deserve 6 more tackles.

    Get over it everybody, Tedesco did not touch the ball. Wighton knew the ref changed the call as he had a clear view of the ref and the ref called last, 4 times within distance for him to hear and had his arm straight up indicating last tackle, not waving 6 more takles. He saw the ref but dummied passed Keary and ran for for the gap created but got cleaned up by Cronk. Then gets up playing dumb.

  32. Any way after winning back to back and Sydney Roosters being “Pride Of The League” and like about 35k Rooster fans at the ground with yours truley in attendance.

    I must depart to bed and get my Glorious sleep after that Glory Glory Premiership victory to Sydney. I will sleep well knowing we are but one win away from Back2Back World Club Challenge Cup Victories.

  33. Now after watching the replay I will sleep even better knowing what I have written above. Is not lies but all truth.


  34. “18 comments on here at 9.57pm and no Easts comments, they obviously are embrassed by their win or ZT has banned them, hopefully the latter”

    Hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha penso enjoy the most successful club winning our 2nd premiership in 2 years?

    Roosters 2 premierships in 2 years
    Souths 2 premierships in 49 years

  35. Everyone on here sounds so salty, time to go start looking for some new teeth you pathetic jealous south Sydney stain fans. There is no way that was ever 6 to go but nobody mentions the uncalled high tackle on teddy 5 metres out from the Raiders line? What about the forward pass that led to the Raiders 1st and only try

    Anyone who said it was 80-20 raiders fan should try going to a game or look how full the game was at the end.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahababahahahaha like iv been saying all year, back2back soon to be back2back2back

  36. TwentyOne
    October 7, 2019 at 12:45 am
    Even the usual rooster patsies are too embarrassed to come on here.
    Seriously, what credible comments could they offer?
    Anything else would be laughed at.

    Hahahahahahahahahaha we’re out celebrating going back2back, even seen 2 junky Souths fans at the game wearing there pathetic loser jerseys, I made sure they had a rough night and made them leave there seats hahahahahahahaha

  37. hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahababHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Enjoy Stephanie/penso

  38. Dave99, Trent Robinson is a fraud. He inherited a team full of established players. He isn’t a coaches arsehole.

  39. Teddy never touched that ball, so if they kept it 6 to go and the raiders scored would you be saying the roosters were robbed?

    Are there any fools on here that think teddy touched the ball?

  40. Rogue, Robinson inherited a team, who most players are established, and who are experienced. Also the Roosters are the darlings of the NRL. I stand by my comment.

  41. All incoming coaches inherit the team regardless of their performance.
    Lang, Elliott, Cleary, Griffin, Ciraldo and Cleary have proven that at Penrith. How many top 8 finishing seasons have Penrith had then replaced the coach.
    You coach what you have in front of you, it doesn’t make you a bad coach.
    I’m not suggesting Robinson is in the Gibson class but he still needs to pull them together as a playing group.

  42. Rogue, with the exemption of this season, the Panthers have made the top eight. Yes the coaches has been replaced regularly, regrettably. However, the Roosters are a far more experienced side, and they have the referees in their back pocket.

  43. @ Panthers 18, I don’t think you are 18, a 9 year old is more intelligent than you.
    I’d be looking at your own coach before any other.
    Cleary (Panfars coach) stated he will honour his contact at the Tigers …. HE LIED
    Cleary (Panfars coach) stated he did not talk to the referees in the tunnel at half time .. HE LIED
    I’ts a bit rich for you to be casting judgement.
    As for all you other porch sitting banjo players out there, enjoy your summer.

  44. chookstir, I really couldn’t care less what you think, or what you assume about me. Cleary said that HE WOULD HONOUR HIS CONTRACT. He got pushed out when the position became unworkable. Actually the referees admitted he couldn’t hear what was said. Cheers for the laughs though.

  45. I dont think the roosters realise what effect this will have on their already diminishing reputation.
    I bet anything their membership will decline even further for next year after what was witnessed last night.

  46. They don’t care, TwentyOne, their arrogance is astounding. My hope is they face the same fate that the Broncos faced this year.

  47. To anyone new to following the NRL wanting to join a club, if you see anyone drop their wallet and you run off with it, then the sydney roosters is the club for you.

  48. Panthers18, there isn’t many of them around anyway to worry about what they think.
    80/20 crowd last night should tell you where this mob stand for credibility.
    The commentators were astounded by the lack of roosters support.
    Will only get worse after the scam of last night.
    Wait and see.
    I guarantee it.

  49. And here lays the problem with this site.
    Nobody wants to be constructive, it’s purely about trolling and club bashing.
    Yes there was a blunder in the last 10 minutes but even if it’s play on there is no guarantee that the Raiders would have even scored.
    I no not see anyone referring back to the Raiders first try scored from a wrong hands on the ball penalty.

  50. I dont know what it would feel like supporting a club that just won a premiership and other than your own fans , there is no admiration or acknowledgment for what you achieved.
    That’s exactly what has occurred after last night.

  51. Wonder what Politis was thinking when all he could see of rooster fans was a tiny section in one corner?
    What does this tell you about you and your organisation Nick?
    Who wins premierships and loses membership the following year?

  52. TwentyOne, given the rant that chookstir posted obviously education wasn’t a priority for him, or her, You are right though, hopefully that stain of a club gets karma next year.

  53. It must kill Stephanie and husband penso to admit we’re the most successful club of all time, 3 premierships this decade.

  54. Chookshi.t not really, I actually feel good about the positives that came from last night for all to witness which revealed much about your club as mentioned above.
    The fact that you have worded so much towards me above I take as a compliment in that you acknowledge underneath the painful truth I speak.
    Thank you.

  55. chookshi.t you were at the game?
    Which one were you?
    Wont be hard to spot when I freeze the tele on that little section of rooster fans.

  56. Souths 1 premiership in 48 years
    Roosters 2 premierships in 2 years

    The clubs can’t be compared hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha

  57. chookshi.t I would tend to believe you weren’t at the game and you had to wait for your local library to open this morning to jump on to the free PC you use there.
    It’s why you and your other 6 aliases all appear at the same time every day.

  58. Back2back19
    October 7, 2019 at 10:19 am
    “Souths 1 premiership in 48 years
    Roosters 2 premierships in 2 years
    The clubs can’t be compared”

    Souths 4 premierships in 5 years.
    That’s right, no comparison.

  59. Back2back19, oh I see that you are a misogynist. You may need to look up the meaning of the word, assuming you can actually read.

  60. Every NRL fan other than roosters will agree the heart and soul of any club in any sport is measured by its membership numbers by comparison to the rest.
    The roosters are so caught up understandably in their shallow theft last night “as one journo put it” they dont realise yet the damage that will unfold as a result.
    There is already talk in the media and social forums this morning as one will see for themselves that interest in 2020 rooster membership will not attract many newcomers and if the general sentiment of last night is anything to go by then they will actually lose members on top of an already declining membership.
    The usual patsies on here can rubbish Souths as much as they like but a 2019 membership of 30,000 and for 2020 already at 18,000 is more than the total rooster 2019 tally.
    South are predicting a membership of around 35,000 for 2020 based on current numbers but the trend that the roosters going through, despite another poached premiership will be lucky to hit 8000 if you exclude the 5000 free memberships they gave away in 2019.
    Need any go on any further?
    See you all next year from a very proud Rabbitoh.

  61. Typical loser response, you will dribble the same stuff next year for the same result. Those 30000 members have to accept the fact we’re the most successful club.

  62. Look at all the players Ivan Cleary bought at the tigers, all duds not a good coaching decision. Cleary will never achieve a quarter of what Robinson has.

  63. You act like this I clearys first year coaching, he’s been a dud for years and has already failed at your stain once before

  64. Oh Back2back19, I pity you. Again Robinson INHERITED a star studded team, and I like it how you pretend to know how I am thinking, or acting. Enjoy your tainted premiership.

  65. @back2back19
    Schoolyard name calling from a 15 y/o skinny white privateschoolboy 🙄
    Just remember, we know who you are and where to find you holmsey.

  66. Dave99, what an intelligent, well thought out comment? Well done. Back2back19, I actually do know the meaning of the word “inherited”, you clearly don’t.

  67. You obviously don’t. It’s his team, hes been there for 7 years. Who do you think brang players like Cronk, keary, teddy ,Mitchell and verrills to our team? You are seriously delusional and know absolutely nothing about rugby league if you can’t acknowledge Robinson’s skills as a coach.

  68. Oh dear, Back2back19, brang? Surely you mean brought? That is my point. Cronk, Teddy, Cordner, and JWH are experienced players, not ones who were introduced by Robinson. Thanks for proving my point.

  69. Cordner was 20 and JWH was 23 when Robinson started playing both still rookies,Robinson coached them into the players they are today. You have embarrassed yourself again

  70. Coaching *

    Now the buch chick from the blue mountains will pick my error to take attention away her lack of rugby league knowledge.

  71. Crichton, Cronk, Tedesco, Morris, and Keary. These five players have a combined total of 772 first grade experience. These players played in last year, and this years grand final games. Try again, Back2back19.

  72. It’s good for the team to have a good mix of experienced and rookie players but panthersbutch, I can’t take anything you say seriously because you NEVER played the game.

  73. I suspect you haven’t either, Back2back19, and no doubt it has more to do with my gender. I just proved you wrong. Enjoy your day.

  74. Obviously you haven’t either, Back2back19, and you used the wrong there. In this case you should use their. Pmsl.

  75. Thurston, Johns and Wally lewis all said Trent Robinson is one of the best coaches of all time but the big buch chick from the blue mountains thinks otherwise. I guess you know more then them to hahahahahahaha back in the kitchen where you know your way around.

  76. Panthers18, are you serious…. get off that stuff… put your shotgun down … sit back down in the roscker, you know one on the porch … pick up the banjo and think happy thoughts …no, no, no…not about the pig..

  77. Isn’t it amazing that fool EastOfDivide the spaceman goes missing in action when he brings out his other login name PantherButch18.

  78. Kev you gigantic one eyed cry baby sook
    ” I’m not watching the grand final unless my parra play in it”


    How was the ballet?????? Kev.

  79. Panthers18
    October 7, 2019 at 7:03 am
    Dave99, Trent Robinson is a fraud. He inherited a team full of established players. He isn’t a coaches arsehole

    No, that’s what you said about Robinson, I wonder that makes Ivan Cleary?

  80. Panther18 count the players I listed that played in the grand final that were not there before 2013 when Trent Robinson arrived.

    Inherited Friend, Cordner, JWH, Aubusson, thats four players the Roosters developed before Trent Robinson arrived. And who had not previously won a premiership

    Four players is not an inherited premiership team. Just admit you made an error and then we can move on.

  81. Those Paper bags aren’t required for Souths end of season get together at Crowes farm at Nana Glen.
    He just hands out rolls of cash with thick rubber bands around the allotment of cash rolls.

  82. The best you’ve got is to trash Panther for being female…again & again. Shows what a colossal incompetent fool you are to clutch at utterly pointless straws that have NOTHING to do with her argument. You really do expose your own incompetence when that’s all you’ve got.

    For the sake of argument, I don’t agree with her. Yet, I’d COMFORTABLY argue my point with her without being so stupidly juvenile &, well, so utterly pathetic.

    Who was the tool who told her to get back in the kitchen? Probably the same tool whose boss is female & her boss above her too is female as well. His partner probably calls the shots in his household too so he gets online here to pump his barely existing testosterone. What a keyboard hero.

    & who decided she lives in the Blue Mountains, just to suit his completely imaginary narrative? Seriously, this place is stuck in the Dark Ages – a comfortable place for idiots to let rip their complete stupidity under some stupid guise of masculine hostility.

    Here’s a tip: SUCCESSFULLY argue her points & not her gender. You might then look like you are ‘winning’ if you can do so. Highly doubt you can when you clutch at the straws of ignorance to diffuse an argument only to disguise your own incompetence.

    Time to check the calendar & pay particular attention to the century in which we are existing.


  83. Twenty one you are the most pathetic little parasite ever to infect a social media thread. You just can’t give praise where it’s due can you ? The best team won the premiership. You whinging like a scabby little, two toothed, rabbitoh irrat isn’t going to change that. Not our fault the ball came off a Canberra player, not our fault the refs stuffed up…we just capitalised on the raiders ERROR and won the game….end of. The chooks defended their asses off on their line, set after set and Canberra had plenty of opportunities to win but didn’t. There were a gazillion crap ref calls that went against us too, but we picked up the pieces, dug in and WON. So have a cry, you whiney little b……, and stick that in your book of fueds rusty, you complete nonce. Back to back baby ….suck it you soufs supporting gronks hahahaha

  84. Thanks, Danielle. No I don’t live in the blue mountains, however, it is a beautiful area of our wonderful state. It is great being adults, where we can agree, to disagree.

  85. Sydney Roosters defeated Melbourne last season with 12 players with and they swiped Canberra of the field with Aubusson out all game.

    Can’t wait for next season when Sydney play in a grand Final with a full squad.

  86. Cooper Cronk the legend h ou t the nail on the head when he correctly said ” the Roosters have got a big Heart and a lot of Soul.” The Roosters gave got character and a winning culture. Everyone who cones to the Roosters play rep footy.

  87. So what is going on with the cheat Club Broosters? Lets face it, the main reason why Smith decided to cut ties with Cronk is because Cronk Lied by saying he was retiring, and then joined the cheat club Broosters. Cronk double-crossed and left Storm in a dangerous situation without an experienced half-back even though he was contracted with Storm for 2018. If Cronk would NOT have double crossed Storm, the Storm would have won 2018 and 2019 Championships. Obviously 2019 winners are actually the Raiders but they have been deliberately robbed by the corrupt corp. The rest is history. LOL

  88. Alex get over the fact that Sydney Roosters won back to back fair and square. Many wrong decisions went against the Roosters but they just continued to defend. In particular the set before Cronk got sent to the sin bin Canberra knocked on and then were awarded a wrong penalty that put them on the attack, that they should never have been and a few tackles later Cronk got binned.

    Canberra just could not take advantage of that situation and the Roosters defence was brilliant all game. The Sydney Roosters are the True Premiers and nothing will ever take that fact away. Certainly not your little crying session will not alter that fact.

    Now the World Club Champions have a chance to create more history with the first club to win back to back World Club Challenge Cups, and become the most successful club in history of this tournament by winning their 5th WCC Trophy, against the the old historic club (1872) St Helens.

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