RaidersCBR WIN BY 6
GIO Stadium
CROWD: 26,567

Match Summary



Jarrod Croker 14'
J. Croker 14'
Jack Wighton 44'
J. Wighton 44'
Josh Papalii 73'
J. Papalii 73'
Dane Gagai 27'
D. Gagai 27'
Campbell Graham 79'
C. Graham 79'
Jarrod Croker 15'
J. Croker 15'
Jarrod Croker 74'
J. Croker 74'
Adam Reynolds 29'
A. Reynolds 29'

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Line Breaks
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Kick Metres
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Forty Twenty Kicks
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Missed Tackles
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Previous 5 Games


14/9/19StormW 10 - 12
7/9/19WarriorsL 20 - 24
1/9/19SharksW 14 - 15
25/8/19Sea EaglesL 14 - 18
17/8/19StormW 18 - 22


20/9/19Sea EaglesW 34 - 26
13/9/19RoostersL 30 - 6
5/9/19RoostersW 16 - 10
30/8/19WarriorsW 10 - 31
23/8/19BroncosW 20 - 22


  1. Has Souths got any fans at the ground tonight? Canberra are looking in control. Souths forwards are being out muscled and not making many metres. Punishing defense from both teams.

  2. Back2back19
    September 24, 2019 at 5:21 pm
    Chody walker to be exposed by the same 5/8 that benched him in origin.

    Raiders 1-6
    Roosters 7-12

    Hahahahaha time to disappear south fans

  3. Well done Souths, very proud supporter. Big effort against massive odds tonight.
    Storm will win the GF after they account for the spring st slurry stain tomorrow night.

  4. Souths fans have nothing to be proud about week defence and weak attack, like iv been saying all year members don’t win premierships.

  5. All you 15 woodys on here can go wipe the slurry stains off your trackies now.
    Back2smack19 you’ve tried all year to gain some credit but nothing will change you being a rooster supporter.
    Deal with it , accept it, move on.
    Fact is you all wrote Souths off 5 weeks in a row and finally you gobble gobble

  6. Souffs car pooled to Canberra.
    No singing glory, glory on the way home…. “the long and winding road”
    They’ve getting dropped off at Redfern station ‘see ya Monday boys’

  7. Back2back19 September 27, 2019 at 10:01 pm
    “Souths fans have nothing to be proud about week defence and weak attack, like iv been saying all year members don’t win premierships.”
    back2smack19, what wins is $14m stacked teams like your sombrero slurries but memberships are a sign of pride in a club.
    Souths have both including 21 premierships.
    Please don’t blame the weather tomorrow night, for once try being a man and not a hiding coward again.

  8. Whinging Keary likely omission tomorrow night and now reports Oxford st Teddy Mercury in doubt.
    Shame, the excuses will be comical.

  9. Funny how we Green Machine were tipped to finish close to the bottom of the ladder.

    As a supporter I sit back and read the drivel weekly. Resisting to get dragged into the so called discission. But now is the time to have a say. Our coach has copped it for long and so has our team. Funny how when we finally get the rub of the green (no pun intended) we win. We have a passionate coach and the team has always just been unlucky or inexperienced. Due to no big names etc. But proof that persistence does get results.

    The NRL has always been political and always will be. Putting that aside it’s time for us Green Machine fans to bask in our time and enjoy watching many eat humble pie.

    So what we have import players. We had to bring players in because no one wants or wanted to play in Canberra. Credit goes to our recruitment and coach. Now haters can simply hate!

    Finally we are getting recognised. Win or lose the GF us Canberra fans are proud. Finally we are taken seriously as a footy team and club.


  10. Raiders had to do a mountain of defence to win that game. Better team won. Refs tried to get souths home again like last week by binning an opposition player in the last 10 minutes the clowns. They are lucky raiders won otherwise would have been another week of ref bashing.

  11. Manwhinge78 still sulking after last week?
    So all commentators agree on the sin binning then you come along and disagree.
    Fact is raiders were blessed tonight as everyone saw Souths unlucky not to be up 24-6 st half time.
    Move on fool.

  12. Greenlabel … Have to applaud the effort of the Raiders all year. Great effort to get to a Grand Final.
    They lucked out with a dropped ball by the Storm last week running it out, or wouldn’t have won that one.
    It looked like South’s would score many times & have a look at the line breaks. South’s dominated that. Yet the Raiders hung tough in defence time & time again. Against the odds they wanted it more.
    I hope they can hang tough against whoever they play next week! As it would make a nice change to not have the Chickens or Storm win the Grand Final.
    It’s a lesson for lots of teams. The Raiders have some great players. A great player at 5/8th , but he’s not a great 5/8th. An ordinary halfback.
    Yet with the great hooker, fullback, prop etc & sheer determination. They’ve achieved great things this year. .Shows again what great defence can do for a team.
    Sure , your team is the English Raiders & even more so next year.
    Yet , just about all supporters will still want them to Win one more next week!
    Go Raiders!!!!

  13. South Sydney, two years in a row, with two different coaches, have fallen six points short of a grand final. This is proof the choker’s have not the playing roster capable of emerging as a super power.

    Souths forwards were out performed by all teams they played in the last few weeks. Sydney Roosters belted them up two weeks running, Manly and Canberra both dominated Souths overrated pack with ease.

    Bennett did well this season with Souths, as they over achieved beyond imagination with the poor roster they have. Even dropping George Burgess minimised the errors but to no avail. The bottom line with this “pretender” Souths team is they have soft forwards, individual half’s and no X factor in the backs.

    Fine game from Canberra but they lack imagination in attack to lift the trophy this season.
    I think Sydney will win next week after Melbourne’s problems have emerged in the past month, with the switching of spine players. Bellamy is well aware he has not got a good halfback that can handle the pressure. Melbourne to the fear if Bellamy, will be found out tonight by the Premiers who are gleaming with confidence.

  14. Souths will never win a premiership with the dud chody walk-about on the team, always crumbles under pressure and should still be in 2nd grade

  15. Souffs mediocre performance mirrors that of a park side.
    One flag over 46 years, no club with a trophy romm, no ground has all the hallmarks of N interstate relocation

  16. nuffin worse than sore losers, 21 and pen1so, time to stop polluting this site with your drivel. 4th place after getting special treatment all year ? 🐇🚽🚽🚽
    @holmsey, the crap you have spewed as back2back19 will come back to bite you big time, enjoy your career at the maccas brookvale 😂🤣

  17. I agree backtoback and Chookstir about Walker being highly overrated, probably in the same category as Cam Murray and Jack Bird.
    Walker is all about looking out for number one, himself. Murry is a very close 2nd just in front of Bird as the next ranking of overrated players.

    One premiership for Souths in 48 seasons displays the issue Souths face. They never ever adapted to modern day six tackle rule introduced in 1972. Their fans, who number very few know it and that is why they fail to attract fans to a home ground that is close to Parramatta.

    Sourhs need five decent competetive forwards, a 5/8 who can pass the ball, two centres and a fullback if they want to get to a grand final.

    People on here all week like Twentyone talking up Souths have got no idea what it takes to be successful at footy. He is such a “know all” about absolutely nothing. He must feel like a genuine dummy after all his ranting and foolish predictions. Hopefully he can give it a rest with his other Souths backup buddies

  18. Will be interesting to see how the $12m sombreros go without the reffing style of Ashley Klein who was finally held accountable along with the MRC and judiciary which if allowed to continue would have Hargreaves playing tonight. Will have them feeling a little unprotected and exposed without Klein.
    The MRC hair pulling joke on Burgess and Hargreaves, Cordner and Tetevano not charged gave the sombreros the leg up advantage which led to the public pressure on the NRL to act immediately and did so.
    Bit late for Souths now. Shame the NRL didn’t step in 3 weeks ago.
    Klein’s impact resulted in the storm conveniently miss the week off and his dumping coincides with my observation of his innocent bias toward the cap sombreros.
    Dumping Friend for tonight is a sign that slowing down the ruck tactic won’t be tolerated and therefore with nothing more to his game is of no value.
    The NRL has stated it has had to give away thousands of free tickets to attract SCG attendance for the roosters as it has all year to bolster their dismal appeal and coincides with the 5000 or so free memberships which without would have the sombreros a long last at the bottom of the membership tally.
    No need to elaborate on how fans view the credibility of this club.
    Back2smack19 commented that memberships don’t win premierships but by the same token when it comes to the roosters it’s very clear that in their case premierships don’t attract memberships.
    The only club in the NRL history that has lost members after a premiership.
    That’s who the Sydney Rooster are.

  19. Adamhoward (Edwooddope , Frankspurter etc, etc) how many nics is this now, lost count,.
    What is it with you and your roosters club with all the constant name changes?
    Why don’t you just stick with 1 and not have to offer 15 different opinions under 15 different nics?
    I suppose you would look even more stupid than you already are having to agree with your own comments under the same nic.
    From that perspective I get where your small brain is coming from.
    Everyone knows its 1 idiot on here with 15 different nics and currently running 6 of them.
    Next time you bring up your captivating home crowd numbers make sure you include that half is made up of free tickets as revealed in the media this week.

  20. For all those South Of Sydney fans that dwell on the east coast of Sydney, yet claim it is south but play in the west and last season reserve grade was North and think they have a huge following all over Australia but a head count last night im Canberra saw 1200 south fans at the ground.

    Well enjoy the miserable off season knowing your team has gone Back2Back preliminary final “choker premiers” in 2018 & 2019.
    Enjoy the off season souths fans
    Ahahaha ahahaha ahahaha life is so enjoyable knowing the rabbit is dead and buried. Whatever transpires from the last two games is of little importance whith the joy and pleasure. That Souths are finished

  21. Agree Back2Back19, I am only new to commenting on this site but I have been reading on here for nearly all this season.

    When I see Twentyone rantings on here I avoid wasting my time reading them now. The girl is so full of jealousy towards the two most successful clubs Sydney & Mebourne of the past 20yrs, she has never got anything constructive or positive to say. I do not understand why ZT allows people like her on here.
    She is a very harmful filled with hatefulness and always rambles on the exact same subjects over and over again.

  22. Just to clarify a small error BacktoBack19 regarding the amount of years South Sydney have failed to become premiers. I think 1971 was their last premiership.

    So including the season of 1972 until the completion of this season 2019 becomes a total of 48 seasons. Therefore 1 premiership in 48 seasons for those rabbits.

  23. Back2back19 September 28, 2019 at 10:59 am
    “Stephanie must be upset with that novel she’s dribbled out, not that anyone reads what’s she’s got to say”
    Back2smack19 my comments are not intended for the mouth drooling gibberers on here with an iq below 40 like yourself so don’t panic, you need not stress trying to understand.
    Intended for those who appreciate factual information which is categorically confirmed.

  24. HahahaHahahaha just like when you said Souths would make the grandfinal? Time to disappear you flea, start thinking of excuses for next year.

  25. Regardless of opinions from people on this site, i am proud of our team , to make the pre lim final two years running is not a team that is a failure, most supporters would wish their team was in that position, we were busted before that game last night but played well, infact i believe we were the better team, raiders first two trys were very lucky, having said that i will be hoping they win the comp but just can’t quite see that happening.

  26. Penso, I understand your bias. In all seriousness, your mob were/are hopless.
    An angry 5/8 that puts in 60min all season, soft import forwards… and they are tough against the minows.
    Big games they fold, not to mention the awful culture… I could go on, but I won’t…
    Pack up your flag and beanie for next year

  27. Walker played great last night, Fittler ruined him in origin which i will never forgive him for, and it was great to see Bennett refuse to shake his hand, end of the day your comments chookstir are of a person who has no idea, just a bitter moron who hasn’t grown up yet, jealous of what souths have achieved over the history of rugby league , not just the last 40 odd years which you are at a pain to point out has your only defence to your club not being has successful being the second foundation club.

  28. For your information Penso, I’ve been a Chooks member since 1966.
    I’ve seen more live footy than you’ll ever see. Pull your head in you snotty nosed ill-informed dopey kid.
    Like I told your other half, pack your silly flag and go home.

  29. At least i played the game chookstir not just a supporter who has no idea about how the game is played or what it takes to be a player, sounds like i hit a nerve chooky boy can’t handle the truth hey, d!ckhead

  30. Souths v Melbourne grand final

    Oh wait, hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahabhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  31. penso most people have played the game at various levels and have a good knowledge of Rugby League. Your opinion is not superior to a player who played first grade in the bush or in the local suburbs.

    However most footy fans and ex players agree that Souths are chokers. Especially with the sacked coach Bennett in charge.

    The Clown old man Bennett is to busy buying second rate players who he believes are better than his reserve grade duds. If they were any good why is their career in 2nd grade?

    What use has Souths got of those players when Bennett earlier this year he went to England and purchased 36yr old Goodwin instead of developing Hiroti.

    Dud coach, Dud club who develop Dud players and transit into their team imported reject Duds who contribute to Souths choker tag that they have self developed

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