RoostersSYD WIN BY 8
Sydney Cricket Ground
CROWD: 32,814

Match Summary



Boyd Cordner 14'
B. Cordner 14'
James Tedesco 68'
J. Tedesco 68'
Nelson Asofa-Solomona 50'
N. Asofa-Solomona 50'
Latrell Mitchell 68'
L. Mitchell 68'
Cameron Smith 51'
C. Smith 51'
Latrell Mitchell 1'
L. Mitchell 1'
Latrell Mitchell 32'
L. Mitchell 32'

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Previous 5 Games


13/9/19RabbitohsW 30 - 6
5/9/19RabbitohsL 16 - 10
31/8/19PanthersW 22 - 6
24/8/19DragonsW 12 - 34
18/8/19WarriorsW 42 - 6


21/9/19EelsW 32 - 0
14/9/19RaidersL 10 - 12
6/9/19CowboysW 24 - 16
31/8/19Sea EaglesW 6 - 36
25/8/19TitansW 24 - 8


  1. So storm it up, cam smith didn’t have the refs in his back pocket for once? Have a cry….the better team won, like they did in last years GF….your mob got their asses handed to them tonight hahahaaha

  2. Back2back19
    September 24, 2019 at 5:21 pm
    Chody walker to be exposed by the same 5/8 that benched him in origin.

    Raiders 1-6
    Roosters 7-12

    Hahahahahahahahahabahahahahahahababahahahaha easy money.

  3. I can’t see keary playing in the GF, regardless I think Raiders will be premiers this year Papali vs JWH I can’t wait, Friend vs Hodgson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Go the Green Machine.

  4. Where did they get their statistics from on this site? On TV the Penalties were 9 – 4 to the Cluckers , just after half time. So the final count on this site is garbage.
    When you add to the real penalty count , the constant head scratcher decisions in general play & constant offsides. You can see that the Cluckers were supposed to win that game.
    Even the first tackle of the game decision was bias. The Cluckers forward was crowding the play the ball, raised his knee into the play the ball. When he gets simply pushed away, comes back swinging his arms around. Yet the Cluckers get a penalty & both players get sin binned. What garbage..
    Tedesco dives on a kick near his own try line & knocks on. No , that’s fine.
    Manu hits a pass from Melbourne ten metres forward & out. No knock on there.
    Given how that game looked, Canberra could be the better team by far next week. They won’t be allowed to win .

  5. “Where did they get their statistics from on this site? On TV the Penalties were 9 – 4 to the Cluckers , just after half time. So the final count on this site is garbage.”

    Hahahahahahaha shut up, the penalty count was 6-8. You’ve embarrassed yourself once again

  6. Just a mention of the wonderful crowd there last night. A Qualifying Final to get to a Grand Final. A 46,000 Capacity ground. They made most of the crowd sit on the side of the field that the cameras were facing. So you couldn’t see that the other side of the stadium was half empty or more.
    Not much better than the game against South’s.
    Where were all of the great Cluckers supporters & members that we’re constantly being told about on here? Busy last week & this week evidently.
    On what is the French Dressed Chickens home ground right now. Canberra supporters will out number Chicken supporters next week!
    Yet they’re building a new stadium , that Cluckers will have as a new home ground again? Money could have been used better!

  7. BackToFront..
    This sites stats are crap.. No embarrassment here Clucker…
    Turn up to the half full stadium last night did you? Or were you too busy also? That’s embarrassing!!!

  8. If your team is even half liked BackToFront, some other teams supporters will turn up to watch a good game. A half full stadium speaks volumes for your favourite teams popularity.
    Lucky Canberra fans & some supporters who’d like to see them win may turn up next week. It would be really embarrassing, if the stadium was half full yet again! Even though it’s on the doorstep of all of those masses of wonderful supporters , you crap on about.

  9. I saw the stats on TV as it happened. No need to look at whatever crap you speak of.
    Nothing to say about any decisions I mentioned, I notice.
    Nothing to say about your wonderful supporters, who can’t fill a 46,000 seat stadium. When they mostly live a few Kilometres from it?
    We all know teams get the blow in supporters , who but anew gear depending on who’s winning.
    I guess even the blow in couldn’t be bothered turning up Clucker!
    How Embarrassing!!!!!
    Why didn’t Nick buy some supporters to fill the stadium? He couldn’t give the tickets away!
    Smoke on that BackToFront…

  10. we win premierships, Penrith don’t. After we go back2back next week there will be no denying that we are the most successful club in the nrl.

    You constantly dribble on about how good Penriths juniors are but in reality they’re all garbage. You support a absolute stain of team, 2 premierships in 59 years is a joke. When we win next week we will have the same amount of premierships as the pathetic panthers in just 2 years

  11. I guess you’re pretty upset , when all you have left is off topic Diatribe Clucker.
    If you have nothing much, just throw in whatever crap you have floating around in your clucker noggin. 👍
    My job here is done.
    🇫🇷 Here’s another flag for your favourite teams favourite country.
    Maybe Nick could hire some folk from there to fill the stadium?

  12. People that support loser clubs worry about crowd numbers and member to take attention away from the fact that they’re not winning premierships.

  13. A Penrith Supporter having a dig about home crowds?
    Home crowds 2019 Easts finished 5th. Penrith 13th.
    Home and away totals Easts 5th Penrith 15th..

  14. Its amazing how disgruntled fans such as the foolish EOD carry on about this centuries most successful team, Sydney Roosters. Nit picking with false figures and incorrect facts just indicates how jealousy can make an angry fan blind to truthful facts and sources

    The home crowd if 32 thousand was 95% Rooster fans and a small little pocket under the big TV screen if Melbourne fans numbering less than 1000 people. I know because I was there. The ground was 70% filled but EOD out Penrith incapable of simple arithmetic. 32k of 46 capacity is 70%

    Sydney have qualified for their 8th grand final this 21st century whilst Penrith have qualified for three over 58 seasons.
    EOD if you do not know what your talking about then the best advise could give you is, do not say anything at all.

    Next week the powerful Sydney Roosters will defeat Canberra comfortably.

  15. I have said it plenty of times but I will say it again; It is a such a corruption and last night is a perfect example of how Refs are used to ensure which team gets though. The blatant biased referring in yesterdays game is a deliberate act. The Ref totally killed the game specially in the 1st 40 minutes. It was so obvious that even a 2-year old would know it.

  16. Definite suspension for Keary? Was just given a 1150 dollar fine and is free to play next week.
    Grade one careless just like Papali and Soliola. No form on the board always going to be a fine.
    Watch the System rigged comments on this site after that verdict.

  17. It’s IsDonIsCrap, back under a different name. How many is that now WoodRot? Do you lose track after a while?
    Say what you like WoodLouse. The Stadium was half empty again.
    Would that have happened if it were Parramatta at BankWest? No…
    Brisbane in Brisbane? No.
    Canberra in Canberra? No..
    All the other teams would have filled their home grounds. They wouldn’t have to give tickets away, so it didn’t look soooo bad.
    Everyone knows , that your Cluckers are despised. All supporters of all other clubs, would support any team playing your Cluckers.
    It’s a win for Melboune, Brisbane , North Queensland , NZ etc. When all other supporters who come from NSW would rather any of their teams win over yours.
    You can try & reinvent yourself over & over again. It’s mostly just you WoodHeap, pushing the Cluckers barrel.
    They may well Win. Well done on another Premiership bought, if that’s the case. Here’s a CLAP , for buying more!
    If the spine is the main thing in being successful. Cluckers Spine says all that needs to be said! Cronk, bought, Tedesco, bought, Verrills, bought. ( Alternate: Friend , bought ), Keary, bought.
    Shall we go to the next Cluckers glorious halfback ? Flanagan, bought. Maybe after him or Keary? Walters , bought. Could go for ages with this!
    Glory, Glory for your purchased premierships! Yes, money buys sporting wins! Who would have guessed!
    Don’t need to invent anything when it comes to the games played. It’s there for all to see.
    🇫🇷 Another flag for you WoodRot!
    Go Raiders!

  18. Corruption? I think the TV panel got it right after the game when they said the refs put the whistle in the pocket.
    Munster got away with holding down for the first 40 and then his captain took over in last40.
    And if they were so biased towards Easts why wasnt Hughes binned for a foul in a try scoring situation?

  19. Everything you say EOD is correct, trying to be resonable with these dinasaurs is a waste of time, actually it’s probably only one guy with different log in names, just to make out that their are heaps of Easts supporters on this site, never the less we unfortunatly will be putting up with their crap for another year as i believe Easts will win by at least 20 points, don’t want to see that, it’s just the way i see it happening, probably best to ignore them but it is hard when they carry on with no humility what so ever, most supporters of rugby league would congratulate supporters when they win a comp, but these blokes just put you so far off that, sportsmanship in their case is non existed, i just pity their feeble existance to be honest, mates of mine are Easts supporters and they are really respectful which these guys on here can’t even spell.

  20. Just on the crowd figures argument……
    FACT. The NRL have given away thousands of tickets to SCG home games all year otherwise rooster home crowd figures in reality would sit at the bottom of all NRL clubs.
    FACT. Of the dismal 14,000 rooster memberships, 5000 handouts leaving the actual paid memberships at around 9,000 compared to Souths PAID 30,000.
    FACT. The 32000 crowd figure at last nights game was part made up of 12000 free tickets.

  21. Back2back19 September 29, 2019 at 3:22 am
    “I won more money of these 2 games then Stephanie earns all year working at McDonald’s hahahahahahahaha”
    Back2smack19 unlike you I don’t buy all my family xmas and birthday presents at Cash Converters.

  22. Regarding the roosters salary cap questioning Ray Warren summed it up beautifully last night when he stated tongue in cheek words to the effect
    “here comes State of Origin player Angus Crighton off the bench”
    Luke Keary not being charged with a grade 2 for deliberate swinging arm to the head resulting in Kaufusi going off and failing HIA???????
    Let’s wind back to that vision and replace Luke Keary with Sam Burgess. Need I go further?
    The MRC is headed by Michael Buettner the ex North Sydney Bear player who are the roosters feeder club in the Canterbury Cup.
    Is the MRC in the pockets of Nick Politis?
    Make up your own mind.

  23. I know Penso.
    I have a couple of their supporters in the work I do. They are pretty reasonable.
    On here, they see no reason. Can’t see outside of the Coop.
    It’s sad that the team that does just keep buying players to buy premierships , continues to Win.
    That is sport now though. Those with the deepest pockets buy competitions & get the backing in many ways of the sports governing bodies as well. . As well as governments , as we can see with the new Sydney Stadium.
    Good to see from comments of other teams supporters , that they can see the truth of it all too.
    I can have respect for clubs that bring through their own juniors & win with a few recruited players. Win the competition then. Good luck to them!
    Those that just buy competitions & buy players all through the year. Don’t deserve support or respect & a Win is just a win bought. Made worse by the WoodStools of the world.

  24. penso September 29, 2019 at 12:15 pm
    “actually it’s probably only one guy with different log in names, just to make out that their are heaps of Easts supporters on this site,”
    penso, it is only 1 as you say who started off as Woodrot with a couple of nics at the beginning of the year and through constant barring and new nics to now.
    They all have the same isp address which is isolated to a small area around oxford st Darlinghurst.

  25. EastofDivide your last post is the view of the majority of NRL fans in Australia and to put it in a nutshell explains why the roosters are struggling to attract new members on top of the few remaining old timers that have been there for 30-40 years.
    The numbers don’t lie and confirm this.
    The NRL have given away thousands of tickets to SCG home games all year otherwise rooster home crowd figures in reality would sit at the bottom of all NRL clubs.
    Of the dismal 14,000 rooster memberships, 5000 handouts leaving the actual paid memberships at around 9,000 compared to Souths PAID 30,000.
    The 32000 crowd figure at last nights game was part made up of 12000 free tickets.
    How may grass root junior clubs in their demographic? NONE. Its easier to poach the best players developed by other clubs and somehow miraculously fit them under the cap.

    Take away all the freeby handouts the roosters sit at the bottom for memberships, crowd figures and supporters for a club that won a premiership in 2018.
    This cant be disputed and all the reason why this club is the prime contender for relocation.
    Why would anyone with any dignity seriously consider becoming a member of a club with no soul?

  26. Hahahahahahaha start celebrating the mighty roosters back2back premierships now ladies, you all sound like jealous little girls.

    Remind me of the penalty count again eastofdivide?

  27. You can talk about crowd numbers and member all you like, we will be talking about our second premiership in 2 years.

    Souths – 1 premiership in 48 years FACT

  28. Are you sour Souths fans just going to get over the fact that your team is weak, do not have the attributes to become grand finalists and have no x factors.

    Very sad to see Souths fans have to constantly attack the most successful team in the 21st century

  29. 50 odd comments of 4 grown men being anything but. A bigger group of sooks you won’t find. Just the type of weak pleb who we sit back and laugh at.

    For a clue, go watch Bellamy press conference to get an idea of copping loss like a man. Then go listen to Politis and Robbo talk and see where you bum average clubs go wrong.

  30. Look at the garbage they dribble out after not even making the grand final, imagine what they will be like in 40 years time when Souths actually make there next grand final.

  31. Is that before or after your favourite clubs bought next year’s team Mad? Or MadWood..
    If I had to listen to Politis or evidently your best mate ‘Robbo’, would they say? Other clubs, get the best of the wealthiest backers out there, Buy in the best of all other teams players & juniors you can find? Pretend to be under the Cap & fix your figures accordingly?
    No, on second thoughts, leave that to us!!!

  32. Just found out Beuttner has stepped down as Chairman of the MRC.
    The reasoning could be anything but makes you wonder.
    Just curious if he walks straight into a roosters job like Schubert did after he stepped down as salary cap auditor?
    Time will tell.
    Interesting how the sombrero patsies on here avoid addressing factual posts on here and offer the usual no substance gibber.
    SadRooster, yes, listen to Politis and Robinson where other clubs go wrong would be like listening to Trump explaining his latest scandal is all a myth.

  33. I disagree mark.mywords, they have 1 xfactor in Cook but he is wasted at Souths because he is surrounded by absolute garbage, he would be a lot better at a decent club.

  34. People who constantly write fiction and are consistently wrong such as Twentyone, penso and EastsOfDivide that Souths and Melbourne have the forwards and will play in the GF while Sydney have a weak pack, or always in denial of truthful sources which contain actual facts such as crowds for each club, or fools like EOD who refuses to acknowledge the penalty count was 8-6 when all sha has to do is go ti the top if the stats on this page and tap on team stats to confirm the fact.

    But the best thing Back2Back19 is let these frustrated South fans have theur jealous little rants while we can sit back in glee and enjoy the grand final week while south fans can visit their feelings of grief, regret, painful sorrow if being a club that has choked a 4th time in preliminary finals since 2012.

  35. Also it is interesting to note that the real “master coach” is indeed, the masterful Trent Robinson, who in recent big games has defeated the so called master coach Bennett by thrashing Souths 30-6, taking Minor Premiers Bellamy’s Storm down last night 14-6 and defeating them easily in last season grand final with 12 men, and in a seven year Nrl career taken Sydney to 3 grand finals winning at least two, four minor premierships and at least two World Club Challenge Cups

  36. EOD leave me out of your $hit talk whoever you think is running my handle, I’m just a Titans hopeless and a Don fan not running any other names.

    I heard in regards to ticket sales for Roosters Storm they were giving away tickets for it due to poor sales.

  37. Interesting to note this fact.
    The biggest crowd of the 2019 semi finals was a Roosters home game of 32 thousand, filling the SCG to 70% of its capacity for a game that had an out of town team. I was in the crowd and can honestly confirm 95% were Sydney Rooster fans. Larger than the local derby with Souths of 30k. These figures are evidence that Souths fans refuse to support their team when 32k came out to support Sydney against the unsupported Storm. Who were lucky to have 2k amongst the big crowd.

    Stew on that fact Disgruntled Souths fans.
    There is nothing Souths can topple the Roosters at. Ahahahaha

  38. EOD The operative word there is Stadium.The crowds at ANZ when the bulldogs bunnies tigers etc play there looks small because its a 80000 seater.
    Put those crowds at the home games of the tiers manly dragons manly and they are a full house. The SCG with 25-30000 is half full.
    What club in the NRL doesnt buy players hoping to win a comp? They all do. Brisbane have byfar the most juniors in the NRL that does not stop them from going outside.
    Pangai jr ( newcastle) Fifita (gold coast) Staggs (wellington nsw)Flegler nth qld or buying players Millford Lodge Issako Bird and now the Storm half back.
    The Panthers bought Maloney to get them to a G F like he did at the Warriors Chooks and Sharks did not work out. The Dragons bought Widdop and Hunt dito.
    The chooks bought Tedesco and Cronk and came up trumps first up and get another chance next week.
    If the Raiders win next week will they be bagged for buying a comp? Bateman Whitehead Soliola Sezer Klokstad Rapana Leilula Oldfield Hodgson Sutton etc. More than likely not.

  39. So report of ticket giveaways are true throughout the finals??? I’m in central QLD so you don’t hear a great deal about much.

  40. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah listen to all these whinging jealous losers…
    Want to complain?
    Go to respective club, go to footy club agm and complain…
    Why aren’t we good as the top two.
    Don’t hide behind your keyboards and bag the winners, bag your own team and ask yourself why are they DUDS?

  41. Magnificent victory by Sydney Roosters dominating Storms Forwards backed up with brilliant defence. This Roosters team is greater than the 1974-75 premiers and will go back to back next week against a good Raiders team.

    Interesting to note this fact that Bellamy tried to fix his team that did not need fixing. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Bad choices by this once master coach but it is now time for him to pass the prestigious master coach tag over to Robinson. Who undoubtedly deserves coach of the year

    Also interesting to note Crichton who departed Souths so he give himself the chance to win a premiership, has indeed paid off handsomely. With Crichton running for 120 plus metres and helping setting the platform for the match sealing try. Securing his first grand final appearance and a real chance to win a premiership and an Australian jersey.

    Any wonder why George Burgess desired to sign with Sydney but the Roosters had no vacancy for him.

  42. Also interesting fact to note is those sore losers Souths fans, in particular Twentyone his partner penso alias Shadow who always brags about ancient history regarding Souths premiership from an era that nobody is alive to remember, the cheeky Chalky who claims to never brag obviously because with one premiership in 48 seasons he has nothing to be bragging about and for some strange reason, Eastofdivide who must want to be a Rabbit. All these Rugby League fans just continually ruin the great sport we love because all their comments are negative.

  43. Just on the 6pm news only 6000 rooster supporter tickets sold today and very concerned.
    Just curious, does it have something to do with being a je.wish holiday next Sunday and sport not permitted?

  44. Obviously waiting for all the free tickets to be announced coinciding with the free memberships.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  45. Back2back19 yeah sure.
    You stated in a previous topic your not a gambling woman yet above you claim won a years worth of McDonalds wages last 2 rooster games.
    I would suggest that’s a porky in line with after the 2017 GF You were a Storm supporter then a rooster supporter after the 2018 GF.
    What a wannabe.

  46. Where have I said I don’t gamble? Hahaha stop making stuff up, you delusional crack head

    You will never see your stain play in another grandfinal

  47. So now you’re stooping to anti-semetism twenty one?? You are absolutely PATHETIC. Simply because your vermin were too crap to make the GF AGAIN hahahaha. The reason only 6000 tix have been bought so far is because members are waiting for pre-sale at 10am tomorrow morning you complete nonce. ANZ will be packed next Sunday evening ….and I’ll be there thinking how awaesome it is that not a single soufs supporter is in sight. Hahahaahha

  48. Yes being a Sydney Rooster member I purchased 8 tickets for my Rooster family and friends when they became available in April.

    On another note this Sydney Roosters team is a super team that will win two in a row. That was clear to see after they won eight straight at the beginning of the season defeating every top eight side in that run of victories except Souths in rnd 1 under difficult pouring rainny conditions.

    However after round nine, when they defeated Canberra in Brisbane. It was obvious this club was destined for greatness, becoming the first team to win a double in Nrl history.

  49. So BustaWood..
    Did the SCG have its crowd capacity suddenly increase? I didn’t see any extra stands. As the Capacity is 46,000. So half full is 25,000-30,000 according to you? Who’s making up figures?
    You’re the one always going on at South’s supporters about your great crowds & memberships. I have never made any such claims about crowd numbers or memberships for any club out west. Other than to state other finals games were sold out.
    What you’d like us to believe, is that the Cluckers are very popular.
    Yet, with 12,000 tickets given away. If others posters here are correct? How many were there paying to see your glorious premiers in either final? Even as Premiers, no other supporters can be bothered going to watch your team play in Finals. That’s what you’re saying, by saying most there in the half full stadium are Cluckers supporters .
    So thanks for proving my point. That your club is the most despised .
    Oh yeah.. If Buying one 5/8th past his best ,is trying to buy a premiership ? You’re again proving what I say about your Cluckers. As they buy a lot of the best , most expensive players in their positions all the time. To buy Premierships..
    Let us know when they get rid of all of them & just hang on to one or two mediocre imports, ok.

  50. Very enlightening isdonusgood, just highlights the ignorance of the fool Eastofdivide” and that other fool Twentyone. So tickets were given to members of the SCG when 25 thousand tickets had already been sold and the Nrl handed out thousands for the Souths vs Manly game for ANZ members. Who even with the thousands handed out free still fell short of the Roosters Preliminary final. Which is by the way this seasons largest semi crowd.

    Below is quoted from isdonisgood link

    “There was also a free ticket give away for last weekend’s Rabbitohs-Sea Eagles final.”

    You need to grow a brain Eastofdivide, you seem just like those twin twits Twentyone and penso, are you their love child or adopted?

  51. Back2Back19 Penrith will not make a grand final for at least 10yrs. Not until this generation of poor performing juniors retire. All hopeless

  52. One moe thing Eastofdivide. Your math proves you are a dummy. Half of 46k capacity at the SCG ground is 24k. The offical Crowd figure was beyond 32k which is around 70% full. Closer to 3/4 filled than half you twit.

  53. for all you regular IDIOT losers on this discussion page going on and on about crowds … Easts always will attract larger crowds
    Our season is 3 weeks longer

  54. EOD I am not who you think i am. I unlike others on this site use one name and one name only.
    So the things you say i said about Souths fans etc etc is not right. My mistake on the capacity mate have not lived in Sydney since 1981. When i was a teenager the match of the day drew 60000.
    I was at the rabbits v Dragons GF in the N A Noble stand with 78000. And 32000 is 70% and that makes it look better.
    I have not read anywhere that said there were 12000 ticket give aways. Or that there free tickets to the Sths v Roosters Semi.
    I think the low crowd numbers can be put down to the S.C.G not being a good venue for League its too far away from the action. The sths v easts prelim final last year at Allianz drew a ground record of over 44000. The Storm in Sydney also pull low numbers. When they played the Sharks the crowd was 7700. Just over 11000 average for their Sydney games this year.
    And with the Maloney thing I did not say you bought him to buy a comp. I said you bought him to get you to a GF like the last 3 clubs did. And if he was past his best he would not have been picked in the blues side where he played great.
    As for buying expensive players all the time. They bought tedesco and Cronk last year and next week Cronks gone to be replaced by a half back with 8 games experience. Crighton was bought this year but who else in their current squad was bought for big dollars? I cannot think of anyone can you?

  55. Waynethepain you are 100% spot on. My mistake, my large thunb hit the button next to the 3 when typing in the information. Should read 23k is half od 46k.

    So the 32k crowd of mainly Rooster fans is evidence that Sysney Rooster fans so support rheir champion team, ynluke Souths or Penrirh.

    32thousand for a game against out of town Melbourne who had a very tiny percentage of that big attendance says it all.
    If Sydney with their at least 30k of that 32k played Parra then a ground record would have been broken. Melbourne fans dont travel.

  56. Of course he’s going to get heckled in a Sydney pub at 4:30am after losing to the most successful Sydney team hours earlier.

  57. Why are you bridesmaids so obsessed with your rooster crowd attendance numbers when the NRL have confirmed half are free tickets?
    Just admit its a desperate attempt to divert from the big problem of diminishing memberships the roosters are going through .
    Its membership numbers that are the true indicator of a clubs credibility not johnny come latelies like you mob on here who were storm fans all of 2018.
    Fact is the current 15000 rooster memberships include 5000 freebies which leaves a true paid balance of around 9000
    That puts the roosters at the bottom of all NRL clubs and embarrassing as premiers.
    Its just who the roosters are, the least appealing club to support in the NRL.
    No argument, accept it and enough of the attendance porkies, painfully boring.

  58. timmah September 29, 2019 at 8:04 pm
    ” The reason only 6000 tix have been bought so far is because members are waiting for pre-sale at 10am tomorrow morning you complete nonce”
    What garbage, you know as well as I do if its not free you dont go.
    Who are you trying to kid?

  59. Not trying to kid anyone sunshine, I tried to get my allocated 8 members tix this morning first thing and the pre public allocations for members had already been sold out. I’ll try again tomorrow for my family (who are ALL mad keen chook supporters). I’m looking at about $1600 for my fam. I’ve had 1 free ticket since I started supporting the roosters in 1975..which I won in a radio maybe YOU should stop spouting crap about other teams supporters, simply because your LOSERS were too useless to make it past a prelim AGAIN…..Stick that in your book of fueds rusty, you no talent ass clown. Hahahaha

  60. Adamhowzat here’s a statistic for you.
    Souths membership for 2020 already 17,607 if you care to check.
    That’s already around 1000 more than the roosters 2019 tally as last year’s premiers. Know why?
    Something as a rooster supporter you will never understand.

  61. BTW the roosters membership for 2020 has started at 3650 and that’s before the 5000 freebies handed out around March next year.
    No need for freebies at Souths.
    Members proudly pay to support their great club.

  62. It must kill you Stephanie that you have to cheer the mighty rooster on for there 2nd premiership in 2 years.

    South 1 premiership in 48 years hahahahahahahaha

  63. “Souths.
    Members proudly pay to support their great club.”

    What’s great about Souths? Is it the 1 premiership in 48 years? Is it that they have only made finals 7 times in the nrl? Is it that you have 2 of the most absolute flop players playing your halves?

  64. Twentyone has resorted to become a full on porky pie teller. Trying to hide the truth that the Nrl gave away thousands of tickets to the their home semi against Manly.

    Then making ip stupidity in the form of free memberships. The only nutters who would beleive that are fellow fool Souths Clown supporters.

    Fact is the Sydney World Champions and current Premiers are in the grand final after being heavely supported throughout the season with an average of 17.3k to every home game.

    While Souths choked two years in a row at the same game with a moderate lower supporter base of 15.1k to their home games.

    Interesting to remember that Twentyone was happy when the Roosters thrashed Souths in the semi and…..I quote the nutters own tripe. “Master stroke from Bennett to get into the grand final the easyway against Canberra by throwing that game against Sydney”


    How many leg ups for the roosters is this now for another bought premiership?
    This coincides with Michael Buettner (MRC Chairman) stepping down from the MRC at the end of Oct.
    NRL 360 suggests it my have been a tap on the shoulder instead which I agree with given the massive outcry by NRL fans for the non suspension of Hargreaves, Cordner and Tetevano after R25.
    Now we have the sham of Luke Keary as the above article confirms the continued leg ups for this mob.
    The cyearly exodus of roosters members is a definitive indicator of the reputation this shifty club has in the NRL community.

  66. Back2smack19 and Adamapple interesting how when confronted with factual comments you and your slurry reply with the same ole 48 yrs and blah blah blah gibber.
    You go on about the crowd figures, despite official confirmation by the NRL the majority are free tickets as a desperate attempt to cover up the diabolical disaster of depleting club membership numbers.
    If it wasn’t for the 5000 free memberships this year your cap sombreros would be last for NRL club memberships and as premiers.
    How about some input from you on this disaster from a sombreros fan perspective instead of pretending it doesn’t exist?

  67. Unbelievable how you carry on like a typical bad sport Souths fanatic Twentone, give it a rest. Everybody on here is tired of your propaganda and pathetic nonsense. ZT get this fool off this site please.

  68. Twentyone I’m going to ask you again.

    Why do you keep avoiding the answer to Souths smaller home semi crowd against Manly that it is quite clear to everybody the NRL handed out free tickets in the varsity of 20,000 tickets .

    I can understand why you avoid it with Souths ranked 8th and Manly ranked 13th in Home Crowd attendance figures this season.

    While we wait for your Porky Pie answer Twityone. Could you please elaborate on the ticketed Souths memberships please You claim they have 29.5k members yet only half that attend home games for Souths with that 15.1k average. I assume with those facts that 14.5k are only the cheapskate member without game day passes.

    While the Roosters membership is a deadset fairdinkum membership with 16.3k members that attend games with their home average of 17.3k proves that all our members are ticketed unlike the pauper south of Sydney mob of misfits.

    Answer please…….Twityone????

  69. Hurry up!!!!!! Twit ranked1st…… Don’t be shy, We have all been waiting for three days…. hello McTwityonefly…..anybody home?????????????

  70. Still beating around the bush on the roosters members exodus concerns.
    Again, why are the roosters members walking away?

  71. Still beating around the bush on the roosters members exodus concerns.
    Again, why are the roosters members walking away?

  72. Whats wrong with you Twentyone? It is just so obvious that he can not answer Adam Howard’s fair questions, which means he tells lies. The Nrl did give thousands of tickets away for the South Sydney vs Manly semi at ANZ.

    It is also a known factual truth that the Sydney Roosters have increased their memberships from last season. Please Twentyone before you mouth off all your lies and deceptions, please do a little research before you continually make a complete embarrassment to yourself and this great ZT site.

    Perhaps it is time Zero Tackle start barring people like him before the entire site is destroyed by idiocy.

  73. Take another look.
    Rooster membership is down 800 on last year.
    There has to be a logical explanation for this and you being a self appointed authority on everything roosters I presume you would know.

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