2019-09-21T09:50:00Z - AAMI Park
2019-09-21T09:50:00Z - AAMI Park

Match Summary



Josh Addo-Carr 5'
J. Addo-Carr 5'
Suliasi Vunivalu 9'
S. Vunivalu 9'
Cameron Munster 16'
C. Munster 16'
Jahrome Hughes 20'
J. Hughes 20'
Josh Addo-Carr 27'
J. Addo-Carr 27'
Ryan Papenhuyzen 58'
R. Papenhuyzen 58'
Nelson Asofa-Solomona 78'
N. Asofa-Solomona 78'
Cameron Smith 21'
C. Smith 21'
Ryan Papenhuyzen 80'
R. Papenhuyzen 80'

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Penalties Conceded




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Top Goal Kicker

Ryan Papenhuyzen1
Cameron Smith1

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14/9/19RaidersL 10 - 12
6/9/19CowboysW 24 - 16
31/8/19Sea EaglesW 6 - 36
25/8/19TitansW 24 - 8
17/8/19RaidersL 18 - 22


15/9/19BroncosW 58 - 0
6/9/19Sea EaglesW 32 - 16
30/8/19BroncosL 17 - 16
22/8/19BulldogsL 6 - 12
16/8/19TitansW 12 - 36


  1. Although the Storm are the Minor Premiers, but the way they lost to Raiders reflects the fact that they were unable to win such a critical game. A team which cannot win critical finals games DOES NOT deserve to win the Premiership. One can present all the excuses in the World but this is the fact. I feel sorry for Bellamy who was let down by the players big time.

  2. Bellamy fault for playing Brodie Croft all season and then dumped him three or four weeks ago. Only causing disharmony amongst the entire team.

    Arrogant move by Bellamy who in my opinion is showing signs of Bennett’s deterioration of the mind.

    Croft was good to lead the team around the park all season and win Bellamy a minor premiership.

    Bellamy has shot himself in the head here and is to proud to admit he has stuffed up big time. All for an overrated skinny fullback who played 6 games this season. Ahahahahah

  3. @William77 … good point. The problem however was that Bellamy was in Catch-22. Croft was allowing too many tries due to his weak defence. He was not giving enough opportunities to players like Vunivalu and Chambers to score. The problem I see with this game was Papenhuyzen. He was kicking on tackle 2 or 3 and letting go of the ball and hence giving away control of the ball. He was not following game plan given to him and others around him. Another culprit was Ado-Carr who again was kicking for no reason. Munster was very quiet. A week off was bad for him.

  4. LittleWilly77 at this rate another wrong result your way.
    Storm to remove the spring st slurry stain next week and move on to GF against Souths

  5. “Bellamy shot himself in the head”
    Gets better.
    Leave the tipping to the astute please and stop embarrassing yourself.

  6. How corrupt are this NRL. Happy to bin 2 manly players but no bin for jennings taking out support player in try scoring position.

  7. Congrats to the Storm on their win tonight. They outplayed us, obviously, but on the plus side we didn’t give up and should learn a few more lessons for next year too.
    I’m extremely proud of the club/team this year, and It’s been an awesome start towards our rebuild.
    On the flip side there’s the usual of end of season farewells, and this obviously wasn’t the best way to see these guys leave.
    I think this year is a particularly tough 1 re the farewells. Manu Ma’u has been 1 of my favourite players for several years, Timmy Mannah is 1 of the hardest working/dedicated/loyal club players, and mentioning those players in isolation takes nothing away from the other players we are losing, like Meroa and Gower.
    Good luck to all the players that are leaving Parra this season.

  8. Are you a South Sydney supporter?
    Most people in Sydney dislike them due to the team recently being voted as the dirtiest club. They dislike the Queensland & English connection also

    Personally I like the English brothers but many people do not. It is rewarding seeing the best Super League players in the Nrl testing their abilities.

    Canberra having a few of their own. I am looking forward to next weeks game. I can not remember seeing six or seven Englishmen playing in a huge semi before.

    Canberra will be the crowd sentimental favourites for the rest of the season. Not South Sydney.

  9. Knowing how corrupt NRL system is, I would not be surprised if the “Kangaroo Review Panel” actually charges Cam Smith and bans him for playing against the Roosters so that it would be easier for the Roosters to beat the Storm next weak. It sounds pathetic but I reckon you cannot discount anything from these corrupt officials.

  10. Do you think the Nrl would orchestrate a grand final that they desire?
    I do not. However a Souths vs Easts grand final would certainly be a blockbuster.

  11. Yes Don it would.
    Souths would love to play the chickens this time on an even playing field but will be Souths v Storm this year.

  12. The south Sydney stain only just just managed to beat half a manly side and you think they can beat the Raiders? The gear will kill you one day

  13. In 2017 the Storm versus Parramatta in Melbourne was an 18-16 result to Melbourne in the Qualifying Final. Parramatta was probably the better team in that game & unlucky to lose.
    Two years on they go to Melboune in a final & are beaten 32-0. With a vastly different team.
    Was Melboune a much worse side in 2017, or Parramatta a much worse side now ,in 2019? Despite all the players bought since then.
    Just a reality check Parramatta fans. That was a shocker & very disappointing for everyone watching as well. Parramatta was never in the game , despite how they played last week.
    Outside of BankWest Stadium, only 5 wins , in 2019.
    I know it was from last place in 2018. Still, with all the buys, the team is worse than 2017?
    Just shows the gap between the top couple of teams & everyone else unfortunately.