FULL TIME: Eels vs Bulldogs – Round 23, 2019

2019-08-22T09:50:00Z - Bankwest Stadium
2019-08-22T09:50:00Z - Bankwest Stadium

Match Summary



W. Blake 7'
W. Hopoate 38'
N. Meaney 68'
M. Moses 9'
Nick Meaney 39'
N. Meaney 39'
Nick Meaney 69'
N. Meaney 69'



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Previous 5 Games


16/8/19TitansW 12 - 36
10/8/19KnightsW 20 - 14
4/8/19DragonsW 4 - 12
27/7/19WarriorsW 24 - 22
21/7/19Sea EaglesL 36 - 24


17/8/19RabbitohsW 6 - 14
10/8/19Wests TigersW 18 - 16
3/8/19PanthersW 16 - 8
28/7/19RoostersL 12 - 20
18/7/19BroncosL 28 - 6


  1. Good game. Unfortunate for the dogs that they have started to florish at the back end of the year. Parra weren’t bad, but they just blew some opportunities to take/restore the lead

  2. Hey Ed you forgot to send those other twits. Prissy dragon and dafty duckling to the end of the dole queue.

  3. Good luck this weekend Woody, I really hope the chooks and dragons play hard but fair. I also hope the weather is to your liking too. May the best team win. Love you lots sweetheart 😘😘😘 and hope to see you at Kogarah if it isn’t too ethnic for you πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  4. great game of footy by the Shih Tzus and the Slimeys last night, either of those teams would have slammed 20+ on Souffs.
    I’m buggered if I how they’re even in the eight…
    see if the twattyONE comes out of hiding after tonight…. guess it all depends on the result

  5. Once again our legend dropkick edwoody mentions Souths in a post that has nothing to do with them and then gives himself a pat on the back, go figure!!

  6. Spot on Penso.
    He’s obsessed with South’s, South’s players. It’s got to be jealousy. πŸ‘

  7. To ALL
    not sure as to the allegiances here on this place and I don’t understand who supports who, team wise.
    Penso … no idea,
    East of Divide ?? could be anyone.. I’m guessing Penriff
    Chalky … no idea
    redv13 … StGI ??
    Spencer & EWW1 … assuming Easts
    you get my drift…. I, proudly follow the Chooks and have done so many, many years. Furthermore I tag my self as a proud Easts supporter, unlike many here who are, I guess ashamed to show their colours..
    The reason Souffs get a mention (as I see it) there is a clown (I’m Being kind) called TwentyOne who claims I’m someone else, he has my IP address all this sort of stuff.
    Stick to one name, show you colours, goes for all
    ohhh yeah, I bag Souffs ’cause if you’re a real Easts supporter, it’s in your DNA

  8. Like you’re ashamed to stick to the one log in name. As then you couldn’t sign in as one of the many other parts of your split personality. Then answer yourself.
    Isn’t that Right Rabbid Rabbit .

  9. chookstir, most of my friends are Easts supporters, my best mate when playing was Kevin Hastings, i get what you say that true Easts supporters bag Souths and visa versa, my friends and I have good opinions on whats wrong with both teams, but it’s done in a respectful fashion.

    People like Edwoody and other’s go way over the top, some Souths guy’s here do also, which i don’t like, but when Edwoody carry’s on about Souths on every post it gets a bit boring and quite frankly it is making this site toxic, heaps of old regulars are gone cause of people like edwoody who i know for a fact was old woodchooook, why he doesn’t stick to his original name is anyone’s guess.

    Just hope chooksir you don’t fall into their stupid ways and we can both a respectful chat, for the record I believe that Easts will win the comp and have put dowm $1.000 on them at $2.85, my Souths just have too many injuries.

  10. You just wrote above that you signed in as RedV13. You signed in for days as a Rabbits supporter & said they’ll never get rid of me. Referring to Your original sign in as WoodPuty..
    You’re obviously chookstir, as you write exactly the same things when you sign in as your Edwin character.
    So many others are obviously also the same Edknumskull.
    Or do you think you’re sooo tricky that no one can work it out?
    If it clucks like a chicken & sounds like exactly the same chicken. It is you chicken clucker.

  11. Great trying to make a decent conversation with chookstir and now find out he is someone different, what’s goin on here, edwoody say’s exactly the same things has woodchoook and thinks nobody notices he even reply’s the same way.

  12. edwoodwood just dobbed himself in, he said he made comments after the second round of the comp, edwoody wasn’t even on this site then, under this name anyway, he only just appeared recently after woody and crower went off

  13. At least i go by my real name, i had that debate with woodchoook you imposter, talk about dobbing yourself in

  14. Girls, girls, girls…… Why don’t we all sit back and enjoy the footy tonight.
    And rubbish each others teams as they go down the drain…
    JIMMY the JET has crashed and burned.

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