FULL TIME: Eels vs Broncos – Finals Week 1, 2019

2019-09-15T06:05:00Z - Bankwest Stadium
2019-09-15T06:05:00Z - Bankwest Stadium

Match Summary



M. Jennings 11'
M. Moses 16'
B. Ferguson 19'
S. Lane 32'
M. Sivo 39'
Maika Sivo 48'
M. Sivo 48'
D. Brown 52'
T. Moeroa 70'
Mitchell Moses 72'
M. Moses 72'
Dylan Brown 75'
D. Brown 75'
D. Alvaro 79'
Mitchell Moses 12'
M. Moses 12'
Mitchell Moses 18'
M. Moses 18'
Mitchell Moses 53'
M. Moses 53'
Mitchell Moses 71'
M. Moses 71'
Mitchell Moses 74'
M. Moses 74'
Mitchell Moses 77'
M. Moses 77'
Manu Ma'u 80'
M. Ma'u 80'



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Missed Tackles


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Previous 5 Games


6/9/19Sea EaglesW 32 - 16
30/8/19BroncosL 17 - 16
22/8/19BulldogsL 6 - 12
16/8/19TitansW 12 - 36
10/8/19KnightsW 20 - 14


7/9/19BulldogsL 30 - 14
30/8/19EelsW 17 - 16
23/8/19RabbitohsL 20 - 22
16/8/19PanthersW 24 - 12
8/8/19CowboysW 14 - 18


  1. Is that Politis at BankWest with cheque book at the ready?
    Willywonka77 you hid for a week after r25 and now popping up everywhere like a knowledgeable authority.
    Comical fool.

  2. We all know whobthe dopey one is, that fool who said Souths and Melbourne have the best pack of forwards in the comp. Yet Sybney knocked over Melbourne in last season’s grand final and again this year in Melbourne, transforming Souths forwards into “cracker night” when they made Souths forwards look like a packet of “flying fairies”. Getting knocked over everwhere. By the World Champion pack of premiers.

  3. That is the loss we needed. Now the board and coach can’t sweep it under the rug and pretend everything is fine. Some major changes are needed in the off season.

    Boyd needs to be convinced to retire, or finish his career in the QLD cup. PLEASE can we field an actual halves pairing? Why do we have a hooker and a washed up full back in the halves when we have Dearden and SOS sitting in reserves? What are we actually doing at training? Definitely not building combinations and going through plays. It looks like nobody out there actually knows what they’re doing. The senior players need to step it up, be more vocal and lead by example. It’s pretty sad when the kids in your side are leading the way.

    I can handle losing but the current group obviously lack any backbone and immediately put their heads down as soon as points are scored. I’ve also noticed they don’t seem to play until they’re 18 or 24 points down. Realistically I never gave us a chance today, but to go down like that is embarrassing.

  4. Brisbane have 600 players on scholarships. There must be quite a few that are decent halves.
    Unfortunately for them, they aren’t at first grade level yet.
    Although no halves are going to help a team that’s not defending that well. Parramatta just kept the ball moving & Brisbane couldn’t stop them. It shows what having confidence in your outside backe can do for a team.

  5. Broncos have invested heavily in their forwards which is great but if your halves are bog average and can’t link with your backs then you have massive issues.

  6. That’s correct Inferno my mistake,
    Parra will win by 20 down there.

    Manly will knock over the soft Souths forwards with Taupua back by 20

  7. Any Coach in charge of a team beaten like the Broncos should resign … what he has dished up all season is a team devoid of any commitment, to the Club or fans. Panji showed up for one match all season – against the Cowboys. The rest of the season he thought he had license to try and hurt the opposition, was a third man flopper, and just never put his body on the line when it mattered. The Club has stars, Oakes proved once again the best go-forward winger in the game. Pass, Fafita, and Lodge had great seasons. As for Milford, he is worse value than Ash Taylor, at least the Titans had the sense to bench him … not Siebold.

    The Board own this performance and need to be accountableto the fans and fall on their swords. Egos have no place here. As for Siebold – has not a clue how to manage players or the political understanding of how the Broncos work. Right from when Milford was caught on 5th tackle today and never got his kick away, it was over. Worst fullback in the game at the moment, positionally, as a custodian in defence, any for whatever reason he won’t jump to catch a high ball knowing the ruules protect him. Before he transisitioned to fullback he was the worst 5/8 in the NRL. He is done at this level … an yet why does Siebold persist?

    When your team is blessed with forwards, what coach plays them in the centres thinking they will not get found out at this level? As for Boyd, without Bennet he is a third the player and so out of his depth in this team of players who are all about looking good as opposed to being good. I knew Siebold was a bad fit … losing McGuire, … ouch… McCullock was good today in defence but without halves he has no options. That is all on the Coach and coaching staff. They have had Bird on the injured list for 2 seasons now … nice work if you can get it. Have they sued the Sharks for selling an injured dud?

    Well done Parra … you did not have much to beat today … Melbourne will be different.

  8. That was awesome. I still can’t believe it.
    Well done to the boys, awesome.
    Next week is going to be very different, but I’m giving us a chance now at least.

  9. Lets put it into perspective. Parra played the worst side in the top eight who have no halfs. Cronulla was probably the next ranked followed by Souths.

    I think Parra will play the Roosters while Manly will play Canberra for a grand final birth.

  10. Putting things into perspective shows League fans the real top four teams are Sydney, Canberra, Manly and Parra.

    Thats the way I seen them before a game was played this weekend. Abd thats the way it panned out.

    In the post
    Finals Week 1 Team Lists
    I tipped 4 out of 4

    September 11, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    Sydney, Canberra, Manly, Parramatta

    That NIT_WIT Twentone picked 0🤣😂🤣

  11. Broncos played as well as Parra let them.
    If we could play every final including the GF at Bankwest we would take the title.

  12. this was a score easy to see, Broncos give nothing in attack from their half, and the left side defenders are uncoordinated at best.
    Any team that shuts down Fifita, Haas and Milford win.

  13. Chalky, I took your advice and am trying to ignore these idiot’s on ZT, william77 is woody and all of his alia’s in the past, why they do this is anyone’s guess, clearly the guy has issues far beyond anyone’s professional opinion on this site, such is life, in his case, mental life.

    Great to see Canberra win and hopefully the Storm beat Easts , if they overcome Parra, who i suspect were made to look good by the Bronco’s.

    Thank god the Bronco’s went hard at Seibold, one year wonder coach, but has i said last year , his tactics were aweful in the finals where opposition sides knew what we were going to do, even the Souths players said as much, no doubt the idiots here will respond that Bennett is no different.

    I believe that we will beat Manly next week and then lets see what happens from there, Souths didn’t finish 3rd for nothing.

    Also the crowd last night proved what a fraud the crowd figures are for Easts, commentators on both channels said Souths outnumbered Easts by 70% at least.

  14. If one with any common sense has any wisdom, they would watch the replay of the Sydney vs Souths game and see with their own eyes, the vast numbers of Red White And Blue. Which out numbers green and Red by 80- 20.

    I Challenge anyone on here to just watch it one last time for the crowd TV coverage and it will be easy for anyone who bothers, will agree my estimate is far fron exadurated.

    It is great to see Sydney 30-6 hand out the biggest thrashing for South Sydney since August 2017 when Melbourne defeated Souths 64-6.

    The 58 point difference in a semi by Parra as it was by Melbourne over Souths in a premiership game proves beyond doubt that Parra are the real deal. Great win Parra.

    I tried to go for Brisbane because of Tossells like Kev. But just looking at the Ponys and their one Qld capital city team an hour before kick off, I could not bring myself down to that level as they are the 2nd most hated team behind Souths.

  15. Penso did it ever cross your mind that the Broncos were made to look that bad by us instead of them making us look good?
    South’s would have copped the same treatment.
    We might not have put as big a score on them but playing like that we would have beaten your lot quite comfortably.

  16. Now you’ve done it Kevi, anyone that disagrees with that South Sydney supporter who refuses to travel to South Sydney home games, will know try to convince everybody on this site that indeed, you are without doubt, Woody.

  17. I might be an a hole woody but even I wouldn’t stoop to your level.
    You are the lowest of the low.
    I have stepped in more intelligent things than you.

  18. Spot on Alex. Its easy to put 50 on when the other team is not even out there. Lets see how they go against the storm. Guaranteed they wont be giving moses and his merry men free rein to run amok like today. Although part if me wishes parra can win.

  19. “Also the crowd last night proved what a fraud the crowd figures are for Easts, commentators on both channels said Souths outnumbered Easts by 70% at least.”

    Penso you clown, if you actually went to games you would know how wrong you and the commentators are.

  20. What ever you reckon Kevi (Woody) but we all know you are dog droppings. You slimy slimmering water slug supporter.

  21. Parramatta has to play the same style of footy against the storm as they did today, if they do they can beat the storm down there. Plus they have big Kane Evans back this week that will help. I think Ray Stone will probably miss out.

  22. So, one 2 point loss to Canberra and and suddenly the run away minor premiers have no chance ?

    Who are you guys kidding ?

    All respect to the Eels, that was a great game and they definitely played well but there are no shoe ins in this finals series. Roosters have the best chance of going back to back but nothing is guaranteed now.

  23. Lets hope Kev’s slimy slimmering under water slugs with the indigenous man standing on one leg with a spear on the banks of Parramatta river, have enough backbone to give Melbourne a run for their money, rather than play the way they played Melbourne last time they met like Brisbane did against Parra.

  24. Mary13 could you wish Kev some good luck👅 so Kev’s underwater slimy slimmering slugs can soften Melbourne up for the Roosters.

    Us Canberra fans want to play Sydney in the Grand Final.

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