2019-09-07T07:30:00Z - ANZ Stadium
2019-09-07T07:30:00Z - ANZ Stadium

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Nick Meaney 2'
N. Meaney 2'
Josh Jackson 12'
J. Jackson 12'
Nick Meaney 49'
N. Meaney 49'
Nick Meaney 57'
N. Meaney 57'
Reimis Smith 70'
R. Smith 70'
Kotoni Staggs 34'
K. Staggs 34'
Kotoni Staggs 38'
K. Staggs 38'
Anthony Milford 64'
A. Milford 64'
Nick Meaney 13'
N. Meaney 13'
Nick Meaney 50'
N. Meaney 50'
Nick Meaney 59'
N. Meaney 59'
Nick Meaney 72'
N. Meaney 72'
Jamayne Isaako 39'
J. Isaako 39'
Nick Meaney 10'
N. Meaney 10'

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29/8/19CowboysL 15 - 8
22/8/19EelsW 6 - 12
17/8/19RabbitohsW 6 - 14
10/8/19Wests TigersW 18 - 16
3/8/19PanthersW 16 - 8


30/8/19EelsW 17 - 16
23/8/19RabbitohsL 20 - 22
16/8/19PanthersW 24 - 12
8/8/19CowboysW 14 - 18
2/8/19StormL 4 - 40


  1. Seibold being found out what an absolute crap coach he is, Bronco’s probably wishing they didn’t jump the gun when they signed him for 5 years , yes 5 years , he’s got the cattle , but his big talking presentation to the owners was obviously a ruse , he got Souths to the Semi’s, only to produce a game plan , all could see was obvious, to the point where we where easily accounted for , even the players said as such.

    Good to see the Bronco’s will be a middle of the road team while they have Seibold in charge.

  2. As long as Seibold persists with a band aid halves pairing and one out plays we will never go any further than making up the numbers come finals time. If it wasn’t for numerous individual efforts by Haas, Fifita etc throughout the year, we would be sitting well and truly in the bottom four. The effort tonight was a slap in the face. No one showed anything until about half an hour in. By that stage the game was more or less gone.

  3. Again Darius, did f all as a captain tonight. I’ve had your back seilbold but if you want to stick up for the rat good luck.
    I thought he was Bennett’s boy but what I’ve heard form u this week, changing my thoughts. Wish we go Bellamy.

  4. Broncos may have the best forwards but will go nowhere without some quality halves which they don’t have at the moment

  5. Strategic loss? Manly just don’t have the players to Win now.
    No Tom Trbojevic & Manly’s Winning record is dreadful . Add in the loss of the other forwards & things are bleak. So I don’t think Des had any say in that loss.
    On the other hand… Good win again Doggies. Things are looking bright for next year.

  6. Ralph big mouth malph, Bennet took the Brocoe’s to within 1 point of the top 4 last year with pretty much the same team, i’d say that was a much better performance.

    I have been on this site probably longer than most on here and all know that i only have one login name, say what you want ralph, your a light weight when it comes to opinions and no doubt people here don’t respect what you say cause your a fraud , you suddenly pop up out of nowhere and accuse me of being someone else, this gives me the opinion that you have been on this site for a while now, but who you were before is the question.

  7. Everybody get of Darius back.
    It’s not his fault they need a halfback.
    Darius has been playing bad lately but he can change it like they said.
    Milford is the problem!!
    Get rid of him and jack bird and that’s 2 mill, surely then they can get a good halfback and win the comp.

  8. Hi Penso, like you I have been on this site a long time and have only had one user name. This site used to be a place where likeminded people could discuss rugby league and, whilst not always agreeing with each other, respect each others views. The way I try to handle these imposters is to ignore them. They want you to nibble at their bait, baffle you with bulls**t, drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Let them say what they like no matter how much it irks you and hopefully with no responses they will get sick of talking to themselves.

  9. Dear Darius
    Hi it’s Wayne here,
    Darius is my boy and the best player of all time (Get of his back)
    People need to open up there eyes and truely see Darius is ripping and tearing at the moment.
    I would take Darius at Souths any day if I could.
    Can we please have him back if you don’t won’t him we need to catch up on some things.
    It’s not his fault it’s seibold ok grow up guys and realise Darius is the best of all time and you can’t change anything about it.

    From Wayne Bennett👨‍🦳👴

  10. Storm_Warning seeing you have nothing to do with Souths you can take him to wherever that little trailer you live in is.

  11. RalphMoth comment “Great win by Canterbury, they have desposed of top eight teams Souths, Wests, Brisbane, Parra, Cronulla but could not defeat Sydney Roosters. Well done.”
    Then Souths come along and hand the roosters a 2 Zip hiding for the season.
    What’s your point Moth?

  12. It is becoming clearer that whilst Seibold does have some excellent qualities as a coach the one area that he appears to fall short on is the skill of motivation that might come in time but for now is missing.
    Might need to catch up with Wayne Bennett for some pointers on that after watching Souths keep the roosters scoreless for 55 mins after some minor tweaking that had the roosters backs running sideways and easy pickings.
    Souths forwards took control and exposed the softness of the roosters pack.
    2 tries straight through the middle confirmed that.
    Mr potato head Robinson had no answer to that and the several shots of him in the coaches box after half time clearly had him looking dazed and confused.

  13. Next week against the eels.
    Broncos side should be…

    1: A Milford
    2: D Boyd
    3: J Isaako
    4: K Staggs
    5: C Oates
    6: S O Suvillan
    7: T Dearden
    8: M Lodge
    9: J Turpin
    10: P Haas
    11: D Fifita
    12: M Gillett
    13: T Pangai Jr

    14: A Glenn
    15: T Fleglar
    16: P Carrigan
    17: J Seggy

    Broncos big man will kill the eels next week, they just need some halves to steer them around.

  14. RalphMoth you are still struggling to get something right.
    Why are you worried about Sam Burgess Gagai, Knight and now Johnston when all along you’ve been telling the whole world how superior the roosters and their depth are regardless of the opposition?
    Now all of a sudden you are rejoicing at the thought of the above players not there?
    I suggest you concentrate more on the 3 ZIP coming your way and what your potato head coach will do to prevent that.
    Thanks for the compliment but in the end I told you a few weeks ago your roosters could keep running but will have nowhere to hide soon.
    That time has come as you saw thursday and will get worse from here on end for your exposed fake premiers.
    Havent heard a murmur from you, Back2smack, chookstool and Frankfurter about Cameron Murray since all your predictions on how your roosters were going to show him up. How come?

  15. Ralphmoth thats a little comical referring to Knight as a dummy.
    I hear when Cordner was told to have an iq test he asked which optometrist he should go to 😂😂😂😂

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