SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Sam Tagataese of the Sharks looks on during a Cronulla Sharks NRL training session at Southern Cross Group Stadium on September 26, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos have officially announced the signing of experienced Cronulla forward Sam Tagataese

The premiership-winning prop inked a one-year deal, and began training on Wednesday with his new teammates.

The 31-year old looks to reignite his career, and with the chance to be coached under the guidance of Wayne Bennett, proved an offer that was too good to refuse.

“I am definitely excited especially as my partner is from Brisbane, and when I first moved to Australia I lived in Brisbane,” he said.

“I actually haven’t (met Bennett before) but I am definitely looking forward to it.

“I have heard so many good things about him, and just look at his record.

“And as my father-in-law said, he is a master coach.

“I am looking to getting the best out of myself at this point of my career and being coached by a great coach.”

Tagatese made 157 appearances during stints with Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Cronulla.

Brisbane Broncos 2018 Player Movements

2018 Gains
Jack Bird (Cronulla Sharks, 2021), Troy Dargan (Parramatta Eels, 2019), David Fifita (2020), Matthew Lodge (2020), Patrick Mago (North Queensland Cowboys, 2019), Shaun Nona (St George Illawarra Dragons, 2018), Andre Savelio (Warrington Wolves, 2019), Kotoni Staggs (2020), Sam Tagataese (Cronulla Sharks, 2019), Jake Turpin (Melbourne Storm, 2019)
2018 Losses
Jai Arrow (Gold Coast Titans), Adam Blair (New Zealand Warriors), Herman Ese'ese (Newcastle Knights), Keegan Hipgrave (Gold Coast Titans), Ben Hunt (St George Illawarra Dragons), Matiu Love-Henry (New Zealand Warriors), Benji Marshall (Wests Tigers), David Mead (Catalan Dragons), Tautau Moga (Newcastle Knights), Francis Molo (North Queensland Cowboys)
Darius Boyd (2021), George Fai (2019), Alex Glenn (2019), Jamayne Isaako (2022), Jordan Kahu (2020), Andrew McCullough (2021), Josh McGuire (2022), Anthony Milford (2021), Kodi Nikorima (2020), Corey Oates (2019), Joe Ofahengaue (2019), James Roberts (2021)
Off Contract 2019
Troy Dargan, Thomas Dearden, George Fai, Shaun Fensom, Thomas Flegler, Alex Glenn, Patrick Mago, Corey Oates, Joe Ofahengaue, Tevita Pangai Junior, Andre Savelio, Sam Tagataese
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        • Nothing. You need to view my post in context. It was in response to this comment:

          “bennett will get career form out of him,”

          It was an observation that “supercoach” hardly got “career best form” out of Mead or Ese’ese before they were discarded. For the record I think Ese’ese will have a breakout year in 2018 once he finds his feet at his new club. At the very least he will have a bigger impact for the Knights than he ever did for the Broncos.

      • SSTID are you kidding, ese’ese was offered a lifeline from Bennett and he was playing better than ever and he only left because the knights gave him a great offer, he certainly wasn’t “discarded”

        • @ donkeylover88

          Big Herman was still underutilised in 2017 IMO. Just like Nathan Brown was underutilised by Souths and when the Eels gave him more mins and changed his role he went to the “next level”.

          You are right that the Broncos gave him an opportunity to play first grade so compared to no first grade time at the Dogs any first grade time would have been am improvement.

          To make a boast like “Bennett will get career form out of him” you have to be able to back that up. Crichton’s form in 2017 is one such example where such a claim can be backed up (remembering he debuted briefly the year before).

          I simply take the position that Bennett has been the most over hyped coach in the game. To heap praise on him he has to actually DO something to deserve it. Just 1 premiership and 1 subsequent GF appearance in 11 years is nothing too impressive. I think Bellamy and Hasler have better records and a better strike rate of GF appearances, GF win percentages and premiership titles in the last 11 years. I think they also have a better win/loss record over the last decade.

          Bennett failed at the Knights and the year before taking over at the Knights while he was coaching the Dragons he finished the season behind the Stone coached Knights but Stone still lost his job.

          When will QLDers realise Bennett has long since reached his expiry date, he has lost inspiration and grown stale, and that Kevin Walters is a better option to coach the Broncos.

          I respect your opinion though and your support of your team but our opinions are divided over your coach.

        • Proof is in the pudd, and he failed the ultimate test of a “supercoach”, he couldn’t get Tom to catch, hold, and run in that order.

          Maybe next year.

        • This isn’t under 10’s mighty, they run first, then catch, then hold. In that order. A lot of Tom’s mistakes come around securing the ball in the tackle and in the ruck and play the ball area. Not as much catching as he runs onto the ball. He has to learn to have soft hands and bring the ball in not stiffen his hands towards the ball (and especially NEVER have palms to the the ground!). The twins have been re-signed for a further 2 years I believe but if they can’t lift their game I would be playing them in the NSW Cup and let the Bears straighten his game out. After all BOTH Tom and George started there and went on to bigger things. I just think they need to learn that just because Sam is one of Souths “Top Guns” it does not guarantee automatic selection for his siblings.

        • Well technically they should run, catch, hold, and keep running in that order, but that could get way too complicated. Imagine then throwing in a fifth element of passing off.

          I thought they (all 3) extended their contracts until the end of 2019 (from ending in 2018), but I think we agree, they have to preform (the twins, as Sam is pretty much a given) if the Bunnies are going to make a mark, for the next 2 season now.

        • Yes mighty, they keep running after they catch the ball. Well done son. I’m clapping with middle finger and thumb for that one. You are definitely more super coach material then Bennett.

          Yes they extended for one year but are playing two more years so I we are both right and both wrong. They are playing 2 more years was my point. I think. You are confusing me mighty, just like that movie you made reference to.

          Fifth Element was a good movie but a little wacky and hard to follow. Bennett is perhaps a combination of Gary Oldman’s character “Zorg” (the arch villain) and the lovably senile “Father Vito Cornelius” (Ian Holm), don’t you think? 😉

      • Really STD just stop talking you sound like an idiot
        Ese Ese was terrific he was unwanted and regarded as a fringe player
        Bennett gave him a shot and he was terrific so pull your head in
        As for mead he was good when he got a shot who was he gonna force out moron he played great when he got his shot his best is yet to come
        Tagataese is a great signing

    • What a coincidence, the NRL start to review the third-party agreements after all this Manly salary cap drama.

    • Good to hear that the NRL will “review” the TPA’s, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do anything about it. I would have thought the “review” would have occurred after the Eels cap issues surfaced, but I guess its better late than never. Don’t hold your breath for anything to change…

      • I’m not going to go hard defending the NRL, because there is no shortage of things they need to do better, but this is a great example of how they can’t win no matter what they do.

        I’m not having a crack at anyone, but when should they fix it? The answer from most is likely, “years ago”, and that boat has sailed (you can’t turn back time), so why now? Because they can catch Manly (from a Manly supporter), because the Storm won the GF from a Parra supporter etc. For the record, I think do it now, because that’s the earliest you can, and for no other reason. That said, they were doing it, and playing hard ball as part of the new salary cap. and got out muscled / out played by the players union.

        I want it fixed as much as most people do, but I understand it’s not that easy. I’m not saying the NRL can’t do a better job of it, and I’m certainly not making excuses for them etc. but I am a realist, and this is an enormously difficult task. To anyone that says otherwise, and here’s the solution in a post or 2, I’d bet you’ve never run a large successful business.

        • On another issue, the NRL did away with the 10 (business) day “cooling off” period in player contracts today too, so the clubs can announce the signing of a player when he signs, and not 2 weeks later.

        • So you are saying mighty that Crichton, if he signs elsewhere, won’t be able to have an “Oh my, what have I done!” moment and back flip like DCE? Young Angus better get it right the first time around then. Change can be a dangerous thing young Angus. Just think about Chris Sandow and Dave Taylor.

          I welcome any sincere effort by the NRL to address TPA’s. They need to go one step further and centralise control of TPA’s which should be registered through the NRL and counted against the cap!

        • Yes on part A, but only as far as once you sign you have a contract, so none of the old June 30, clause, or new 10 day cool off, but players will still break / try to break contracts etc. Its more like “one small step” than “one giant leap”, but it’s in the right (a logical) direction.

          100% on part B. No one can possibly deny TPA’s, under the current arrangement, either create and/or allow for disparity. Without pointing the finger at any club/s blind Freddie can see they create advantages / disadvantages, and they are so open to rorting that the clubs that get the greatest advantage from them, ironically, are the best at (legally) using them to their advantage.

          If you knew absolutely nothing about NRL, nothing about the sport, players etc. and used very basic maths you could list the clubs in order of most likely to least likely advantaged, and I’d bet you wouldn’t be far off.

        • “No one can possibly deny TPA’s, under the current arrangement”

          Except for supporters of clubs who are most advantaged by this system. Clubs for example that have 2 players or more on $1 mill or more with a team of under paid rep players would be a good place to start.

          Come on migjty point the finger 👉 you know you want to. I’m weary of being the “finger pointing president” time for someone else to take over.

  1. Just ask the people of Newcastle what a “Super Coach” Bennett is!!

    Super Coach my arse!!!

    Only gets good results with a strong roster…..

  2. LRF33 the term “super coach” was of course ironic. It is an accolade Bennett has given himself in any case although the term “stupor coach” might be more appropriate if you saw the vision of him during the games in the 2016 Rugby League Four Nations where he spent half the game dozing off!

    • Bennett may be an old fool but can you link the time Bennett called himself a super coach or are you full of it.

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