Gus Worland is a member of Triple M’s Grill Team and also commentates cricket for the station, but most importantly around this time of the year, Gus is a massive Sydney Roosters fan.

With his side one of the teams to beat in 2018, Gus is no doubt excited at the prospect of watching new signings Cooper Cronk and James Tedesco light it up for the Tricolours, and he was more than happy to chat to Zero Tackle about a huge upcoming first round win for the Roosters!

Gus is also the founder of Gotcha4life, a foundation that’s taking action to improve men’s mental health.

After recording his Man Up show for the ABC, Gus couldn’t leave the cause alone and started the foundation with a bit to raise awareness for mental health, which is built on important key pillars.

Gotcha4life aims to educate young Australians that it’s okay not to be okay, and the foundation also offers financial support to males who want to join Lifeline or those who have ideas for startups looking to work with mental health.

Gus’ ultimate goal is for every Australian bloke to have a Gotcha4life buddy within the next five years, that they can talk to about absolutely anything.

For more information, you can head to, Gus’ Twitter page (click here) and Gotcha4life’s Twitter (click here).

See Gus Worland’s tips below for Round 1 of the NRL season!

Thursday, March 8

Dragons v Broncos

Jubilee Oval, 8.05pm

“It’s a tough one. I’m looking forward to Hunt going back there and playing and Graham, it’s going to be weird watching him in a different colour jersey, but I think the Broncos are going to slip a little bit this year, but I still think they’re going to be too good for the Dragons.

“I just feel the Broncos probably have a little too much quality right across the field.”

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Tip: Broncos by 8

Friday, March 9

Knights v Sea Eagles

McDonald Jones Stadium, 6.00pm

“Cannot wait, I’ve been standing next to Matty Johns and getting a bit of Newcastle fever and all the excitement that’s going round not just the team but just round the town.

“They say there’s around 25,000 tickets already sold, so if they get good weather, it might get up to 30,000 which would be great. I just think Manly are a top eight side, and I think they’ll probably win in a tight one because Newcastle will be right up for it.”

Tip: Sea Eagles by 8

Cowboys v Sharks

1300SMILES Stadium, 8.05pm

“Cracking game, one of the matches of the round, and I think Cronulla are really consistent, they look really good, a couple of new players I’m looking forward to seeing, obviously in Moylan and Dugan.

“North Queensland, along with the Roosters I reckon are favourites to win the comp, so with JT back, Scott back, I just think they’re going to be too good.”

Tip: Cowboys by 4

Saturday, March 10

Wests Tigers v Roosters

ANZ Stadium, 4.30pm

“Obviously the one I’m looking forward to the most, can’t wait to see Tedesco show that sort of form he showed against Manly in the trial, he was electric! I can’t wait to see him.

“It’s at ANZ Stadium so no real home ground for the Tigers and the Roosters have had the better of the Tigers for as far as I can remember, so I think the Roosters along with the Cowboys are the favourites to win the comp, so they should be too good, and I reckon they’ll win.”

Tip: Roosters by 16

Rabbitohs v Warriors

Perth Stadium, 7.00pm

“Two sides that you just don’t know what is going to happen with them this year, the Warriors could win it or they could come last!

“They just continually sort of disappoint you, just when you get all excited about them.

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“The Rabbits with a new coach, and with Gagai there, you just sort of think, well, they’ll probably have to improve. That match is in Perth, so Souths normally go pretty well over there, so I’ll say Souths will win that.”

Tip: Rabbitohs by 10

Bulldogs v Storm

Perth Stadium, 9.05pm

“I think the Storm are an awesome team, can’t see them getting beaten.

“The Dogs’ form has been good in the trials, they’ve gotten a couple of wins… but I’ve got a feeling the Storm will win, they always tend to win most games with Smith and Slater.

“I know they haven’t got Cronk, but I think they’ll be too good for the Dogs.”

Tip: Storm by 12

Sunday, March 11

Panthers v Eels

Panthers Stadium, 4.10pm

“Cracking game this, the battle of the west! Penrith have all of those dramas around them at the moment, and off Parramatta’s trial form, everyone has them in the top four, so I’ve just got to go with the settled Parramatta, they’ve got too many attacking weapons for Penrith.”

Tip: Eels by 8

Titans v Raiders

Cbus Super Stadium, 6.30pm

“Who knows with these two teams, everyone’s writing the Titans up because of the new coach, and he seems to be getting the best of these young blokes, and Canberra away from home, who knows.

“Obviously they haven’t got their Hooker in Hodgson whose been a lynchpin for so long, so I’m hoping the Titans win this one, but I think the Raiders will win.”

Tip: Raiders by 8



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    • Nuffy? It is only footy tipping. Why don’t you put up your tips for the other 7 games and let’s see how nuch of an oracle you are.

      • Well I sure as hell didn’t tip a bunch of has beens and never were’s to beat a top notch team, at their home ground, without their million dollar buys (Bird) and weeks of drama surrounding one of their players. Don’t need to be an oracle to figure that one out ballknocker.

      • BTW, rest of my tips are

        Why don’t you show us your best crack at being an oracle in a pretty easy to tip round

        • Haha. 2 of those games have already been played.
          Who do you think will win last year’s grand final? Lol.

        • That’s true screaming budgie but as a dragons supporter it’s a safe bet I’m not going to tip the sharks in Townsville (or any other time) and the Knights are also a safe bet at home against a third rate bunch of losers like manly. Surprised there was only a point in it actually

        • Easy round! You have 1 from 4 and the one you got was the favourite of the round. Who looks like a Nuffy now.

        • And you know what ballknocker, I couldn’t care less. The Dragons won and Brisbane, roosters, sharks dogs and manly all lost. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me.

    • Don’t worry about his tip, there’s a few people on here that said they were going to get smashed all rabbits fans.

      Where you at 3hats.

    • Don’t worry about his tip, there’s a few people on here that said they were going to get smashed all rabbits fans.

      Where you at 3hats?

  1. Why do people I mean Matty Johns, think that when one of the most powerful clubs in the league flicks there 1/2 because they have no confidence in him to win another premiership. And he lands at a club that has the spoon 3 years in a row that they are all of a sudden a top 8 side? Please. Matty stop taking Andrews drugs.

  2. I must admit i was very impressed by McInnes and Aitken last night.

    McInness could be a SOO bolter. Aitken made Kahu look like a dummy.

    • Agree, but Nene and especially Lafai were woefull. The Broncos halves should have been targeting them all night.
      Kodi is a long way off 1st grade standard atm. Milford was poor last night.
      Various needs to be 5/8

      • I agree, Lafai is an abomination. A dark stain on an otherwise good first up win by the Dragons.

        How Saints re-signed him for another 3 years late last year is beyond me.

        Hopefully there is a young bloke that will shine & shift Lafai out of First Grade. (E.g. Lomax)

  3. Broncos were terrible in all aspects of the game shouldnt have got off the bus. Broncos need to change a few things.
    1 milford
    2 oates
    3 opacic
    4 jimmy
    5 kahu
    6 boyd
    7 nikorima
    8 sims
    9 macca
    10 pangai jnr
    11 Glenn
    12 Gillett
    13 McGuire
    Chopping block if we play like that again
    Thaiday for hass
    Scarlett for nikorima

    • Nikorima has to move to bench for two reasons; 1.not good enough as starting half 2.provide some spark from bench.

      Broncos need to inprove game plan, it was boring and nothing changed all game. Also need to improve discipline

  4. Gritty win by the Knights. Top stuff and showing that will to win again.
    Got a good laugh at the CHEATS first game of 2018. Did twent prepare them at all ?? 😊😁😆😆

    • Fatkid, do you remember what it was like when we (Parra) were found guilty of cheating?

      For me, as a fan/member I was so disappointed, and what’s more, really felt for the overwhelming majority of staff/players/members/fans etc. that were affected by the actions of so few (the board / maybe senior management etc).

      I like to take the mickey out of Manly / their supporters as much as anyone, and there are a few (only a few) Manly supporters on this site that deserve your sort of comments, so maybe you should consider that before posting.

      If we’re being totally honest, we (Parra) deliberately cheated, and it appears Manly have been caught out by poor compliance admin. (and probably more “everyday / every club” bending of the rules)

      Now look what you’ve made me do, I’ve defended Manly, and I’m sure that’s not going to easy to wash off.

      • Haha. You’re right. Only a few.
        Ok. Fair enough eelsalmighty.
        I apologise to all but those few.

      • Haha. Doesn’t it make you feel dirty….

        It was good to see the Knights get up though, beating Manly was just a bonus.

        • If that “doesn’t it make you feel dirty” comment was to me, hell yeah. That’s not washing off anytime soon.

          Fatkid, well said mate. I know you were fishing, and that’s always fun, but sometimes throwing a few chips can attract a bigger flock than opening the door to the whole (fish and chip) shop.

          As for today’s game, I missed it, but liked the score. And without having seen the game, maybe, just maybe, the young 19 year old Knights FB did better under pressure than the multi million dollar a season Manly (should be) hooker playing HB.

        • Do you guys realize he is faking being a parra supporter.
          He was exposed a while back with multiple logins (manlymat, paraman, etc.) pretending to support different clubs to stir crap with manly supporters.
          He has got less brains than my chook and my car.

  5. I know you’re one of the few ‘screamer’ so … you’re fair game.
    My highlights Newy vs manly :
    1st half : DCE passing to uate. 😆
    2nd half : DCEs 2nd FG attempt.😂

    • You have never posted without a snide, backhanded, derogatory comment about manly and their fans.
      How many times have you been banned?
      What is your next logon going to be? Phatweasel?

  6. Watching the Roosters v Tigers game and the refs are a joke.
    As soon as the Tigers get the ball the refs put their whistles in their pockets.
    Roosters are laying all over them in the tackle and not once has the ref awarded them a penalty.
    I have counted five forward passes from the Roosters and not one has been pulled up.
    Typical NRL refereeing effort. They always favour the top sides as they don’t want to upset them.

  7. Don’t know about top 8? However, Newcastle looked alright against Manly & Manly were top 8 last year.
    If they get that sought of home support every game ( and they will ), who’s going to enjoy the trip to Newcastle this year?

  8. great to see newcastle win….gritty win by the tigpies…souths just being their usual disappointing selves


    • We have one of the best backlines and halves combo in the comp but I rate our forward pack as the worst.
      Doesn’t matter how good your backs are if you don’t have the forwards to lay a platform for them.
      Panthers forwards completely dominated us and that was the difference.

  9. Eels were terrible after leading 14-0 at one stage they were very flat in 2nd half
    Scott and Matagi should be both dropped
    Bring in Edwards and Terepo

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