SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 09: Eels captain Jarryd Hayne speaks to the referee while waiting for the video referees decision on his disallowed try during the round one NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the New Zealand Warriors at Pirtek Stadium on March 9, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Parramatta Eels have announced the signing of Jarryd Hayne for the 2018 season.

Jarryd has today expressed excitement at the prospect of returning to the Club he supported as a child and resuming a relationship with our players, Members and fans.

“As I said yesterday, my decision to return to Sydney wasn’t taken lightly so I am grateful that Brad and the Eels have offered me the opportunity to return to the Club,” Hayne said.

“Eels Members and fans have been behind me throughout my career and I want to use this second chance to repay that faith and support.”

“I look forward to returning to training in early January 2018 and am keen to work hard and play my part for the team in building on last year’s finals run.”

Parramatta Eels CEO Bernie Gurr said that the Club was pleased that one of its most talented local juniors has returned home.

“Jarryd started playing for our Club as a 15-year-old, so we are pleased that he now has the opportunity to return and be part of a strong squad and playing culture that Brad Arthur has developed over the past few seasons.” Gurr said.

“From speaking with Jarryd, he is keen to join his teammates in early January and is committed to working with Brad and our players to build on our excellent 2017 season.

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“Jarryd’s abilities will strengthen our 2018 player roster and we look forward to again seeing Jarryd in the Blue & Gold”.

Parramatta Eels 2018 Player Movements

2018 Gains
Kane Evans (Sydney Roosters, 2020), Jarryd Hayne (Gold Coast Titans, 2018), Mitchell Moses (Wests Tigers, 2019), Jaeman Salmon (2020), Tony Williams (Cronulla Sharks, 2018)
2018 Losses
Troy Dargan (Brisbane Broncos), Isaac De Gois (retired), Bureta Faraimo (Hull FC), Jamal Fogarty, James Hasson (released), Frank Pritchard (retired), Semi Radradra (rugby union), Jeff Robson (retired), Kelepi Tanginoa (Manly Sea Eagles), Alex Twal (Wests Tigers)
Nathan Davis (2018), David Gower (2019), Cameron King (2019), Tepai Moeroa (2019), Will Smith (2020)
Off Contract 2019
Daniel Alvaro, Andrew Davey, Bevan French, Josh Hoffman, Michael Jennings, Greg Leleisiuao, Manu Ma'u, Tim Mannah, Matt McIlwrick, Tepai Moeroa, Mitchell Moses, Kaysa Pritchard, Ray Stone, Brad Takairangi, Peni Terepo, Stefano Utoikamanu


  1. Welcome home Hayne. I was reluctant at first to want him back at Parra, but I’ll embrace having him back. Lets give him a chance guys, he’s proven himself before playing for our club and he can do it again.

    • How has he proven himself?
      We made the finals once with his once in a lifetime run to the finals but we also collected two wooden spoons in his time with us.
      We have gone much much much better without him and I strongly believe we won’t make the finals next year with him in the squad.

      • How has he proven himself at Parra you ask? Two time Dally M medalist while at Parra, while carrying the team for years. We had a lot of very ordinary coaches and players over the past decade, the one standout player over this period was Hayne. He took a lot of the blame whenever he didn’t put in a five star performance, but the reality is that he had too much pressure placed on him unfairly and he didn’t have much quality around him at the time, which is no longer the case.

        As I say, I’m willing to give him a chance to prove himself to Parra fans. We all know that he has the talent to do so, it’s a question of whether his attitude will be right. I trust our coach and have a lot of belief in him, hence if BA wants Hayne back, then I’ll support the decision.

        Let’s give him a chance. If his attitude goes south, then we release him at the end of the season and we move on.

        Also, with or without Hayne Eels will be playing finals football in 2018. We have a strong and committed playing group, which is something that we haven’t had since the early 2000’s.

        Give it a chance.

        • Gotheeels, good summation. We’ve had pretty of time to think about it (it was hardly a secret), and I was still very firmly on the fence, but you’re right, give it a chance (not that we have a choice).

          I’d also add, if he can’t perform next year, irrespective of position, at his favoured club, for his playing future (future career salary), with the lineup we have, and the resources (BA in particular) we have, then he’ll fade into retirement, which would be a shame.

          As for where we play him, well that keeps going full circle. If anything, I’m inclined to start him on the wing, even though that’s not his ideal position, but the very slightly decisive factor in that call is “the least disruption”, particularly given this is effectively a 1 year (or part thereof) trial.

    • Agree with the sentiment but he delivered for Eels 3yrs ago. Game has changed, Haynes playing style has changed and he will no longer be the ‘go to man’, and I imagine that’s what he will struggle with the most. It was evident at Titans with Taylor calling the shots, Hayne wants and craves the attention but he is no longer the game breaker

  2. Good luck to him and the Eels but in all honesty I don’t know what value he brings to the team, regardless of position.

    I know player happiness is a big factor in on field performance, look at Moses, but I have my doubts about Hayne.

    • Have your laugh, but, and it’s just a thought, but if DCE’s salary is linked to the cap, and let’s face it, it is, then DCE’s pay rise for next season (around $400k) is pretty close to what we just paid for Hayne, and that’s the total value of the Hayne contract.

      I can’t do a picture of a “smiley face”, but rest assured we get Hayne on a trial, and you got DCE for life plus, and Hayne was about a third of the price (on an annual basis, and a fraction of that on a contract basis), so we didn’t do too badly. It may not work, but it’s not a cluster. Even if DCE works, it’s still been a complete cluster (input smiley face).

      • Mighty ,DCE is a Premiership winner , he has the ring , what’s Hayne got ? God on his side when he went to US failed and came back , what a sook ! A sook that has never ever won a prem ! Got a spoon though !!😂😂😂😂🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄

        • Wow such achievements only Parra fans could recall , the rest of us remember a club that’s not only won 13 spoons but more recently done it whilst cheating the cap 😂 baaaaaaaaa , your lot cheated the cap and won the spoon ! Well done western Sydney garbologists

        • MW, “I understand”.

          If aspects of our clubs past makes you feel better about your clubs future, well I’m just glad we could help.

        • Yes mighty I look down at your club knowing quite well we WILL NEVER reach such dizzy heights, it puts a wonderful smile on my face 😀

    • Sorry tigeryekent but Guth isn’t going anywhere. He is our number 1 choice at fullback.
      We had a bit over 1 million bucks in the kitty when we signed Hayne.
      We still have enough to pick up a quality forward should one become available.

  3. Does anyone know what sort of contract is Hayne on. Are the Titans picking up any of the tab. Surely the Eels would not be paying him Titans money.

    • It’s a clean break from the Titans. He walked away from the $1.2 mil and into a $500k (maybe $600k, I’m not certain) deal at Parra.

      If we’re going to do any deal with the Titans, I’d swap Hoffman for Peats, and happy to make up the difference.

      • “He walked away from the $1.2 mil and into a $500k (maybe $600k)”

        And the NRL “allowed” this to happen, just like with Jimmy the Jet.

        Meanwhile South Sydney remain the ONLY club to have the NRL meddle in a player contract negotiation forcing Souths to pay Sam $300K more than he was prepared to sign on for, $300K more than he was on before he spent 1 year away from RL. The Israel Folau negotiation was a different scenario as they were asking the NRL to manipulate the rules so they would not breach the salary cap in the first year (with the plea that RL can’t afford to lose Folau).

        Many clubs (one in particular) routinely sign players for “unders” on the excuse that the player wants the chance to win a premiership and the NRL are fine with this. So WHY Souths? WHY Burgess? So unfair, so inconsistent, such double standards!

        • You can’t play the victim card that easily. The simple question is, what is that player genuinely worth on the open market today?

          Burgess, Folau, Foran, and a bucket load of others are individual cases. I don’t think the Bunnies get any preferential treatment, but they’re not victims. Logic would imply they would get preferential treatment if there was a bias, given the supporter base.

        • mighty, where else have the NRL stepped in and forced a club to pay more, $300K more? Where else have the NRL stepped in an said that a player could not be signed for less than their market value (Roberts $500K) and when ALL other clubs had dropped out and Souths were the last team left offering a contract then allow the Broncos to come in and steal him at the 11th hour and sign for the SAME money as he was on at the Titans ($300K), especially when the player in question stated he was leaving the club to earn MORE $$’s? Where else mighty?

          More to the point WHEN have the NRL ever FORCED the Broncos, the Roosters or the Storm to pay “overs” for a player or interfered with contract negotiations for either of these sides? Come on don’t vacillate over this, give me an answer. Mighty?

        • Sstid
          You are right here, it is a joke, especially taking into account the surgess saga.
          Hayne might of had 1 quiet season for Titans, but who there never??? He killed it at World Cup and everyone knows his ability. Then nrl should not be allowing Jayne to sign for that money especially as he was on 1.2 mil at Titans with a year to go.
          Actually I would say the contract is more then reported and all the keyboard latte sipping know everything’s on here are just hearing what they want to hear. Cause I hate Souths and eels as much as others, but what happened with surges was a precedent that was set.
          Hayne @ eels 2018 =$900,000 on salary cap…

        • Cheers crowy. It is a glaring inconsistency for mine and it still stings that Souths lost players like Chris McQueen and Dylan Walker (albeit under the guise of disciplinary action) to accommodate Burgess. Like I have posted on ZT before (but I could not find a written reference to post to support this as it was on TV interviews). I remember clearly after it was announced that Souths were going to re-sign Burgess for his 2014 contract value a few high profile coaches were interviewed and complained that Souths were rorting the system and challenged the NRL to step in. Following this the NRL stepped in and said they would not register a contract for Burgess unless it was in line with what they called his “market value”.

          As I have said WHEN was there any other time that the NRL has done this? The Folau incident was a different matter as the Eels would have been over the cap for the first year.

          crowy I wouldn’t even say Hayne’s current value is $900,000 he had a contract for $1.2 mill at the Titans which the Titans were prepared to honour. THAT is his market value! But even that is irrelevant IF the NRL do not impose a “market value restriction” on registering contracts (case in point the James Roberts fiasco and NRL back flip to accommodate the Broncos where the reverse was true). So again WHY just Souths and WHY Burgess (who had been out of the game for a year and had lost form and confidence)?

        • Btw, the “Cheers crowy” bit was not in reference to your comment “I hate Souths” and know the feeling is well and truly reciprocated. Roosters, Manly, Broncos… my top 3 “least loved”, the Dogs just coming in 4th after the recent spiteful history between the 2 clubs which now is less of a factor after Graham and J. Reynolds have been moved on. 😉

        • Mate definitely agree with you. And agree that his market value should be 1.2 mil as he had a willing contract for that amount. I just bought take that away on who he is and current form he should be on 900k anyways, but agree with what you say, don’t know how to explain it though ha ha..
          I like looking at all eels supporters claiming greatness now Hayne is back. These exact same supporters that cried and cried and cried when he left and bad mouthed and rubbished him, he would never be welcome anywhere near eels colours again. And now… god the saviour is home again we all rejoice…. sad sad eels supporters… shame on you….

        • crowy I suppose the only question is, are the NRL going to be consistent in their line about players signing for their “market value”. It is clearly absolutely RIDICULOUS to suggest a player HAS to sign for a club that offers more money. So if prior to his last and final contract at the Cowboys, it Thurston was offered $1.5 mill by the Warriors over the $1 mill deal from the Cowboys would the NRL have forced him to play in NZ? Or if Cam Smith before signing his last contract was offered $200K more to sign for the Knights would he have been forced to leave the Storm? Yet THAT is what happened with Burgess.

          The NRL needs to come clean over this and get real. Souths should be compensated for this discriminatory ruling that cost them dearly in forcing players out to meet the NRL’s last minute demands. It only happened IMO because the order of the RL universe was turned on it’s head after the perennial punching bag of the NRL and other club supporters (the Rabbitohs) were finally at the top of the RL tree and THAT cannot be allowed… EVER.

          Souths should have taken the NRL to court over this back at the end of 2015. No one complained when Parker and Gillett signed for MUCH MUCH less than their market value (with solid offers on the table). It is a clear example of the shady car park brown paper bag deals I have talked about before. The dimple fact is there is NO other example of a club being forced to pay a player more than they were prepared to sign for.

        • There are several issues, but here goes.

          The Storm and Broncos often don’t pay as much (on their cap) as other teams would have to pay to get that player. I know that, see that, understand that etc, because of TPA’s. That said have they signed/ tried to sign players “under fair value” recently? That depends on what you define as “fair value”

          Some clubs have to pay “overs”, or are prepared to pay “overs” for a specific player, because of the need at the time, because they have a weak squad, or because of their location etc. right now the Knights, Tigers would have to go higher to attract a high quality player. That doesn’t / shouldn’t set a new market value for that player, not when they have been paid overs previously and/or not if they haven’t performed.

          We signed Foran at $1.2 mil, and that was over “market” value at the time, but we needed a half of his calibre, and we’re a poor performing team, so that’s what he wanted to come across. He walked, year 1, and signed with the Warriors on $600k, and because of the year he had with Parra, and because Parra had paid overs in the first place, that was probably a fair price.

          Hayne, $1.2 mil. to sign him today, or even $900k? You can’t think that’s a “fair market value”. For a start he exercised an option at $1.2 mil, it isn’t what the Titans would have offered him this year. The Titans paid over, for a desperately needed “name”, and now that’s tarnished, and Parra no longer need to pay “overs”.

          My point is, you have to look at each case in isolation. I didn’t follow the Burgess case closely, but didn’t you offer around $300 – $400k for arguably the best forward in the comp? Anyway being the first club to get a deal knocked back, doesn’t automatically make that club a victim.

        • Quck response as I am going out…

          Burgess was going to sign on for the same $500K (2014 market value) as he left Souths on.

          This is NOT about TPA top ups it is about the NRL stepping in and interefering in contract negotiations in an inconsistent manner. The NRL back flip time and time again when it suits them.

          They had no right to interfere in the Burgess signing for 2016 unless they were prepared to do the same with Roberts, Gillett, Parker and now Hayne.

          Simples. Are we done? Giid, I’m off then…

      • So let’s see if I’ve got this right. As per my comments above I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the deal at the time, so I’ve just now looked it up.
        Burgess is contracted at the Bunnies on $500k p.a, until 2016 .
        He gets a release from the Bunnies to take up a 3 year deal in the U.K at £500k p.a. (close to a million Aussie dollars).
        A year later he gets a release from the £500k deal, with 2 years remaining to come back to the Bunnies on $500k p.a, effectively half his current salary.
        He’s still in form, he’s still 1 of the best forwards in the game, but there’s nothing to see here.

        If that exact scenario had of been accepted at any other club you’d be screaming blue murder, especially if it was the Roosters, Storm or Broncos.

        I can’t for the life of me understand why the NRL took a close look at that, unless of course because it was the Bunnies, and they just wanted to victimise them.

        But wait, there’s more. The a bunnies did pay up, increasing his salary by 60% to $800k a season, and I’d also bet several other clubs would have been prepared to offer him $800k a season, or maybe even more.

        What an injustice.

        • @ mighty

          I did realise you were as fishmonger by trade mighty. Sorry, but I’m not interested in your red herrings. It has NOTHING to do with the argument. Contract value between 2 different codes are analogous by any stretch of the imagination as you well know. Nice try though.

          You missing the point mighty. Plenty of clubs sign players for well under their market value and the NRL does not intervene. So why did they in the case of Souths signing Burgess? No answer to that is there.

        • And I think you’ve missed mine (my point). Just because the Bunnies had a deal turned down, doesn’t make them a victim. Every contract needs to be looked at in isolation, and this particular case, even from a very superficial look, I can certainly see why the NRL dug deeper, and they obviously got it right, because the Bunnies did pay up, and many other clubs would have too.

          “Plenty of clubs sign players for well under their market value and the NRL does not intervene.” Maybe, but I don’t think you can state that without looking at each case on it’s merits, and add to that, how much is “too much” of a discount?

          Back to Burgess, and a deal at $500k p.a was taking the p….s. In this case, and the Bunnies found the NRL’s braking point. Congratulations, because I’d agree the NRL does bend a little too much for my liking, and the Bunnies were the first to snap them into action.

          No fishmongering here mate.

  4. Would be a pretty decent side, I just hope he can turn things around. Did anyone else notice that after every World Cup he’s played in, he’s gone on to the next season and won the dally m? 😜 So that means 👀🤔 … haha! Hopefully, as a big Hayne fan and blues fan, he gives not just eels fans but league fans in general a hell of a season! Also where does this put Takairangi? Does he go back to reserve grade or bench utility? Maybe Hayne might even play wing?

    1. Gutherson
    2. Hoffman
    3. Jennings
    4. Hayne
    5. French
    6. Norman
    7. Moses
    8. Evans
    9. Pritchard
    10. Mannah
    11. Mau
    12. Moeroa
    13. Brown

    14. Scott
    15. Alvaro
    16. Matagi
    17. Edwards

    • Great back line but still a massive question mark over the forwards and the hooker. Play the Eels through the middle and eventually they will get tired, lazy or lose focus and motivation. That pack will not stay in the contest over 80 mins, particularly if it becomes an arm wrestle. They will depend on their flashy back line to win the game for them long before then.

    • MW47, have you looked at either of Manly’s RECENT premierships lately (2008 and 2011)? I often look at the the Rabbitohs 2014 premiership triumph and the the final series of that year. Nice to have RECENT memories of these thing isn’t it mate. Something the kids can actually share with you. How I would hate it if the last time my team won a premiership was back in the 80’s and I had to watch the game on video and not a DVD. I don’t even own a VHS player anymore, come to think of it did they even have VHS back in the mid to late 80’s? Too far back for me to remember.

      No mate, it gets to a point where it is just too far back to reference. Anything past the last 10 years is ancient history and over 30 years ago is Neolithic (the stone age). Do you think they had “stone spoons” back then? Bahahahahahahahahaha

      • SSTID mate Parra fans are celebrating! Not the return of Hayne but the rebirth of the VCR ! Along with the cassette player 😂😂😂😂😂 they will be able to sit back n watch reruns of the 80’s , don’t forget those beer ads ! HOW DO YA FEEL 😂😂😂😂😂 , a feel like a loser I feel like a loser X 13 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        • VCR, that’s right! See it was so long ago I had even forgotten what they were called. VCR not VHS, I’ll remember that next time my kids have an ancient history project. Bahahahahahahahaha

      • So does this mean Souths fans will cease to talk about 21 premierships and ONLY talk about their one. Does this mean Brisbane have more premierships than the bunnies. 😉🎣

        • There’s always one tommy, there’s always one. Somehow I knew it would be you. Yes, I left my stumps open on that one and I was waiting for someone to knock them down. Clean bowled, well played.

          To answer your question mate, check my post below titled “Stats that matter”. I am sure you will enjoy it! 😉

    • Still mate, records are hard to achieve and important to acknowledge so to be fair:

      Most Consecutive Wooden Spoons:

      6 x Parramatta Eels (1956 – 1961)

      The Eels also came stone motherless last in 1952, 1954 so if not for 1953 and 1955 they would have 10 STRAIGHT! That would rival the great St George run of 11 straight at the other end of the table! Bahahahahahahahahaha

      • Now THAT’s what I call fishing with dynamite! 💣💥

        Don’t mess with a MAD bunny boys. Just think “Snowball” in “Secret Life of Pets”.

      • SSTID and MW, why do Parra’s spoons bring you so much joy? It’s quite pathetic don’t you think?

        Let’s focus on the positives and talk rugby league rather than baiting opposition fans. I read your posts often and quite often enjoy your comments, so lets remain positive without hurling insults.

        • @ gotheeels

          It’s all in fun mate. Sorry you became collateral damage of my broadside to the “cheeky eels trio”. This was for intended for mighty, eels47 and billy (they know why). All’s square now boys. Play on.

        • Side note gotheeels… it’s called banter mate and if you do read my posts and MW47’s then you will see we get as good as we give. You’re right though, it can be frustrating to sit on the sidelines and watch your team get attacked when you have done nothing to contribute to the situation. Just remember it is only banter not personal and there is a LONG history on ZT of back and forth banter particularly between the Eels and Sea Eagles fans. You can’t have missed it, it dominates most articles (like my posts… beat you to it tommy and others). Prior to 2014 Souths were on the receiving end of a LOT of jokes as well.

          The other night someone here crossed the line in IMO and made a personal attack against you so I stepped in to address this. Things have been sorted now in that case and it is all just water under the bridge. There is a clear difference between banter about a club and attacking someone personally though, wouldn’t you agree? Just remember if we cut out the banter it would be like being at a party without music or “liquid refreshments”. It would soon get boring and people would soon start to leave, especially at this time of the year. This is why we have the “Silly Season” where banter is actively encouraged to get us over the LONG off-season. 😉

        • @SSTID, I’m perfectly fine with the banter mate, it plays a big part in our game and there’s nothing wrong with it, but the ongoing commentary about the spoons bores me to tears (that’s not aimed at just yourself).

          Yes I saw your post a couple of days ago defending me against a tr011, I thank you kindly for doing so. You’ll notice I didn’t respond to that tr011, I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of a response. I do thank you though for doing the right thing.

          Lets continue with the entertainment that this site provides, but please guys, move on from the spoon jokes.

        • @ gotheeels

          The spoons running gag is not my thing mate I just joined in this time around. It is the “angry eagle” who has a spoon obsession and the eels “trio” (best not say the “S” word again) indulge him.

          I don’t think the profile in question is necessarily a “tr011” as you say. They were just impersonating one on this occasion. Still, everything has been reset now so let’s move on.

          Nice deal on Hayne by the way. 😉 👍 😂

        • “please guys, move on from the spoon jokes.”

          I think there is ZERO chance of that happening to be honest.

        • Thanks SSTID, yes I believe we did get a good deal with Hayne. Time will tell though. We got him at a cut price, so even if he only performs at half his ability, then it’s still not a bad deal. Happy to have him back.

          Re the spoon jokes and zero chance of them stopping, it clearly only excites a select few of our friends on this website. The point I was trying to make was I’d like to see some new material rather than recycling the same old “Parra’s won 13 spoons” line. Come on guys, think of something original to make it exciting for us.

      • Oh have a beks and a ly down , oh the spoons oh the spoons ! Suck it up bro , if you had abit if imagination you could turn it on but this is easy

        • @ gotheeels

          “I think there is ZERO chance of that happening to be honest.”

          See what I mean? It’s a dripping tap. You need to call a plumber I’m afraid because the only cure for water on the brain is a tap on the head.

          “Come on guys, think of something original”

          That’s what I do mate but we ALL should that burden and make that effort don’t you think?

        • @SSTID, the comment to think of something original was aimed at MW, not yourself. Would be nice to read something else other than “spoons, spoons, spoons”. Feels like were in a children’s playground sometimes.

          Will just ignore it going forward, there’s no point in responding.

        • SSTID, “the “cheeky eels trio”. Surely you jest? We’re all innocent, and wouldn’t dream of taking the Mickey, especially not at Manly and/or their supporters. We only throw them “chips” when we think they might be hungry little Seagulls, and that just shows how nice we are to them.

          They, and 1 in particular, generally respond with SPOONS, but that’s just silly, no one, and especially not Seagulls, eat chips with a spoon. Yet they can be persistent about it.

        • Gotheeels ok how’s this one
          Let’s cheat the cap , we won’t get caught 😂, ok here goes
          Oh we won at least 😂😂😂😂 we cheated cap and have a spoon to prove it 😂😂😂😂

        • @MW, that’s an improvement, now at least you’re thinking outside the square.

          That Eels cap cheating story, in all seriousness, if you think it was only happening at Parra, you’re kidding yourself. The club was only busted because of the stupidity of former disgruntled employees. The reality is that with uncapped third party agreements, we do not have an even comp. If you really want to stop teams from cheating the cap, then player payments need to be managed by the NRL and not the clubs themselves that will look to exploit the rules.

        • Yes , disgruntled employees, mmm coach killer , but my point isn’t that clubs don’t cheat the cap, my point is your lot did quite abit of cheating and managed a spoon 😂 , most clubs that cheat at the level your lot did finish higher than Last 😂😂😂😂
          Sorry when I think about it I wet myself, ha ha hhhhha

  5. Now THAT’s what I call fishing with dynamite! 💣💥

    Don’t mess with a MAD bunny boys. Just think “Snowball” in “Secret Life of Pets”.



    South Sydney Rabbitohs: 21
    St. George Dragons: 15
    Eastern Suburbs Roosters: 11
    Balmain Tigers: 11

    Note: These are the only clubs in double figures!

    South Sydney Rabbitohs:

    Premierships: 21
    Grand Final Appearances: 34
    Strike Rate: 64.76%

    St George Dragons:

    Premierships: 13
    Grand Final Appearances: 27
    Strike Rate: 48.1%

    Balmain Tigers:

    Premierships: 11
    Grand Final Appearances: 15
    Strike Rate: 73.3%

    Note: Tigers have the best strike rate overall, while Souths have the best strike rate of the teams still active in the NRL.

    Eastern Suburbs Roosters:

    Premierships: 11
    Grand Final Appearances: 17
    Strike Rate: 64.70%
    Strike Rate: 59% (Eastern Suburbs and Sydney City stats combined)

    Due to Popular demand ZT brings you “Compare the pair” (sponsored by Industry SuperFund):

    Manly Warringah Sea Eagles:

    Premierships: 8
    Grand Final Appearances: 18
    Strike Rate: 44.44%

    Parramatta Eels:

    Premierships: 4
    Grand Final Appearances: 9
    Strike Rate: 44.44%

    Identical strike rates… interesting.

    Sorry but that is where the list cuts off. Anything less than 10 Premierships does not make the list. Check back when your team is in double figures.

    And tommy, so sorry old chum that also includes your ponies who only have 6. Keep trying though. Perhaps when Kevin Walters takes over at Red Hill your tally may start to head north once again. I appreciate that 11 years has been a long time but just be patient some day the Broncos may yet reach the “Double Figure Premiership” club. Bahahahahahahahaha

    • We hav 2 NRL prems , should have been 4 !
      1) ripped off by a cheating storm in 2007
      2) ripped off by “ch9 darlings in a BS game) 2013
      So who’s got most NRL Prems ?

      • Parramatta were robbed one themselves in 2009 for the same reason if you recall. In fact they were robbed that premiership twice over, once from a salary cap rort by the Storm and the other from a blatantly bad call regarding a forward pass to Fuifui Moimoi if I recall.

        And Souths would have beaten the Tigers in 1969 if they didn’t “lie down” to waste time to kill the game and protect their slender lead and perhaps the result would have gone the other way if Souths did not renege on an agreement with Tigers in 1909. How far bad do we go? It IS a valid point though in regards to teams that have rorted the salary cap so I am at a loss (despite the obvious and well known arguments) to understand why the NRL simply don’t award the title to the other Grand Finalist. Sound fair, right?

    • SSTID thanks for your concern but don’t worry I am currently happy with the 6 premierships I have celebrated over the last 30 years. Remind me again how many you have celebrated over the last 30 again? I know Bunny fans love a stat and were getting desperate before 2014 but surely you guys didn’t celebrate the 4 wooden spoons. If you did I apologise, things may not have been as tough as I thought. 😀

      • “I am currently happy with the 6 premierships”

        And I am ecstatic about our 21 premierships tommy and I was alive for the last 3 of them.

        Trying to post a reply tommy but it keeps getting blocked! So I will try posting in pieces.

        • Remind me if you can, the classic diving tackle by Denis Pittard that brought down “Changa” a few feet short of the try line at the SCG (a game that Souths ended up winning), was that a final or a GF? I was there and on my uncle’s shoulders watching that one. My first great memory of the game live!

          Re spoons, which spoons are you referring to because I can’t find any reference of any (see the link below) so the records must have been wiped. Perhaps you took the Blue pill tommy? Bahahahahahahahahahaha

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