during the 2017 NRL Grand Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the North Queensland Cowboys at ANZ Stadium on October 1, 2017 in Sydney, Australia.

Despite many recent signings, a number of NRL players are still without a club for the 2018 season.

These players could all add value to a club in 2018 if given the opportunity to do so.

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Drew Hutchinson

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – AUGUST 14: Drew Hutchinson of the Dragons passes the ball during the round 23 NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on August 14, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Drew Hutchinson is a talented young player and likely would have played halfback for the Dragons in 2017 if he did not get injured in the pre-season.

Hutchinson has been starved of an NRL opportunity but has the talent to succeed if a club gives him a chance.



  1. Mmm , Cronks gonna be a bunny , Boyd and Roberts’s are the only real quality left , the rest should play for the Canberra raiders and Parra

    • thats harsh mate – with the eagles recent history of turning players lives and careers around, they should really consider Chase Stanley, Fai Fai loa and a couple of others whose careers need help.
      Pritchard will resign with Eels if no other trades come up between now and start of season. He was a cheap signing.
      i’m a little surprised with Roberts being uncontracted, a few times could do with a half/utility like him.

        • It’s called stirring the pot and stimulating discussion and debate. Thanks for your opinion
          Kelpie (even if it is off topic).

          Would you preferred that ZT was just a site where we all agree with one another? If you want that go to the ROAR. They are all just YES men there.

        • Btw, nost here appreciate the banter (especially at this time of the year when nothing much else is on). No need for name calling though, surely? Just chill.

        • Kelby isn’t that some kinda American vacuum cleaner ?
          Sorry that’s Kirby , a kelby is a device that’s used to pick up dog accidents !

    • Kelby, you really are intelligent, did it take all day to produce that , let’s see if your capable of constructing a sentence , you have the rest of the day

  2. It’s a skinny top 10. The list doesn’t start to get interesting until Boyd and Cronk.

    As long as Souths keep Crichton the Roosters can take Cronk. Unlike the Roosters Souths have a salary cap! I remember in 2013/2014 Matty Johns said in his estimation tge Roosters were over tge cap by at least 4.5 mill. Despite this assertion and that of others at the time they were never investigated.

    Enjoy your lattes overlooking Bondi beach Cooper! You will need the rest. You have to carry Mitchell Pearce for all of 2018!

    • Surely you’re joking??? Although not surprising coming from a Souths fan with more fingers on their hand than teeth in their mouth.

      That article you’re referring to saying Roosters were over the cap by +4.5mil failed to take into account the most crucial fact: when each player last signed a contract.

      Do some research and you’ll find players like RTS and Tupou were on peanuts, having 0 first grade experience and while on that same contract become international players within their first 2 seasons.

      Same goes for Sam Moa, a fringe, average NRL first grader before going to the super league then returned and became an international in his first year.

      At the same time players like Cordner and Guerra signed their last contracts before being able to command the $$$ of SOO rep players.

      Taukeiaho is another example of a noname player who in the space of his first contract went on to become an International while playing at the Roosters.

      Maloney wasn’t a premiership winning International who could command the $1mil he could today, he was just a decent five-eight who had a career defying season in 2013.

      Same deal with Napa, he was only considered a future Origin prospect and couldn’t command the money he does now.

      The fact that their current squad value at the time was well above the salary cap only means that it’s credit to Robbo and the coaching staff for developing their players into worthy International reps in a very short period of time.

      Research the facts and don’t be so naive.

      • Don’t argue with me, take it up with
        Matty Johns. The claims were made by him back then in radio and print media.

        It’s all just banter and good fun mate. Don’t take it personally. We all know the Roosters are asset rich and cash poor. Too many mansions, yachts and porches no cash flow. We’ll pass the hat round. 😉

        Roosters supporters give as good as they get anyway.

    • A skinny list is expected though considering most teams have already finalised their roster. I would ignore Boyd being on the list too, he will stay at the Broncs (unless old man Clint leaves).

        • Oh I don’t know. Considering the career Boyd has had so far you COULD argue that the “unhealthy attachment” is rather beneficial after all.

        • Mutually beneficial but hardly healthy. There comes a time when even our own kids need to leave the nest and stand on their own two feet.

          The fact that Boyd by this stage of his career has not even tried to play under another coach surely is bordering on a kind of pathological dependence that is unhealthy and crippling.

          If Bennett suddenly retired would Boyd retire too? Even Cooper Cronk shows it’s not too late to embrace change.

          Perhaps Darius might benefit from joining his 2 QLD origin buddies GI and Gaigai? 😉

          Good to see you tommy providing some balance to my arguments at last. The Yin to my Yang. The light side of the force (NSW) and the dark side of the force (QLD).

    • Maloneys career defying year ? Which year when he guided Warriors? Maybe Rorters ? Or was it Sharkies , Maloney is the most underpaid performer in NRL history, so the books say

  3. With all the talk bout Cronk going to rosters, why position would he actually play and who would be dropped?? Pearce or keary?? Keary didn’t come cheap and the roosters have put to much time into Pearce to drop him for 1 maybe 2 years of having Cronk there, who in all honesty will not be putting the same effort into games he does at storm

    • It is a strange one isn’t it. Having Keary, Pearce, and Friend at 6,7 and 9 doesn’t seem to leave room for Cronk, especially considering it is a short term signing. The only other option (if these 3 stay and Cornk is signed) i guess is moving Pearce to 13 with Guerra having left. He is probably big enough to play there and adds an extra ball player to the mix, I don’t think it would be a good move. I just don’t see a good fit with Cronk to Roosters, it screams of desperation I think.

        • Only 2 teams I can see Cronk fitting into now as he is a short term fix is all, are knights and warriors… but neither are obviously in Sydney, maybe sharks I guess and sack that useless Townsend,

        • How good would that be , ! We would finally have a half ( although full of artificial colours and flavours) that would show up EVERY GAME !

        • Souths don’t need Cronk, nor does Easts, but it would be good if he went there cause it would create division i reckon and no matter what spin you put on it Easts have been rorting the system for years everyone knows it.

          I believe Manly would beneifit most if Cronk went there and reckon MW47 is spot on about evans at hooker, but me thinks he will retire and move onto Fox unless Tara makes him go around again to help pay the new mortgage.

        • Penso , where have you been , I’ve screamed DCE to hooker for 12 months and nooooooooo ones backed me , until now , why are people so unkind !

        • mw47 – are you suggesting that DCE is going to retire? please say its so ….
          one fanboy will be crying long time if thats the case🤣🤞

      • Can handle Cronk at 7, let dce roam at 6 and let green go to warriors. We need short term fix to get s young five eight ready…

  4. Cronk to the Dragons because the love of his life his a mad Dragons fan and he’s great mates with Widdop.

    6. Widdop
    7. Cronk
    9. Hunt
    Bench. McInnes


    • I bet Hunt would be p!ssed to be promised HB and then get bumped to hooker after HE was supposed to be the glamour signing for the Dragons in 2018. It would be a good line up yes and McInnes can cover lock (as a lose forward), his defence is decent and he is a hard worker.

  5. The only Sydney clubs that should offer Cronk an offer are Bulldogs and Manly.

    Dogs have no money so the contract would consist of a lot of TPA and very little salary cap money – Chance of happening 3.5/10

    For Manly to get Cronk, they need to get rid of Green and put DCE to 6 – Chance of happening – 6.5/10

  6. Very interesting comments indeed, Love the ones about the Roosters rorting the cap, Buzz Rothfield said on NRL 360 this week the Roosters only have 1 current internaitonal.

    Souffs supporters can have their opinions, after all it is a free country, Cooper Cronk will NOT go there, He will in the Red/White & Blue next year or retire….

    Keary 6
    Cronk 7
    Pearce 14 as a utility to learn from a real game breaker over the next 2 seasons

  7. Cooper Cronk – Sydney Roosters
    Darius Boyd – Brisbane Broncos
    Sam Tagataese – Manly Sea Eagles
    Chase Stanley – Melbourne Storm
    Kalifa Fai Fai Loa – Gold Coast Titans
    Tyrone Roberts – Gold Coast Titans
    Nate Myles – Melbourne Storm
    Travis Waddell – Penrith Panthers
    Frank Pritchard – Parramatta Eels
    Drew Hutchinson – Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

    • Latrell Mitchell – South Sydney (Fergo and Mitchell to be moved on to accommodate Cronk under the cap).

      It would also mean that the Roosters would drop out of the hunt for Crichton (surely they couldn’t afford BOTH Cronk and Crichton!) In the end WIN/WIN for Rabbits and Roosters.

      • Roosters will surely not get rid of Latrell Mitchell, Ferguson on the other hand, perhaps Roosters will move him on if they really wanted Cronk. Crichton will definitely stay at Souths

        • Latrell would be a good fit at Souths but it is only speculation, something to stir up talk on ZT. Cronk would be nice if possible and if Souths have the cap room but NOT at the expense of Crichton. For mine re-signing Crichton should be Souths top priority and is my greatest concern at present. Personally I wouldn’t be too excited to see Fergo at Souths, let some other club deal with the dramas and his hot and cold form.

          To answer penso’s question “Why do Souths need Cronk?” In short Reynolds is too injury prone and there is too much dependence on his kicking game with no other options while Walker seems to lack genuine commitment to the club and is only focused on his next contract upgrade. When that happens his form and involvement in the game nose dives. Souths need another option in the halves and Sutton should only be used as an emergency back up should Souths lose one of their halves mid-game. Cronk and Reynolds together would be lethal with Walker off the bench for impact and to take advantage of tired defenders running from dummy half while Cook gets a short break. That would be a dangerous combination.

      • Souths would have close to the best backline in the comp if they got Mitchell.

        1. L Mitchell
        2. A Johnson
        3. D Gagai
        4. G Inglis
        5. B Morris

        • Clearly though it is only a rumour ATM. It all depends if Cronk goes to the Roosters and they need to find room under the salary cap (assuming that still applies in this instance).

        • Also the BMoz trade seems to have stalled (I don’t think there was any involvement from the Dogs in this). Last I heard there was only interest from the Sharks and Souths but neither club has made a formal offer. It would be better for Souths to retain Crichton and pickup Latrell Mitchell IF that is possible rather than losing both to get Cronk for a year or two. Certainly Souths would not be able to pickup both BMoz and Mitchell and still keep Crichton.

  8. dont be suprised if Cronk signs with parra an they move on norman to bris,BA isnt happy with norman and dont like the influence he is having on some.dont forget cronk has ties with BA from melb

  9. Well that would be interesting, I just don’t get it aie , I really like Corey and he has massive ability , why il never understand why blokes like Corey , Blake , Todd c , Monners , I can’t think of all of em cause I just tried beaten Boonies record , and failed ! Can’t get there act together , it almost goes hand in hand , Julian O’Neill , what a talent , what a tormented soul , dunno what can ya say other than wish these lads could just get it right !

  10. If i was him id walk away.I cant see what he can gain really from playing on.If he signs as reports are today with the chooks or bunnies salary cap questions will follow an he dont need that after coming from storm.if he signs with another syd team an it works out average desicion at best there will be alot saying he came from the storm with the best spine of all time and question how good was he really.He has had a great career and has carried himself with class all the way in good an bad times and there is no doubt he will be around for a long time in the media.He has nothing to prove.Its true a player is a long time retired and as hard as it may be to sit an watch the game he has done it all an with class.Why risk playing on

  11. Valid points ParraMatt , il throw this in , there arnt enough players of the caliber (Cronk) I know he is close to retirement but he is still valuable for what he can bring to a side outside of on the field , I believe Easts and Souths are looking for what they can do off the field more than on it , both sides have lost direction in the discipline on but more so off the field, there trying to find ways to improve, to go forward a side needs to be equally stable on and off field , Cronk brings this , its priceless

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