With another week behind us, the road to September becomes just that little bit narrower.

With the good sides separating themselves from the bad, the ladder is beginning to take shape, as to are the leaderboards on both the NRL Fantasy and SuperCoach platforms.

Whether you had a sterling week selecting stars across the eight available games or you fell further behind the pace, we here at Zero Tackle are here to give you a leg up ahead of Round 4.

If you have already pulled the trigger on your trades or you are mulling your movements before Thursday night’s kick-off, here are the names that coaches should be moving in and out, as well as those that are better left alone.


David Fifita

Fantasy Price - $789,000
SuperCoach Price - $626,600

With an ownership percentage of under 31% on both platforms, I am still having to address the majority of you here, but if you are yet to get David Fifita in your teams, do so this week.

The white-hot second rower scored 92 Fantasy and 112 SuperCoach points in the Titans trouncing of the calamitous Cowboys, and with averages of 75 and 92.3 on the aforementioned platforms, like the Titans, you can’t afford to go forward without him.

Connor Watson

Fantasy Price - $478,000
SuperCoach Price - $374,200

Although Watson enjoys dual position status on the Fantasy platform, it was on SuperCoach that the 24-year-old truly went ballistic.

The Dubbo product’s 69 Fantasy points may have pleased the 45.6% of coaches that have him in their sides, but if you are a part of the 45% of Super Coaches that own the rake, you will have been ecstatic with his 104-points against Wests.

Thoroughly affordable on both programs, Watson’s breakeven scores is the maraschino cherry atop an already mouthwatering sundae.

Adam Elliott

Fantasy Price - $677,000
SuperCoach Price - $562,300

Although Elliott’s Bulldogs have well and truly stunk up the early rounds of the season, the second rower has rewarded the 1% of Super Coaches and 4% of Fantasy Freaks that have run with him early.

The 26-year-old exceeded his averages on both platforms, with scores of 70 and 79 on Fantasy and SC respectively.
If the Bulldogs are to bark at all in 2021, it will be on the back of Elliott’s work rate around the park, and with achievable price tags and low ownership percentages, the time is now if you are going to take a punt on the pup.


Luke Brooks

Fantasy Price - $590,000
SuperCoach Price - $415,200

Although the much-maligned half put in a much-ameliorated performance on Sunday, if he isn’t in your squad, don’t pull the trigger just yet.

Despite a return to form with his kicking game and an error free 80-minutes, Brooks still remains behind the games best halfbacks.

Although the 26-year-old’s game against the Knights saw him surpass his season average (56) on SuperCoach, Brooks was unable to match his Fantasy mean (50.3).

If you have him, hold him in the hopes that this upward trend continues, but as mentioned, if you are without, continue to look elsewhere.

Mitchell Moses

Fantasy Price - $746,000
SuperCoach Price - $438,300

Although his HIA and subsequent sidelining curtailed his scoring last weekend, Mitchell Moses is still yet to set the world on fire consistently this season.

With an average of 50.7 on Fantasy and just 36 across on SuperCoach, keep an eye on Moses’ performance against Wests – if he is cleared to play, of course.

Jake Trbojevic

Fantasy Price - $709,000
SuperCoach Price - $562,000

Like his brother in the one jersey, Jake Trbojevic has long been seen as a barometer at Brookvale.

Whether in a blues jersey on the maroon and white of Manly, the 27-year-old will always give his all when on the park, but with Manly sitting rock bottom on the table, Trbojevic is having to cover too much of the Sea Eagles’ swiss cheese defense.

The local product failed to meet his averages on both platforms, despite once again topping 40 tackles for the third week straight.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, hold onto the Origin forward for another week if he is in your side, but if you are searching for middle forward on Fantasy or a 2RF on SuperCoach, cast your eyes elsewhere at the present.


Luke Keary

Fantasy Price - $684,000
SuperCoach Price - $553,000

Sadly, for his 16% of SuperCoach owners, 6.4% on Fantasy and every Sydney Roosters fans, Luke Keary’s season has come to premature end.

Not much else needs to be said. Move him on.

Ben Hunt

Fantasy Price - $777,000
SuperCoach Price - $506,100

Despite originally believing it was nothing more than a cork at first, Ben Hunt’s fibula was, and is, broken.

With the in-form Dragon facing a lengthy stint on the sidelines, trade him out this week, but keep and on his return date.

Kyle Flanagan

Fantasy Price - $731,000
SuperCoach Price - $475,800

Like Brooks, Kyle Flanagan was good enough to post 45 Fantasy points at the weekend.

Like Brooks, there are much better ways to spend your salary cap when it comes to your coveted halves slots.

With the both the Bulldogs and Flanagan so flat you could slide them under a door, look to spend your hard earned on another half.


As mentioned last week, Daine Laurie is a must have for coaches on both platforms. The Wests back surpassed his previous Fantasy score with 51-points against Newcastle. The 21-year-old also backed up with 62 on Supercoach.

Josh Schuster once again continued his sterling debut season form. The Sea Eagles’ five-eight posted another 63 Fantasy and a whopping 90 points in yet another loss for his club.

Knights youngster Dominic Young also looked competent on debut, with 34 Supercoach and 26 Fantasy points. However, with Bradman Best set to return, don’t go adding the Englishmen just yet.

Highest SuperCoach Round 4 Breakevens

Kurt Mann: 137
Josh Mansour: 136
Ryan Matterson: 131
Joseph Tapine: 130
Kyle Flanagan: 128
James Tedesco: 123
Kyle Feldt: 122
Cade Cust: 120
Raymond Faitala-Mariner: 119
Daniel Tupou: 115

Lowest SuperCoach Round 4 Breakevens

Josh Schuster: -65
Jamayne Isaako: -43
Tex Hoy: -38
Connor Watson: -34
Daine Laurie: -30
Tesi Niu: -28
Stefano Utoikamanu: -22
Jordan Riki: -18
Sean O’Sullivan: -18
Murray Taulagi: -17

Highest Fantasy Round 4 Breakevens

Ryan Matterson: 90
Jason Taumalolo: 89
Mitchell Moses: 87
Apisai Koroisau: 86
James Tedesco: 80
Joseph Tapine: 78
Damien Cook: 77
Kurt Mann: 76
Benji Marshall: 76
Angus Crichton: 76

Lowest Fantasy Round 4 Breakevens

Josh Schuster: -8
Daine Laurie: -1
Connor Watson: 0
Stefano Utoikamanu: 2
Herbie Farnworth: 5
Jayden Brailey: 8
David Mead: 9
Jamayne Isaako: 10
Sean O’Sullivan: 10
Patrick Mago: 10