MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 02: Akuila Uate of the Knights looks on during the round five NRL match between the Melbourne Storm and the Newcastle Knights at AAMI Park on April 2, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

The Manly Sea Eagles today announce the release of utility forward Jamie Buhrer and the signing of the Knights, Fiji and Australian Representative winger Akuila Uate for two seasons.

Sea Eagles coach Trent Barrett said the club was mindful of allowing Jamie Buhrer to continue his career at a new club for a longer period than was available to him at the Sea Eagles.

Jamie Buhrer has been a terrific player for Manly in his 128 first grade games and this opportunity gives him a chance to extend his at a new club.

“We wish Jamie, his wife Grace and their children the very best at a new club and thank him for his dedication to Manly since joining the club in the junior representatives from Patrician Brothers Blacktown.

“The chance for Manly to pick up a quality winger who is just 28 of the calibre of Akuila Uate is exciting for the club. Sometimes players need a change of clubs and Akuila at his best is one of the most exciting players in the game. He is eager to make his mark at Manly and wants to put a strong summer training program behind him in preparation for the 2017 season,” Barrett said.


  1. Surely Manly can’t be proud of this deal?..I’m sure I read Jamie Buhrer was to be the 2017 joint captain? Who will they get rid of next the Trbjoivic brothers?

    • thepainter

      The Trbojevic brothers are as vital to Manly’s chances as the Burgess brothers are to Souths’. I would think that even Barrett would have to realise that and understand they are the clubs top priority.

      Buhrer is a big loss as a utility player but maybe he wanted to test himself and play a more prominent role and moving to another club was the best chance of this?

      • I can’t see Buhrer ever wanting to leave Manly…followed them as a kid at Blacktown, captained a Holden Cup side with the likes of Hopoate,Foran,DCE and Waera Hargreaves and said he only ever wanted to play for Manly…this rumour has been doing the rounds for 12 months….total blame on the imbecilic Manly regime!

        • thepainter

          Trust me, it’s not easy for Souths fans to see Walker and Koroisau running around at Manly or Mansour (Panthers), Peats (Titans) etc.

          I seem to remember someone on ZT once saying Foran made the same claims about never wanting to leave Manly either but things change fast in Rugby League these days.

      • The Trbjoivic brothers comment was sarcasm..although I did see Manly parade out the brothers with Clint Gutherson as their future along with Knight and Buhrer so you never know…next they’ll be signing Steve Mavin and Neville Glover

        • thepainter

          I hear Neville Glover has worked on his handling since 76 so you never know? Unfortunately I think Steve Mavin still has a bad case of butter fingers though. LOL 😉

    • Manly got the blunt end of the stick here, Buhrer is on the up, Uate has been on the slide down for a number of years.
      Seriously says a lot about him that he couldn’t even jag a bench with the woodenspooners.

  2. LOL. Released Buhrer to sign Uate? I just hope that releasing Uate free’d up some cash for Knights to sign Naiqama from Tigers so that we can re-sign Elijah Taylor and sign DWZ
    1. Tedesco
    2. Nofoluma
    3. Idris
    4. Simona
    5. DWZ

    • tigeryekent

      I’ve said it on here before but I don’t think Idris is a centre any more. He should now be playing in the back row instead. Too slow, lacking side to side mobility and too long out of the game he will get carved up there. I wouldn’t be too eager to be rid of Naiqama I think he has done well for the Tigers this year.

      Also, I’m not sure if wrestling DWZ from the Panthers is realistic.

      • I’ve heard he’s dropped a significant amount of weight and is keen to stay in the centres. Either way, at his best he is miles ahead of any 2nd row or centre Tigers currently have. I’ve heard he will be defending next to Moses so yeah, could be either positions.
        I heard a rumour we were chasing DWZ…no idea why. To be honest we should be going after Hardaker and move Simona to wing instead.

        p.s. sorry mate I accidentally clicked “report comment” instead of “reply”

        • tigeryekent

          Btw, great comment re “I don’t understand Manly’s recruiting logic…” below which I responded to.

          As for “report comment” don’t sweat it, I’m sure your not the first or that last, right danielle?

        • Not sure why u are asking me that question. I’ve never reported anyone on here…before or after the ‘click report’ option.

        • danielle

          danielle October 5, 2016 at 4:12 am

          And judging by the time of your posts you are masterful at hiding in the shadows.

        • danielle
          Everyone sensible has gone to bed and the life cycle of this story/forum has come to an end and there is no point in pursuing this on THIS forum.
          I am tired of your pseudo intellectual BS! From previous posts I can see you have tried to bully and intimidate others for mistakes in spelling and grammar and similar petty reasons. You do NOT intimidate me!
          You attacked me without cause and continued your puerile attacks throughout GF night. I was not about to turn the Sharks fans celebration on that forum into a sh!t fight so I stayed silent.
          Since then you have hidden in the shadows and posted your only reply to me at 4am in the morning!
          I am yet to see anything insightful or relevant on the topic of Rugby League. All you do is criticise and belittle people. You offer nothing original or constructive to the conversation and instead of encouragement for other contributors here you offer sarcasm. I wonder just how much you actually know about Rugby League in the first place?
          It is little wonder you don’t post here regularly. You really have nothing of substance to say!
          I would be oh so grateful if you could post ZT links for anything original, insightful or relevant to the subject of Rugby League that you have posted on this site. To date I have not found ONE example of this.
          I have found numerous examples however of people here displaying their contempt and disdain for your low and juvenile tactics.
          Everything you post is about you dancing around spelling and grammar and character assassinations of other people on this site. How about you put up or shut up?
          Just know the next time you jump on someone and it isn’t an argument based on the facts of the discussion relevant to the subject of RL but an attempt to belittle or embarrass them, I WILL BE THERE!

  3. You’re joking Trent. Buhrer for an excuse of a winger who can’t catch and has zero heart in defence.

    At least buhrer could defend in the forwards and backs, Uate couldn’t defend under 15’s

  4. As a knights fan I’m disappointed he lost his spark on his day he was the best winger in the comp I just hope he doesn’t regain that form at manly

    • Don’t worry adzy44 Uate won’t be regaining form but you will have a good combo with Hodkinson and Buhrer.

  5. I said a while ago, until Manly get rid of Fulton you will always be chasing your tail, yesterdays man, hey look at his Australian side, say’s it all.

  6. Wow. Hardly a fair trade Buhrer for Uate. Manly is really starting to make some questionable decision. I said the other day, Barrett will be trying to put his stamp on Manly so maybe DCE, Jake and Turbo might not be the future of Manly

    Do Manly fans think some of these decisions relate to DCE contract? Surely Manly would have had the funds to keep Buhrer. Just weird.

  7. Not happy about this buhrer has speed and is a good defender. Let’s hope uate can be the player he used to be

  8. Barrett wanted to get rid of Buhrer last year so just a year late but Manlys getting Curtis Sironen from the Tigers so good lucky with that so much talent just lazy

  9. I don’t understand Manly’s recruiting logic. They bought Dylan Walker to play 5/8 despite being proven to struggle in that position (while being a destructive centre). They then pay overs for Taupau and play him all over the place. Taupau needs to play front row coming off the bench or you really aren’t getting the most out of him.
    Now they have gotten rid of a solid back rower/utility in Burher for a player who can only play right wing and couldn’t make the first grade side of one of the worst Knight’s squads I have ever seen….

    • tigeryekent

      “They bought Dylan Walker to play 5/8… while being a destructive centre”

      “Taupau needs to play front row coming off the bench or you really aren’t getting the most out of him.”

      “they have gotten rid of a solid back rower/utility in Burher for a player… (who) couldn’t make the first grade side of one of the worst Knight’s squads”

      All SOLID points. I would doubt there was a single Manly fan who wouldn’t agree. Although next year, no doubt, Walker will play right centre and Green will play 5/8 but they will still be missing a solid back rower/utility.

  10. Totally agree…we had a solid back rower who should’ve been the 2017 captain but he’s gone to Newcastle…Nathan Brown should’ve slapped that Barrett clown a lot harder

  11. It goes to show that with Jonathan Wright and Matt Wright that 2 Wrights make do make a f****n wrong!

  12. Without a doubt these player movements at manly are just wierd.. Hard to follow.. I understood last year signing matt wright cause we just had no one, but should of just give him the season and reassessed him. To bring in Jonathan wright, when supposedly there is matai and snake to come back, williame improved lots last year, it really leaves 3-4 backs all junking they need to play first grade but won’t be. And then get rid of the most underrated backrower around in buhrer. If Knights play him correctly he will be the but of the season for anyone next year. Also letting go Symonds and Nathan green, not that I rated green but you need those type of solid biggish type backrowers now we left with useless brown. Its mind boggling. Can’t see where we get a backrower to replace buhrer either there just aren’t any available. I’m manly through and through but really concerned they have just ruined all the good the last 10 years made. I don’t want to loose snake but arlesst that I would of understood as he is older very injury prone and Tom is a superstar, not that I would be thrilled cause I the ink they deserve loyalty for what they have achieved but buhrer, just dumb founding..

        • In re to your above comments.

          Johnathon Wright is a reserve grader. Nothing more. We sacked our entire reserve grade team so we have to start replacing them. Let’s see how he goes in a new club.

          Uate could prove to be an awesome signing – time will tell. He’s not in the Newcastle reserve grade cause he can’t make the team – it’s because of his pay packet – something like $550k is ridiculous. They want the money back and this is how to go about it. He would still be a starting winger if he was on the appropriate coin.

          I reckon Buhrer is gone because he has proved to be injury prone in his short career. He’s as tough as they come but he’s just too small for the forwards. Would have preferred him as a centre…

          I reckon they’re leaving a position open for a starting back rower signing during this offseason.

          So far the team I think would be:



          I’d say we will have a couple of the rumoured signings happen also.
          The forwards held their own toward the back end of the season – now having a legitimate 2nd halve to company DCE it should improve the attack. As will the return of Matai and Walker to centres. And a fully fit post surgery Turbo and DCE.

  13. What the hell is going on at Manly….they get rid of Buhrer, who is an 80 minute player, does 15-20 hit ups and makes 30-40 tackles and keep Lewis ‘the turnstile’ Brown instead….WTF..
    They sign Nate Myles…he only plays 3 good games a year and thats for QLD…
    They sign Uate, who has hands like a digital watch….WTF
    They release a gun prop, Liam Knight…that will come back and bite them, like when they let JWH go…
    Scott Penn, this is what you need to do…get rid off the 2 fossils…Fulton and Peter Peters……do whatever you can to get Des Hasler and Geoff Toovey back…piss Barrett off….not one off the players he signed have delivered!
    Place Hasler as Head Of Football and re-instate Toovey as Head Coach…what a combination!…
    Lastly, the disgraceful effort of a Presentation night at the Dee Why RSL…the Manly half-wits couldn’t even get a screen to work, to play a tribute to Jamie Lyon….what a shambles Manly has become both on the field and off it…..

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