It seems history has repeated itself as the Sydney Roosters have reportedly claimed the signatures of Xavier and De La Salle Va'a.

The brothers are part of the Broncos' academy, and have excelled as promising front rowers of the next generation.

This isn't the first time the Roosters have gone north of the border for talent as it was only two years ago they snuck Sam Walker onto their roster.

Outside of the Rugby League paddock the Va'a brothers are also Queensland junior boxing champions.

According to an Daily Telegraph report, the Broncos and Roosters were joined by the North Queensland Cowboys and Cronulla Sharks in attempting to get their signatures across the line.

The deals will see the brothers remain at the Roosters until the end of 2024, meaning they could well both be pushing for first grade honours by the time the contracts end, with the elder brother Xavier currently 17, and younger brother De La Salle currently 15, but already tipping the scales at 115kg and standing at 194 centimetres tall.

Eldest brother Xavier made his Toowoomba first-grade debut last week at the age of 17. Prior to his first-grade debut the 193cm and 116kg forward also sparred with former Cronulla Sharks legend Paul Gallen before his fight against Justin Huni.

“It’s a great coup for the Roosters,” said the Va’a siblings’ manager Shaun Pyne

"They are guns on the football field and in the boxing ring.

“Xavier and De La Salle both qualified for the World Youth Championships in boxing last year, but they are keen to make it in the NRL.

“Brisbane wanted to keep them, but their offer couldn’t compete with the Roosters.

It's understood Roosters' coach Trent Robinson met with the brothers before the COVID bubble stopped outside interaction this year.

“The boys were blown away by having dinner with Trent and Daniel Anderson (recruitment chief) was the one at the Roosters who scouted them,” Pyne said.

“The opportunity to be mentored by Jared Waerea-Hargreaves (veteran Roosters prop) was a huge factor.

“Xavier is a very good prop. He has good leg speed and runs hard, he is a no-frills front-rower and he has the ability to offload. He will get a great education at the Roosters.”

The brothers are understood to be joining the Roosters from 2022 onwards, with the relocation to Sydney now the next step.

Xavier would be likely to move straight onto a development contract from 2022, meaning he could be eligible for first grade at the back end of the season, while De La Salle will spend time in the Roosters' academy and playing for junior teams in the Harold Matthews Shield, followed by the SG Ball, which Xavier will play in at the start of 2022.