SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 21: Luke Keary of the Roosters runs the ball during the round 20 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the Newcastle Knights at Allianz Stadium on July 21, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

The Sydney Roosters have announced that five-eighth Luke Keary has signed an extension for a further three years, keeping him at the club until at least the end of 2021.

25-year-old Keary, who featured in every Roosters match in season 2017, was happy to extend his tenure with the Club.

“I’ve found a home here at the Roosters, and each day I come in, I’m learning something new, so I’m really glad to extend my time here,” said Keary.

Roosters head coach Trent Robinson was pleased to have Keary locked in to the Club’s long-term plans.

“Luke is a quality person who loves his footy and is always working on his game. As I said a few months ago, barring the nine minutes he spent in the sin bin, Luke didn’t miss a moment of game time for us in 2017, and that’s a testament to how hard he works,” said Robinson.

“On and off the field, Luke has become a big contributor in all aspects of Club life, so its great news for the Roosters to have him on board for a further three years,” he added.

Sydney Roosters 2019 Player Movements

2019 Gains
Egan Butcher (2019), Angus Crichton (South Sydney Rabbitohs, 2021), Craig Garvey (Canberra Raiders, 2019), Ryan Hall (Leeds Rhinos, 2020), Brock Lamb (Newcastle Knights, 2019), Brett Morris (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2020)
2019 Losses
Kurt Baptiste (North Queensland Cowboys), Mitch Cornish (retired), Blake Ferguson (Parramatta Eels), Grant Garvey (released), Dean Matterson (released), Ryan Matterson (Wests Tigers), Paul Momirovski (Wests Tigers), Dylan Napa (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Frank-Paul Nu'uausala (retired), Sean O'Sullivan (Brisbane Broncos), Chris Smith (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Eloni Vunakece (retired)
Nat Butcher (2020), Boyd Cordner (2023), Jake Friend (2020), Luke Keary (2021), Isaac Liu (2021), Joseph Manu (2020), Latrell Mitchell (2020), Victor Radley (2023), Zane Tetevano (2019)
Off Contract 2019
Mitchell Aubusson, Cooper Cronk, Joshua Curran, Craig Garvey, Brock Lamb, Zane Tetevano, Sitili Tupouniua
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  1. Can he thank Rusty (Crowe) for his developing career>?
    Im happy for him and Cam McInnes to get a good start at another club. This is no disrespect to the Rabbitohs as a club but more so the way Crowe treated a couple of juniors learning the game, – Now Keary gets a master in Cronk without any distractions such as Pearce to ply his trade.

    • “Now Keary gets a master in Cronk”

      Cronk is still no “Master and Commander” and Keary has had one good year (mostly due to Mitchell Pearce) and has nothing to Crowe about. Good luck to McInnes getting a shot at the Dragons he would have struggled to get game time at Souths.

      “without any distractions such as Pearce”

      On the contrary Pearce’s running game and speed to the defensive line together with the hole running of decoy runners like Cordner and Napa created opportunities for Keary that he was unable to create for himself. Unlike a player like Cody Walker who can make something happen out of nothing, Keary depends on others around him to create opportunities. If Keary has a big year again in 2018 it will be more due to the work of Cronk than because his own efforts.

      • Let us see, but i think the confidence that Cronk will give Keary for the next two years will be invaluable.
        By the way – the initial comment wasn’t to dwell on Keary’s past but more so the fact that guys like Crowe shouldnt be involved in team bonding sessions

        • “guys like Crowe shouldnt be involved in team bonding sessions”

          Agreed. Not when their egos are bigger than the whole teams’ combined!

          “the confidence that Cronk will give Keary”

          Tyres also do a good job when they are filled with air but let the air out and they go flat and they aren’t much use to get from A to B or steer anyone around. Similarly with Keary, if Cronk goes down and the Roosters turn to Keary to lead the team, he will falter like a deer in the headlights. He has no kicking game, no ability to lead a team around the field and cannot create on his own. In short for all his success in 2017, Keary is just a flat waiting to happen!

  2. Woohoo !
    Still think Keary is a ‘myth’ MW ?
    Good luck to M.Gordon too. Thanks for the professionalism you showed at the back man.

    • When did I say he’s a myth ? Look I’m happy for you to give so long as you can take but I draw the lines be at outright lies so get your facts straight ,
      Yes Keary is a myth 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I hope the Gladiator flips out on Crichton like he did his academy award on Keary, The Roosters need another forward

    • But I thought you said that the chooks had already signed Crichton? Careful, your wooden nose is growing WoodChook! I guess the Roosters and their fans won’t be satisfied until they make a total mockery of the salary cap. Surely they must be over by at least $1 mill already? Can’t you just be happy with the team of rep players or do the Roosters need to collect a whole rep team before they feel they finally have something to crow about?

  4. Wow, Keary must have got big money to go there, let’s face it, Easts are a disgrace, no other way to put it , they should have been relocated years ago, anyway he will learn when Polite’s gets rid of him when his use by date ends, there is simply no respect playing for this club ever, look at what Kevin Hastings recently said about the club, they do nothing for rugby league, at least Rusty accepts players who played for Souths life membership and Keary will always be remembered for his premiership win, it’s a family that Easts will never experience cause they have no soul.

    • Keary got BIG money, Cronk got BIG money, Tedesco got BIG money, now they are saying that Crichton will be going there and will be getting BIG money. I guess they are all on $1 mill at the Roosters. Since there is no salary cap what does it matter? 😉

      “Keary will always be remembered for his premiership win”

      It might be the last time he wins a legit premiership with a team that is under the salary cap!

  5. If he stays at that club , Easts, SSTID, it will be the only premiership he wins, every club will be gunning for them this year and i am not convinced that Cronk will be any better than Pearce there, this , I hope , haunts them this year, sorry but i just can’t handle that cheating SON OF A BITCH CLUB.

    • Cronk has ALL the pressure squarely on his shoulders, unlike at the Storm where it was shared with Smith and Slater. There is SO much expectation that Cronk will be the panacea to the Roosters time spent wandering in the wilderness that anything short of a premiership title will be considered a failure. On the opposite side of the coin Mitchell Pearce has NO pressure on him to be the sole answer to the Knights losing run and playing for a team that has finished 16th for the last 3 consecutive seasons, let’s face it, it is hard NOT to improve on that. Given the side that the Knights are assembling around Pearce it is easy to imagine the Knights finishing in the top 8. With Pearce at HB the Roosters finished 2nd in 2017, it will be tough for Cronk in his first year at a new club since 2004 to improve on that. It will be amusing to see if this decision to cut Pearce loose doesn’t come home to roost by the end of 2018.

  6. Cronk will give more to Easts off the field than on , he couldn’t crack a stale English side , he’s tired , worn and out of ideas , he’s gone and I’m happy the chooks have thrown there money in the bin ,

  7. Listening to all you so called Experts Hmmmmmm good for a laugh, I for one am glad Luke Keary has re-signed, he knows when he is on a good thing…. Ol Rusty did us a great favour,
    We will see next season just how good you experts are.

    Looking forward to Tedesco, Mitchell, Keary & Co tearing opposition defences apart.
    Glad Pearce has gone, Keary and Cronk will be brilliant.
    I also wish Michael Gordon the best at the Titans, a good player who will do a good job at the back for the Titans


    As for Kevin Hastings, He was only whinging because his precious lil fella was having a sook at the Roosters, His Mother is the one with the balls in that family, just ask all the people she abused through facebook.

    Glad he was released by the Roosters, nothing but trouble!!!

    • “His Mother is the one with the balls”

      You are all class LRF33. Obviously for you nothing is off limits. I will keep that in mind for the future. I may go after players but never their families. There has to be limits. Even if your comments re a FB tirade are true, still badly done.

  8. Nice one Keary…always looked dangerous even @ South’s… Like him more @ EASTS though…Good player…possible future NSW 5/8 me thinks…Cronk guidance + experience…PRICELESS!!!

    • Yeah , such a leader , powerful running game , elusive , awesome front on defence and respected ! All characteristics of Geoff Toovey !
      Did you think 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      Keary is garbage 😂😂😂😂😂 Manly proved that when we smashed yaz ha ha ha

  9. Roosters boss joe Kelly issued breach notice after his time at Manly
    BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU IDIOTS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 life is just beautiful

  10. Here chook chook chook ,😂😂😂😂 here chook chook chook , guess who’s in trouble for cooking the books when he was at Manly 😂😂😂
    Cheating grub , how fitting he is now with the biggest cap cheats equal to Brisbane in NRL history 😂😂 oh how the irony just chewed out your egos 😂😂😂😂 Manly has laid blame and will be proven innocent 😂😂😂😂

    • Cummon.few hundred thousand over few years aint GETTING DONE.Not in the same league as some others.Yes I know Parra were done and they paid the price but certain clubs seem to do it year after year and NRL look the other way.As for Keary his a speed hump.Hides in defence and doesnt take the line on with the ball.He only wants the ball second faze plays or when the opposition defence is scattered and there’s a roll on.Pearce will love Newi in life style and footy.His biggest issue will be getting use to playing in front of decent home crowds

  11. Shaping as a great year for the Mighty Roosters. Exciting playing roster, all old favourites back led by next Australian captain Cordner, and celebrating 110 years. The only foundation club. 110 glorious years of rugby league.

    May the sun always rise in the East!

    May STD_1970 and Penso, sorry penso, continue to fly the flag for the ‘chipped shoulder’ brigade as they stand in our shadow.

    • Good to see you back again 🎩🎩🎩. You are MAD and a Rooster so it works on a few levels but the sentimentalist in me still prefers 3chooks 🐓🐓🐓

      As for the juvenile recreation of my profile name, what can I say other than, unimaginative, uninspired, unoriginal, imitative and predicable… and so YOU!

      But at least you didn’t copy and paste from Wiki, just from one of 2 dozen other references on ZT, so bravo! 👏👏👏

      • Happy to say your reference to 3Chooks is in correct, but he sounds like a great bloke. Found this great site about a week ago, some great reads and insightful posts. Some of the repeated investment in assasinating other clubs though is very 1970’s. Drab I guess is a good word, not to mention predictable and unimaginative – sorry am repeating yourself repeating yourself. Connotations are a funny thing.

        I don’t mind juvenile. Unoriginal and imitative are of the same meaning though, which is consistent element very evident in your response/s.

        Good luck to Souths though in 2018, their 108th I believe.

        • OK, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt Madrooster just this once. But try to lift your game and be a little more original and inventive if you want to transcend 3chooks. You have passed the 3chooks test though as he would have been unable to discern that these were words derived from the same source. So you must be a “chook with a book”. For goodness sake though try to find some humour though, even WoodChook (“Foghorn Leghorn”) can make a funny from time to time. Some insight into the game would be appreciated but just don’t bore us. “3chooks” did that ad nauseam until he was exposed for a copy and paste hack job from Wikipedia.

          “Some of the repeated investment in assasinating other clubs though is very 1970’s.”

          If you followed the game back in the 70’s it would still be relevant today. Nothing much has changed, the Roosters are still stealing Souths juniors and operating without a salary cap.

          “Good luck to Souths though in 2018, their 108th I believe.”

          No, 110 years the Rabbitohs have been registered as the same entity and still the oldest club having not only been registered before the Eastern Suburbs Roosters “Easts” (who sadly no longer exist). Though you may not realise it South Sydney defeated Eastern Suburbs for the inaugural title in 1908, so thanks for the memories! Yes “Easts” are so last millennium and since their re-branding as the Sydney Roosters in 2000 they are quite the “new kids on the block”.

        • 3chooks (aka 🎩🎩🎩).

          Welcome aboard IF you are a genuine new profile. Banter is welcome here and try not to take offence to any negative comments about your team. Let’s face it they have it coming with no salary cap and an ever growing list of players on $1 mill or more. 😉

        • ” For goodness sake though try to find some humour though,”

          Yes, yes… a redundant “though” I know. A common fault in a stream of consciousness narrative. Still, it is an improvement on “3chooks” stream of unconscious dribble.

  12. Ahh see that word ‘transcend’ holds such great relevance and is very much a euphemism for South Sydney and their fans. Instead of being pioneers, facilitators of their own destiny, they’re (you) all about what the other side has, that displaced bit of bone on the humerus/clavicle that leads to “why do they have”, rather than “why don’t we have”. For example, why don’t I have multiple million dollar players. Why don’t I have rep players under the ‘percieved’ market value (my reflection on your drivel about this topic during the week will remain for another day). Why don’t I have good teeth. Seeking these answers and actioning a process that allows you to be enviable. Are we not beyond sore losers Maximus?

    Case in point this statement…

    “If you followed the game back in the 70’s it would still be relevant today. Nothing much has changed, the Roosters are still stealing Souths juniors and operating without a salary cap”.

    Everything has changed. Legitamtly, on or off the field, tell me something that has remained the same in its true essence during the last 40+ years.

    Stealing our juniors… That’s not even 1970’s, that’s 1960’s. What’s a junior? Who determined what a junior is? What a junior is in 1970 is not what a junior is fast forward 40+ years. Yes we buy players and we, visionaries, wouldn’t want or have it any other way. That’s why we didn’t spend 2 years out of the comp… Just saying…

    Have you and George Piggins ever been seen in the same place?

    • Bravo Madrooster, well said. I mean a lot of what I say and I don’t mean a lot of what I say. It is all part of the SSTID conundrum. You will have to figure THAT out for yourself “book chook”.

      “why don’t I have multiple million dollar players”

      Answer: Souths are salary cap compliant.

      “Why don’t I have rep players under the ‘percieved’ market value ”

      Answer: A bottomless pit of TPA’s

      “Instead of being pioneers, facilitators of their own destiny”

      You must have slept through 2014. Give me a mailing address and I will forward you a DVD of the finals and GF. I was there the night the chooks got belted by the Rabbitohs in the major preliminary final.

      “Stealing our juniors… What a junior is in 1970 is not what a junior is fast forward 40+ years.”

      No, the boundaries are still the same and the Roosters “acquired” 4 Souths juniors only last year (Nat Butcher foremost among them).

      “they’re (you) all about what the other side has”

      The Rabbitohs HAVE won a premiership in the last 4 years, how about the Roosters?
      The Rabbitohs HAVE won a premiership titles Easts have won 11 premierships and Sydney Roosters only 2.
      The Rabbitohs HAVE more Grand Final appearances than ANY other club (34), Eastern Suburbs (17) Sydney Roosters (5)
      The Rabbitohs HAVE won 17 minor premierships, Easts have won 15 and Sydney Roosters have won 4 (the last 3 over the salary cap)
      The Rabbitohs HAVE won 8 wooden spoons and the Roosters (Easts and Sydney combined) have only 5, so Souths “have the wood on you” there as well.

      “Have you and George Piggins ever been seen in the same place?”

      Answer: No comment. 😉

      • “That’s why we didn’t spend 2 years out of the comp”

        No, that was because Nick Politis pulled a shifty on (George Piggins) and Kerry Packer backed (bankrolled) the wrong horse.

  13. OK “book chook”, if you are serious about “transcending” the banalities of parochial tribalism and want to contribute to a real discussion about the game, how about posting your thoughts on the discussion on the “New NRL officiating structure announced” story? Stretch your wings and let’s all see if you can really fly.

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