NRL social media was sent into a frenzy after news broke that Payne Haas had requested an immediate release from his Broncos contract.

Arguably the best middle forward in the game, and undisputedly in the top few, Haas has already been linked to every professional sports team in the country and beyond.

Although the Broncos have reportedly denied the request, we all know that means very little in the modern day.

Here are five potential landing spots for the man sure to be the most in-demand player in the sport, should the Broncos eventually allow the release to happen.


5. Sydney Roosters

Almost the literal second that the news broke, links to the Sydney Roosters were established.

Nick Politis has long been a very vocal admirer of the Broncos megastar and actively tried to recruit him to Bondi in the past.

With Siosiua Taukeiaho on his way to England at the end of the year and with Jared Waerea-Hargreaves being 33 years of age, Haas would be used to build around for the next decade.

Money is seemingly no issue for the Roosters. I don't buy into the salary cap jokes but the Roosters have the best accountants in the game.

They also offer up a potentially massive market for any third party sponsorship opportunities.

Haas would walk into literally any side in rugby league, at any level, so there is no doubt he'd become an instant weapon. I also have no doubt they could make it work financially.

Luke Keary, on eye-watering money, is linked away from the club. I wouldn't be shocked to see those links become far more solid over the next week.

If I were framing a betting market, I'd have the Roosters as the undisputed early favourites.



  1. After long-term deals with Andrew Fifita and Josh Dugan ($850K apiece) both of which delivered limited on-field value, Cronulla will be still smarting. In addition, they are probably intelligent enough to see that Payne Haas will have a negative impact on the culture they are trying to build.

    He’s big and greedy. He’s already told the Broncs that he is bigger than club. He’s high maintenance. He is not a player any club should want to sign.

    The Sharks are not desperate enough to need to buy him. The Titans and Warriors may be desperate, but I can’t see Payne being prepared to give up all his friends and contacts to go to Aukland to play for a struggling side.

    I think he will stay near Brisbane and thus end up at the Titans or the Dolphins, next season.

    If the Broncs agree to his request and kick him out now then he will earn nothing or not much for the rest of this season. So, if he is on $850K he will lose nearly $300K (for Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep).

    Sitting out the rest of the season might bring him back to earth with a bump, when he realises what his actions have cost his hip pocket.

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