The 2022 Simon Mannering Medal winner Euan Aitken was not nominated for the RLPA Award. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

Euan Aitken's transformation in the past 12 months has been nothing short of spectacular.

He has gone from a decent to good centre to a lethal edge player during his time at the Warriors. He's now firmly established himself as a wide running, try-scoring, back-rower.

With the Warriors set to return to their home base in New Zealand full time from 2023, Aitken has made it clear he will not be relocating.

This means he is on the lookout for a new club in 2023 and beyond.

Usually in these lists, it's easy to link players with a Super League stint, however given Aitken's reluctance to move across the Tasman, it's not really feesable to suggest he'd move to England.

Below are five clubs who could provide landing spots for Aitken in 2023.


5. The Dolphins

There isn't a single off-contract player with NRL experience who won't be linked to the Dolphins. You can confidently add Aitken's name to the list.

With Brommich and Kaufusi already signed, you'd have to imagine Aitken would either need to be comfortable with a bench spot or a move back into the centres.

A chance to play under Wayne Bennett on good money might just be the motivation Aitken needs to reach the heights he really should have in the centres.

The Fins have a virtual blank cheque and a guaranteed starting spot to offer Aitken. Given Aitken is only 26, he's the perfect age for Bennett to build around.

The Dolphins have added a host of experienced Origin players and some exciting talents. Aitken is exactly the level of player they need to scatter in within the squad to balance it out.

Given Aitken has spent the start of this year based at Redcliffe, it sure does seem to make a lot of sense.