2018-09-14T09:40:00ZAllianz Stadium
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2018-09-15T09:40:00ZANZ Stadium
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    • Changed my mind just watch the Souths vs Melbourne game. Souths were not to impressive with the way they got belted up and lost the lead. They cannot come back mentally from that defeat.
      Penrith by 20
      Saints by 13

  1. It’s not Kurt Mann to Tyson knots in the Dragons jerseys. ‘Ben Hunting an iron’ said Jack de Belin his lot, and working himself up in a Frizell: ‘Hope Cameron McInnes the jerseys before we take the Field.’

    ‘Listen to that Nightingale singing it’s song’ said Jai ‘it’s making my heart a Aitken’.

    ‘Luciano tramp’ demanded Tariq ‘Leilua if you have to’. ‘That’s a Lafai’ said Graham gigling.

  2. Penrith’s victory is short lived, They have ended Cronulla’s season, injuries to their brave captain on top of Wade Graham’s injury has confirmed their life will end. My diagnoses of seven days is certain. South Syney as much as my heart and soul love them. My professional diagnose, is nine hours and 20 mins until the kick off at this immediate time, the beginning of the end of life will commence. This sad process will ultimately end within 90 minutes.

    • Hot Chocolate sang a song in the 1970’s, with a line in it that has been ringing out in my head all last night and all today. I believe in miracles. Souths 13 Saints 12

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