The bubbling excitement for the return of rugby league in 2023 is only amplified by the anticipation of the NRL SuperCoach competition.

With enthusiastic punters building and re-building their teams before a ball is even kicked in any trial games, it goes without saying that the game goes from strength to strength each and every year.

We kick things off with a look over the Brisbane Broncos and their SuperCoach relevance.

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* Top 30 is current at date of publication

Brisbane Broncos 2023 Top 30

Jesse Arthars
Logan Bayliss
Kurt Capewell
Patrick Carrigan
Selwyn Cobbo
Herbie Farnworth
Tom Flegler
Payne Haas
Kobe Hetherington
Delouise Hoeter
Corey Jensen
Jock Madden
Ezra Mam
Deine Mariner
Blake Mozer
Corey Oates
Cory Paix
Keenan Palasia
Jordan Pereira
Brendan Piakura
Ethan Quai
Adam Reynolds
Jordan Riki
TC Robati
Kotoni Staggs
Martin Taupau
Reece Walsh
Billy Walters
Xavier Willison
Tyson Smoothy

Predicted best 17

Note: Reece Walsh is unlikely to be fit for Round 1. Herbie Farnworth or Selwyn Cobbo could fill in at fullback, with one of Jesse Arthars, Deine Mariner, Delouise Hoeter or Ethan Quai-Ward playing in the outside backs.

Predicted 2023 Ladder Finish


NRL SuperCoach Notes

  • Owned by 7% of teams, Reece Walsh (FLB $554,800) offers a tasty POD option at fullback. The Broncos' backline is stellar and their forward pack offers plenty of go forward. If Reynolds suffers any injuries throughout the year, which is almost a given, you'd expect Walsh to pick up the goal-kicking, if only for short stints. Averaging 53 in a pretty woeful Warriors outfit in 2022, Walsh seems pretty chuffed to be back at Brisbane and I'd expect him to edge that closer to 60 per game. Goal-kicking would only lift that higher.

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  • Contracted until 2024, Payne Haas (FRF $662,400) has indicated to his management that he wants to be a million-dollar player. On a steady SuperCoach decline over the past few years, (2019 - 78; 2020 - 75; 2021 - 68; 2022 - 63), there could be good value on offer with an expectancy that he gets at least 65 minutes per game and with opposition teams having to split their focus to the blossoming Patrick Carrigan (2RF $654,600) who many already see as in 'should have' territory.
  • With the current off-field issues for TC Robati, the stocks have risen for Brendan Piakura (2RF $234,800). Piakura likely won't be setting the world on fire, and should he get game time, it's expected to be in the 25-40 minutes per game bracket. But he becomes SuperCoach relevant as a cheapie POD if he ends up sharing a bench with Keenan Palasia (avg 40 mins per game) and Martin Taupau who has seemingly been picked up from Manly as an impact player. It's worth noting that Brisbane locked him in as a 19 year old on $1.2million over three years.
  • The Broncos have some serious strike across the centre/wing position with Corey Oates, Herbie Farnworth, Selwyn Cobbo and Kotoni Staggs all having size, strength, speed and an ability to find the try line. Each of them faces similar points of contention however, as they are all known for fading in and out of games. Buy any of them at their somewhat premium price points, and you can expect either a sub-20-point game or a 100+ game. Interestingly, Kotoni Staggs (CTW $511,900) is owned by 8% of players, despite burning many owners in 2022.

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