For weeks now I've been commenting on how many talking points and highlights have come out of each weekend of rugby league.

Well, Round 10 was no different, however unfortunately it was headlined by an unprecedented injury toll.

On the field we did see an all time upset as a team lead by a rookie half, with no obvious halves partner, beat the Melbourne Storm. The Titans also overcame losing four players to hold off the Cowboys.

Below are 20 thoughts from a chaotic Round 10 of NRL action:

1. Round 10 produced a host of headline injuries like I've never seen before. Tom Trbojevic, Nathan Cleary, Nicho Hynes, Shaun Johnson, AJ Brimson, Kieran Foran, Phillip Sami, Harley Smith-Shields, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Jason Saab, Tyson Gamble, Starford To'a, John Bateman, Billy Walters. I cannot remember ever seeing a week like this before. Let's hope we don't ever see it again.

2. Although the Titans suffered four injuries, the Blues were the most effected this weekend. Trbojevic and Cleary were two automatic selections while Nicho Hynes may have have thrown a spanner into the works as the potential next man up. If Michael Maguire wanted an easy Origin 1 selection, it won't happen.

3. Bradman Best was the big winner from the weekend. His performance against the Tigers was flawless. If he wasn't already in Origin selection reckoning, he is now. The injury to Trbojevic opens up a centre spot that Best will now surely take up. Given his incredible effort in Origin 3 last season, as a Blues fan I am not worried.

2023 State of Origin - NSW v QLD: Game 3
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 12: Bradman Best of the Blues celebrates with team mates after scoring a try during game three of the State of Origin series between New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons at Accor Stadium on July 12, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

4. For many, many months, I have said the Sharks were one major change away from relevancy. That was shifting the monsterous Siosifa Talakai to the bench to allow Kayal Iro to play in the centres. The Sharks are a completely different side now that Iro has sured up that left edge, while Talakai has become one of the most impactful players in the competition.

5. Controversial Origin opinion: As fun as the three nights are very year, the damage to the week-to-week competition is too much. I know that it will never change due to commercial interests but Origin needs to be shifted to the end of the season. The next ten weeks are going to add a degree of randomness to the competition that no other elite league in the world has to endure.

6. Harry Grant's sinbinning was one of the more ridiculous we've seen. Especially when we've seen players resort to tripping others to stop tries. For the record Grant should have penalised due to the crackdown on making contact with the kickers but I'm glad he's fighting the charge. An extra $500 fine is worth the risk to make sure that doesn't happen again.

7. Just when we thought we had seen it all, Valentine Holmes produced the blown try to end all blow tries. There are screenshots showing Val with five minutes clear. He only had to put the ball down but somehow managed to not sure. He cost his side a game. He's won them plenty but that is a moment he won't want to relive again any time soon.

Cbus Super Stadium
   Crowd: 12,125

8. If you'd told me that a halves combination of Daniel Atkinson and Cameron McInnes would overcome Cam Munster, Harry Grant and the Storm, I would have laughed you off the internet. Yes the Storm were down troops to but Atkinson was in his third game and partnered by a career hooker turned middle forward. The Sharks of 2023 lose that game by 30+ points.

   Crowd: 18,670

9. It will be lost in the chaos of four injuries but the Sam Verrills tackle to deny Kyle Feldt the match winner on Sunday afternoon should be highlighted in a big way. I thought Feldt was going to score for sure. By all rights he should have. What a moment for the young Titan. That effort should help really kickstart the Titans season.

10. The Roosters are the most entertaining team in the game right now. Dominic Young is an absolute flyer while Joseph Manu, Angus Crichton and Joseph Manu are absolute joys to watch. As a Sharks fan I fear what they will do on Magic Round but as a rugby league fan I cannot wait.

Sydney Roosters recruit Dominic Young (Image via Sydney Roosters FC)

11. Once and for all this disruptor lottery needs to end. Referees don't know what they're looking for so why in the world can you expect fans to understand? Players don't even know. I'm all for making the game safer but I'm yet to see how a player jumping a half metre away from someone trying to catch a ball is improving player safety. A ridiculous rule being policed in a ridiculous way.

12. Tevita Pangai Jr being knocked out by a journeyman boxer should be enough to prove to players you do not "play" boxing. Either commit to it or stay out of the ring. Two footy players fighting each other in headgear is one thing but professional, heavyweight boxing is not a game.

13. Please don't let simulation enter our game. Twice on the weekend we saw a player tackled, get up and then decide they were injured. Luckily both were absolutely fine the second no penalty was given. Please leave that nonsense in the round ball game.

14. People talk of Corey Oates as if he's a 35 year old veteran on his last legs. For the record Oates is 29. It just seems like he's been around for twenty years.

NRL Rd 9 - Broncos v Bulldogs
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11: Corey Oates of the Broncos celebrates his team's victory during the round nine NRL match between the Brisbane Broncos and the Canterbury Bulldogs at Suncorp Stadium on July 11, 2020 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images)

15. All the talk this weekend, perhaps rightfully, is going to be about the Harry Grant sin bin. Tom Trbojevic being love tapped on the side of the cheek when less than 30 cm off the floor, was penalised. Not originally but Manly challenged, and won. Rugby league almost died that night my friends. The Grant incident was still terrible mind you.

16. Trai Fuller doesn't have a Top 30 contract. Let that sink in. There is some serious, serious talent out there. Sometimes you just need to take a punt on a rookie, sit back and enjoy.

17. People rushing to blame "the system" for David Fifita signing with the Roosters may be somewhat right, but nothing can be done. Fifita gets out of the Titans, which he seemed desperate to do, and walks into a team capable of winning a premiership. Nine players out of ten would have done the same thing.

18. The previous point made, I don't agree with Des Hasler's comments that David Fifita isn't fleeing the ship. He absolutely is. He took an option to leave the club and move to a title heavy. I don't blame him. I'm not surprised. It's still fleeing the ship though by very definition. A good outcome for all involved though.

NRL Rd 18 - Titans v Broncos
GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - JULY 16: David Fifita of the Titans is tackled during the round 18 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Brisbane Broncos at Cbus Super Stadium, on July 16, 2022, in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

19. The Titans now have a million dollars. Sam Walker is off-contract at the end of next season. One and one equals the Roosters needing to sign Walker long-term before the Titans have the chance to speak to the youngster. I dare suggest the Titans could build around the super talented youngster.

20. Expansion is back on the agenda. 19 teams is the talk. Why you wouldn't stop at 18 or push to 20, well I don't know. I'm glad to finally see Perth mentioned. It's a no brainer. For mine the only choice. Which is how it should remain. Just Perth. 18 teams. Anything more is too much. I've said this previously and I will continue to scream it from the mountain tops.