BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 13: Valentine Holmes poses for a photo during a Queensland Maroons State of Origin media session at the Rydges Hotel on June 13, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images)

Earlier this week Queensland chairman of selector Gene Miles stated that Greg Inglis was a certainty to be selected for the Maroons team should he be fit.

This will be the first State of Origin game for Inglis since game three of the 2016 series, as his season-ending injury in round one of 2017 ruled him out of contention series.

The unfortunate consequence of having Inglis return will be one of Queensland’s winning players from last year will lose their position in the side.

The current side features Billy Slater at fullback, Dane Gagai and Valentine Holmes on the wings and Will Chambers at centre. This leaves one centre position for either Inglis or Darius Boyd, who played in the centres in game two of the 2017 season.

However, it appears that Queensland will not be sticking with all their incumbent players in 2018.

While Slater, Chambers and Gagai will all retain their positions in this year’s series, the same cannot be said for all of the 2017 team. With Inglis returning to the other centre position, Holmes and Boyd will fight it out to be selected.

As it stands the player most likely to miss out in Valentine Holmes, even despite his outstanding Origin record. Holmes has scored four tries in just two games on Queensland’s left edge, demonstrating his incredible ability as a finisher.

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Unfortunately for Holmes, Darius Boyd will almost certainly be preferred as the left winger.

Boyd has 17 tries in 28 Maroons appearances, many playing outside of Greg Inglis. His experience and longevity in the role give him a selection edge.

So too does a lacklustre start to the season by Holmes at the Sharks. There is plenty of time to turn form around before Origin but the Sharks winger has an uphill battle to win if he is to turn out for Queensland in game one.

Maroons coach Kevin Walters believes that there will be no angst amongst the Queensland playing group due to this decision.

However, for Inglis to walk back into the side after missing an entire season of football may be a tough pill to swallow for some.

After starring in the 2017 series though, Holmes may well feel hard done by to lose his spot altogether.

As it is probably Slater’s last season for the Maroons, Holmes could return as early as 2018 once the fullback role is filled.

Do you think that Holmes should be selected by Queensland in the 2018 State of Origin series?


  1. He has to be surely, while Boyd has been a great player for the Maroons it is time to look forward. Holmes got 3 tries in the decider last year and is the incumbent Australian winger so axing him for someone who hasnt played wing for 3 or 4 years now would be ridiculous and a case of favourites

    • Queenslanders are loyal to a winning team and combination though. If fit, Inglis and Boyd will make up the left edge. as ride2raid mentioned, Holmes is definitely good enough to be there, he just needs to wait his turn. Slater will be gone next year, which will probably see Boyd moved to fullback, then Holmes comes in on the wing.

  2. Although I believe he offers way more than Boyd on the wing, there’s just too much talent or experience in front of him, gonna have to wait a few years or just for a injury.

    1. Billy Slater
    2. Darius Boyd
    3. Greg Inglis
    4. Will Chambers
    5. Dane Gagai
    6. Cameron Munster
    7. Michael Morgan
    8. Matt Scott
    9. Cameron Smith
    10. Jarrod Wallace
    11. Gavin Cooper
    12. Matt Gillette
    13. Josh McGuire

    14. Ben Hunt
    15. Dylan Napa
    16. Coen Hess
    17. Josh Papalii
    18. Felise Kaufusi

    • Obviously no Cronk and Thurston is a massive hole, but gee it still looks a very strong team doesn’t it?

      • As a NSW fan Eels47, I was so relieved to have Thurston and Cronk go, but the team is still strong yes

    • If Cherry-Evans is uninjured and still in the form he is in now he will have to be selected at halfback.

      • After Munsters debut last year and Morgan in his prime, no way DCE can force his way in based off the form he’s in. TK is right, only a injury will give him a maroon jersey

      • Well then Queensland are pretty dumb then not selecting the best available halfback they have, everyone says he should be picked, most of them Queenslanders. As a NSW fan I hope they dont pick Cherry as they would be a better team with him.

        • As a NSW fan I’d love for them to pick DCE, I consider him the Pearce of QLD lol. Morgan is a better Halfback imo. Plus they’re gonna have to fit Munster in somewhere for his combinations with Slater and Smith. Also his debut game last year, probably one of the best I’ve seen.

        • The only team losing when Queensland don’t pick DCE are themselves. You pick your best 17 and best halfback.

  3. Why not drop Gagai? Holmes is the best winger in Rugby League. Gagai who at Newcastle played fullback and centre and now at the rabbits plays centre why have him. Holmes proved to be argueably the best finisher and he’s bigger and stronger and possibly quicker.
    1. Slater
    2. Boyd
    3. Ingles
    4. Chambers
    5. Holmes
    As for halves it’s a harder decision with no Cronk or Thurston but then there’s Munster and Morgan the two front runners and DCE, Milford, Hunt and Taylor all for different reasons not too far behind.
    6. Munster
    7. Morgan
    As for the forwards Matt Scott is huge to have back as is the emergence of Felise Kaufusi.
    8. Scott
    9. Smith
    10. Wallace
    11. Cooper
    12. Gillett
    13. McQuire

    14. Hunt
    15. Napa
    16. Kaufusi
    17. Pappali

    18. Gagai
    19. Hess
    20. Taylor

    Other Contenders
    Oates, ONeil
    DCE, Milford
    Glasby K Sims
    Lowe Thaiday

    • Gagai has been probably the best player in that backline the past two series, if you think they should drop him you’re absolutely joking mate. He’s bigger and stronger than Holmes, just not quicker. Plus I think Hess would get a run before Kaufusi.

    • no way, qld wouldn’t do that, drop their player of the series for a could-be.
      Holmes only got there thru others misfortune but did enough to suggest he would be next cab off the rank.
      As a blues fan I say bring in GI and put Jmoz on him – that would nullify him total 😉
      Seriously, I think that GI is cooked at any level now, even before his injury he wasn’t on the top of his game and since return hasn’t really got anywhere near his usual consistency.
      I know that you don’t write off champions, but I feel his rep time should come to an end.

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