SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 02: James Tedesco of the Tigers prepares during warm up before the round five NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the St George Illawarra Dragons at ANZ Stadium on April 2, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The Wests Tigers have demanded star duo Aaron Woods and James Tedesco make a decision on their future in the next 24-hours.

The Wests Tigers released a statement to members outlining that the club had met with Woods and Tedesco’s manager on Tuesday and during that meeting, had imposed a deadline of Friday for a decision on whether the pair will accept the contract offers currently with them.

With speculation that Woods has all but committed to the Bulldogs already and the Sydney Roosters hunting the signature of James Tedesco, the Wests Tigers might find that they are left with only Luke Brooks of the “Big Four”.

Mitchel Moses has already signed with Parramatta for 2018 and is still hoping to be granted an early release to join the Eels this season.

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Read the full statement below:

Wests Tigers would like to provide Members with an update on the current playing contract situation of Aaron Woods and James Tedesco.The club met with Aaron Woods and James Tedesco’s manager on Tuesday

The club met with Aaron Woods and James Tedesco’s manager on Tuesday

During this meeting Wests Tigers informed the players’ Manager that the club is imposing a deadline of Friday 21 April for a decision on whether they will accept the contract offers currently with them.

Wests Tigers have made very competitive, long-term. contract offers to both players.

The club understands it is a difficult decision given their standing and familiarity with the club and understands that Woods and Tedesco must make the decision that is best for them and their families.

As soon as Woods and Tedesco make give their decision to the club we will inform the playing group and then the public. Certainty is key to moving forward and performing on the field, and we are looking forward to having that.


  1. If Tedesco goes to the Roosters, the Tigers could do worse than sign up Michael Gordon to play fullback for them. He’s dependable, a true professional and can kick goals. Obviously not in the same class as Tedesco but he’s far superior to playing Rankin or anyone else they have at fullback.

    • the tigers are going to struggle for the next couple of years if, as rumoured, both these guys go.
      Someone like Cronk or Foran will not risk their reputations to play there, even with Ivan at the helm.
      Take out Tedesco, Woods and Moses – who is left? Not a lot. It will be a sad state of affairs when Brooks, Sui and Naiqama are considered amongst the best players in the squad.
      Ivan may be a chance to snag Matulino, R Hoffman and Lilyman (not sure of his contract status) to the club this year but I seriously cant see anyone else of note going there. He might get lucky in the game of musical chairs at the end of this season but that will only be what’s left over.
      It will take some sustained improvement and blooding of youngsters over the rest of this season and next for attract quality player/s.
      If Teddy and Woods stay, then his job is a little easier but on the same token, he may not have a lot in the cap to attract another top liner.
      Ohh to be a coach.

  2. If i was Tigers like Milton Toaster said go buy Gordon, than I’d try and get Matulino. Also either sign Cronk or go hard for a organizing half to partner brooks he needs less pressure.

  3. Luke Brooks is a park footballer, will be shown if teddy leaves / and when Moses is gone. That’s why he signed quickly (:

  4. What happens if they don’t reply by the deadline? Do the offers get taken off the table, or do Wests assume they have been declined? What if one or both ask for an extension of time?

    I guess that I’ve seen too much how the NRL can throw-up ”what-ifs”, so we just wait.

    • If they don’t let them know then the Tigers will just withdrawal their offers for next year and onwards.

  5. With the money on offer, considering Moses, Tedesco and Woods – the tigers can go out and buy the below with the money they were going to give the other 3.

    Dugan, James Graham, Matulino and possibly Tyrone Roberts to play 5/8.

    • yeah the Tigers (hopefully) are trying to give themselves time for plan B if these two dont want to stay.
      Here’s a theory: if both go, and no-one wants to go to the tigers, and their poor form continues on and off the field, then they and Newcastle will be re-located/dropped for a Bris and NZ team to remove some Sydney clutter and expand the game.

    • First things first, andyj – zero change that the NRL get rid of Newcastle. They have struggled recently but Newcastle is rugby league heartland. So many juniors come from Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Would be madness to get rid of them.

      If the Tigers lose Tedesco, Moses and Woods but can sign James Graham, Michael Gordon, Tyrone Roberts and one or two cheaper experienced forwards like Mataulino and maybe a Fensom (not sure how long he signed with the Cowboys) I reckon they come out of it in front.

      They will have lost a lot of razzle dazzle but that has gotten them nowhere for the past decade. A more fearsome pack with Cleary as coach and the experience of Gordon at the back would be just what they need.

      • IF they can attract talent, then yes, they can improve. that’s why its only a theory not a prediction.

  6. Well well well, it’s all happened.
    Woods – Bulldogs
    Foran – Bulldogs
    Tedesco – agreed to bulldogs but reneged and signed with Roosters.
    Tigers will be crying now

    • Well that, amongst a whole host of far more important issues, just goes to show how slow my typing skills are. I was busy typing up a “fingers crossed, good news story” for Tigers fans, and it was over before I could even hit “enter”.

      • The next story will
        Be who departs the dogs now – ke(u)nty is of the opinion that woods demanded that Graham stats, Hopoate, Mbye, Kasiano and Lichaa are on the way out. They need to release 2.5m he says

      • So for the Dogs going forward, do they drop Reynolds and Lichea / promote Garvey, or bring in a young Hooker, or do they move Mbye to hooker and promote / find a halves partner for Foran?

        Right now, I’m so happy we signed Mosses, because that rules us out of picking up Reynolds.

        • Anyway you look at things Lichaa is a goner. He was bad last season and doesn’t seem to be much better in attack this year. He does make a lot of tackles though.

          There is no way i would get rid of J Reynolds. He is a wholehearted player and bleeds Blue and White. He’s also been in good from recently. I understand why people don’t like him though.

          Frawely or Reynolds could partner Foran in the halves. Mbye can play anywhere in the back line or at hooker. I’d be happy with Mbye at centre or Fullback, he’d get more space and be able to use his speed more. I don’t think woods was required at the dogs. Go forward has not been our problem.

  7. If Wests can re – sign Tedesco, and taking a glass half full mentality, they’d be in a good position. A new (quality) coach, a lot of players off contract (a cleanish slate), plenty of salary cap space, and a foundation (Tedesco and Nofoalamo in particular). If they lose Tedesco, as per Miltotoaster’s comments, make a play at Gordon, and with the increased salary cap space it could still work.

    But from a glass half empty perspective, if they can’t clean their board up, it won’t really matter what they do now, they’ll be back at square 1 in a couple of years time. They need a “Parramatta style clean up” at board level, desperately.

    If Woods, and it’s widely expected he will, walks away from a $1mil. pa deal, then I think that’s a good thing for Wests. I actually like / rate Woods, but if $1mil. pa isn’t enough to keep a Prop (who is a local junior, and current captain) at the club, well he was never going to be part of the solution.

    As for Graham going to Wests, hmmmmmm, NO. He’s contracted to the Dogs, and on $700k for next year. The numbers floating around for Woods are $1mil. if the Dogs let him go, put them down, and Australia just recorded it’s first case of Rabies.

  8. Tiger’s should make them all play nsw cup bring in players from the lower grades that want to be on the bus.

    These sooks got their coach sacked all for nothing.

    The clubs bosses and coach need to harden up and dump them to the lower grades for the rest of the year

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