SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 24: Maroons players line up for the national anthem during game two of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on June 24, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

The QLD Maroons and NSW Blues have both finalised their lineups for the match at Suncorp Stadium.

Second Row
Second Row


    • Hess on, Blues run 2 in.
      Tip Kev, he is in the same boat as.
      B Cartwright
      K Elgey

      Hess, soft, can’t read the game, won’t run into a hole(doesn’t know how to) can’t play the ball, tackles with his hands.
      Get him off.

  1. Hahahahahaha 70% possession, a bloke in the bin and the blues still up at half time. Qld spirit = myth.

  2. So happy for Daly! Proved all the doubters wrong in a great match at 7 cementing why he belongs there. Was QLDs best tonight and it disgusted me seeing all the QLD fans cheer when he scored, a couple of years back they all treated him like s*it! He just won you a game! And congrats to Billy Slater on a great rep career.

    • Credit where credit is due Holmsey, well picked mate.
      He had a great game.
      I’m dirty on that, but right from his early kick to Slater he looked the part.
      In all honesty I’m still not convinced he’s consistent enough, but I can’t deny he owned his place tonight at least.

      • I feel his form gets lost in club footy partly due to the team’s poor form. He has been good all year and he finally gets some recognition in the origin arena. One change I think QLD should make is place Daly and Taylor as the halves. Munster back to the bench, Hunt to 9.

        • I can see where you’re coming from, but you can’t make a change like moving Hunt to hooker in the origin arena, and probably not at all.
          I’m not even sure DCE is the “play making” half. I know he can be, and he can be an organiser, but which is his best role? I think he is more of the organiser (less of a playmaker) unless he’s partnering a strong organiser like a Cronk etc. On that basis I wouldn’t run DCE and Taylor.

        • Keep it as DCE and Munster. DCE was great tonight and went a long way to making the Qld 7 his, and Munster has been dangerous all series. He may have been a little quiet in game 2, but he looked most likely fir the Maroons.

          I can’t get over Slater for man of the series though. Didn’t play game 1, losing team and wasn’t even their best tonight. Tedesco was man of the series hands down. Then you have Cook, Cordner and Tommy T who also deserved it more. Even Val Holmes deserved it more…..

      • Yes Slater didn’t deserve those awards. Much more deserving players out there, same thing happened in the 2015 GF.

        I also agree with the thought that Daly is a better organiser. I didn’t think he was good at that aspect of the game but he has done it well for Manly this year and showed tonight for QLD it is his best role. Munster was great tonight and If Daly stays 7 and Munster 6. Where do they put the likes of Milford, Morgan and Taylor?

        • Morgan centre maybe, Milford on the bench and Taylor bides his time for when they inevitably blame DCE for losses and drop him 😉

      • Manly47 just leave it alone mate. No need to cause s*it. He is allowed his own opinion and so are you, no matter how contenscious his opinion may be.

  3. A great game and a great series. A shame though that instead of a pivotal piece of skill or courage swinging the game, it was two moments of sheer stupidity the cost the Blues- Tariq Sims tackling the marker, and Klemmer tripping when NSW were poised to scores. Dumb and dumber

    • You forgot the error by the touch judge. I can’t remember which player was deemed to have put his foot into touch, when clearly it wasn’t.

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