SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 27: Ryan James of the Titans congratulates Greg Bird of the Titans as he celebrates scoring a try during the round 8 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Gold Coast Titans at Leichhardt Oval on April 27, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Gold Coast Titans have named their ‘Team of the Decade’.

Over 10 seasons, the Titans’ best have given their all for the club, fans and family, contesting 307 games, made three finals appearances, scoring over 4,500 points with 126 players wearing Titans colours.

Over 3,000 votes were tallied, with the team, comprising of 18 players*, voted for by the members and fans, throughout the opening rounds of season 2017, via the Titans website.

To be eligible, players must have played a minimum of 30 NRL games for the club, by the time their position was up for voting.

Gold Coast Titans ‘Team of the Decade’

  1. Preston Campbell
  2. Kevin Gordon
  3. Mat Rogers
  4. Josh Hoffman
  5. David Mead
  6. Aidan Sezer
  7. Scott Prince
  8. Luke Bailey
  9. Nathan Friend
  10. Ryan James**
  11. Anthony Laffranchi
  12. Greg Bird
  13. Ashley Harrison
  14. Mark Minichello
  15. Luke Douglas
  16. Brad Meyers
  17. Luke O’Dwyer
  18. Anthony Don**

*two players on the interchange had the same number of votes, so were both selected.
**still currently playing at the Gold Coast Titans


  1. I am not bagging the Titans, a club that has consistently punched above their weight. However this side highlights the extent the Titans have been unable to attract or produce talent. Other than a few bright spots this is a very average team of the decade. There are Manly, Melbourne and Roosters teams, within the last decade that have assembled at one time that would annihilate this team, let alone their respective team of the decade.

    That said they are building nicely for the next few seasons and they have IMO the best halfback of generation next.

    • I agree with you, its a pretty sad looking team of the decade when you see the likes of Hoffman in the centres.

      I think our problem over the last 10 years hasn’t necessarily been attracting or producing players. I think we’ve been able to attract many high-profile players over the years, and the Gold Coast is home to two of the biggest rugby league schools in Australia, those being Keebra Park & Palm Beach Currumbin. Keep in mind that the Titans are only 10 years old. For young players looking to make it in the NRL, it is far more enticing play for a successful club that is more financially-backed (such as the Broncos) rather than play for the Titans. So I don’t think you will see a high influx of juniors playing for the Titans until they taste success and develop a good system.

      Our problem is player retention. I believe we have the highest player turnover in the competition at the moment, and have used double the amount of players than the Broncos or Cowboys have used in the last couple of years. If we can keep the same squad together for a few years, I hope that results will change.

      • I think it all revolves around Ash Taylor. But you are right about the Broncos. Remove the fact that I am a Brisbane fan, I often look it at this way. Right now if my grandson came to me and said that he had been offered a junior contract with both Brisbane and the Titans, I would have to advise him to take the Brisbane one. Brisbane are a consistently stable, performing club who have a incomparable record of making test and origin stars. The Titans need a consistent period of stability and success to convince players to play for the club at market value. Ash Taylor will be the player others will one day come to the Titans to play alongside. If they can retain the core of Taylor/Peats/Proctor/James things will improve over the next few seasons.

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