For the purpose of this list we've only named players known primarily as halfbacks. For instance we know Shaun Johnson is an excellent halfback when called upon but is very much known as a six.


10. Jamal Fogarty

After seeing his performances in 2020 it's hard to believe that he had only played two games prior to this season. Even more incredible is those two games came all the way back in 2017. Fair to say he's taken his second opportunity with both hands.

Fogarty completely reshaped the Titans attack in 2020. He took over as the chief playmaker which lead to Ash Taylor finally finding the opportunity and self belief to deliver on his undoubted promise.

In 2020 he scored three tries, set up 10, forced 11 drop outs, had nine line break assists, ran for 90 metres per game and kicked for over 230 metres per game. He also tackled and over 85% efficiency.

Set for a huge 2021 behind a monster, aggressive forward pack. Watch this space.



  1. With every good halfback, there needs to be a good 5/8th ,to take some pressure off of their halves partner. It also needs to be the right one. Cleary didn’t look so good playing alongside Maloney. Where as NSW was better with Maloney there?
    As good as Cleary may have been in 2020. NSW didn’t win the S.O.O. & Penrith didn’t win the Grand Final. What can we take from that?
    D.C.E. Inspired a S.O.O. series win for Queensland.
    Hughes inspired grand final win for Melbourne.
    Or were both wins just because of Munster at 5/8th?
    I thought Luai was great for Penrith for most of the season, at 5/8th.
    So was there something lacking with Cleary in the biggest of games? He didn’t
    Inspire a Win.

  2. You nailed it, his half partner in Origin was disgraceful. Cody Walker is a myth. Also, apart from game 3, Cleary did have a good series.

  3. If Wighton has another start of season anywhere close to his form last year, he will be the 6 for the SOO, not Walker. Walker had an amazing game 2, but so did the whole team. In the last 10 minutes if game 3 when Cody got injured and Wighton was shifted…Wighten looked dangerous every time he had the ball. I think Turbo will be back in the side, with another specialist centre, maybe Staggs or Crighton. Which will shift Wighton to partner Cleary in the halves.

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