SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 27: Josh Morris of the Blues is tackled during game one of the State of Origin series between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons at ANZ Stadium on May 27, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

The Sharks are facing a serious salary cap squeeze.

Josh Morris, Matt Prior and Josh Dugan were told by Cronulla to explore their options last year as the Cronulla look to get under the salary cap before the June 30th deadline.

The Sharks are yet to complete their 30-man roster for the June 30th deadline and will have no choice at this rate but to sign a player in slots 27-30 worth $75,000 or a player in slots 1-26 worth at least $110,000, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. 

When that player eventually signs for the Sharks, Cronulla will move just above their cap – which has been reduced by $350,000 for salary cap breaches dating back to 2013.

As a result, the Sharks will either have to cut ties with a player or find a suitable trade before being able to sign another player.

Morris’ agent David Riolo described his client’s release request being blocked by the Sharks as a “slap in the face”.

“They have to move a player no matter what,” Riolo said. “It was the Sharks that told us to have a look around at the same time they said that to Matty Prior and a couple of other boys the same thing.

“Then they turn around and deny it. It’s a bit of a slap in the face.”

Morris continues to push for a release from the Sharks, but Riolo had not heard from the Sharks management in the last 48 hours.

Morris is on one of the best contracts in the NRL. He was consistently one of the best players in the team despite the Sharks being a disappointment in 2019 and is earning considerably less than Josh Dugan, who is on a contract near the $900,000 mark.

Dugan’s future at the Sharks is unclear with a continual knee complaint, while continual hamstring issues for Matt Moylan has left coach John Morris with little lenience in the outside backs department.

With Dugan and Moylan sidelined, Morris could start the season at fullback, a position he has not played since his debut season in 2007.

If Morris was to be released, the Sharks would be thin to replace Dugan and Moylan.

The Sharks are holding firm in their bid to keep Morris for the season ahead, but Morris has made it known of a clear desire to be released from the club in the days since returning from the NRL Nines.

The Roosters have been pushing to sign Morris before the season’s commencement but hope is starting to fade, especially due to the Moylan injury.



  1. This is the difference between the good and bad teams. We and the storm move people on if they want to be elsewhere whilst clubs like this hang onto poison for their culture. No respect shown for Morris who was asked to look around.

  2. Sharks told Morris to speak with other clubs last year… now they want to change that to milk what they can from the back to back premiers.
    If he plays anywhere near as good as his brother did in our Grand Final win last year, he will be a great asset to our great club

    if we get him we will be the only threat to stop Souths Sydney Sombreros taking out the title this year… in my opinion they are a sure thing. Packers Billions, Best coach in History, Roosters top point scorer passing on all their wining culture secrets
    they will be very hard to beat.

    Back to BackPremiers
    2018 Champions Sydney Roosters
    2019 Champions Sydney Roosters

  3. The Sharks should engage the sombreros accountant.
    Regarding 36 year old Morris, I stated over a month ago will join his twin brother given thats all the sombreros are able to attract with high profile players choosing to sign elsewhere for less as we have seen constantly in the media.
    Hardly an equal replacement for champion superstar Latrell Mitchell who finally was able to come home to his beloved Rabbitohs as another example of signing for less in the name of happiness.
    Welcome home Latrell.

  4. Tend to agree with you uncle nick. Sharks seem in a bit of turmoil at the moment according to all media reports.
    Seems both players and clubs have scant regard for a contract now days.
    While it is reported that Morris had spoken to Easts was that before Mitchell and the Smith became unavailable? May have been rejected initially and now a space has opened up.
    I think Easts have come up with a solution with Angus in the centres….looking forward to seeing how he goes. Don’t think his attack will will be an issue but defence and the high ball maybe.

  5. “Sharks seem in a bit of turmoil at the moment ”

    You could have posted this comment in any week you like over the last 15 years and it would have been as equally valid as it is now. On the surface at least, they do appear to be a perennial shambols of an organisation.

  6. Yes Sidney will be interesting to see how Angus goes, although it still may not tell us much compared to NRL oppostion. 21 not sure what Latrell has anything to do with this story, but I guess if you feel you have had your 2nd win in 50 yrs in getting him, you have to ride it for all its worth 😉

  7. Twentyone
    You keep saying high profile players signing elsewhere for less, who are they?
    You say Dugan knocked back Easts but they never made him an offer.
    You say Issac Luke knocked back Easts but they never made him an offer.
    You say Easts offered ” big carrots” to Ado-Carr but no club can make an offer till November 1 this year.
    You say Mitchell is at Souths for less he was on 550k if he stayed at Easts isnt his contract at Souths 600k?
    BTW Morris is 33 not 36. and Ryan Hall is 32 not 37.

  8. Farmerfran2
    February 21, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    Gday mate. Have you been listening to Hotel California in backward masking Farmerfran?

  9. But getting back to this story. I’m with the Mole52. He will be playing for the Roosters very soon as I have it on good authority he is a certainty to retire a premiership winning Rooster.

    Brett Morris was man of the match in last seasons World Club Challenge and was one of the best players on field in the Grand Final against Canberra. His brother will be equally as good.

    The Roosters will get Josh Morris and he will be one of those players who retires in his final year with a premiership. Sydney will repeat Parra’s trifecta of premierships this season and like the Bear Bob O’Reilly Inglis and a rare few, will indeed retire with a premiership.

  10. What a load of rubbish! Love the way they make crap up in the last 2 years we have lost Gallen, Feki, Brailey, Prior, Lewis, Gray, Capewell, Flanagan, Segeyaro, Leutele, Holmes, Paulo, Leumele,
    That’s 13 players that I can think of.
    We bought a couple of no names and Ramien!
    They just love talking crap about the Sharks.
    P,S Morris is contracted so bad luck why should we strengthen the Roosters.

  11. ” in the last 2 years we have lost Gallen, Feki, Brailey, Prior, Lewis, Gray, Capewell, Flanagan, Segeyaro, Leutele, Holmes, Paulo, Leumele”

    and you are still struggling with the cap.

    You will expect us to believe that you were under the cap in 2016 next.

  12. Sharkies don’t desperately need him .. RELEASE him already. katoa & ronaldo are guns. Surely between Dugan & Moylan ONE of them will be available every other week to play fullback . shaun Johnson needs to step up to the leadership role they’re desperately trying to keep JoshMorris for .

    Can’t imagine Morris would be that keen on playing on the wing this late in his career

  13. If Dugan AND Moylan are available for rd1

    Is the sharks team



    Is katoa 1st winger in ? Or Ronaldinho?

  14. All you Nuggets supporters were so happy to see your super coach put Crichton in the centres a day or two ago. Not so confident that actual centres aren’t going to just side step Crichton, run past him & beat him to kicks out wide ?
    Now you’re whining about Cronulla not releasing Josh Morris. Such is your despair at not having another decent centre for first grade. Cronulla has to do this or that to suit your club? Morris has a contract at Cronulla. Suck it up!

  15. EOD
    You’re missing something….. Morris was told to look elsewhere late last year!
    Now he has found someone

  16. The Mole you seem to be missing that last year he didn’t want to go (or didn’t have anywhere to go) so he stayed under his current contractual deal – fair enough. Can’t have it both ways!!!!

  17. Roosters Back to Back World Club Champions,
    First club in History to do so
    Congratulations team on an amazing decade… you have brought us so much joy in that time.🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
    3x NRL Premierships
    2 x World Club Champions
    1 x NRL Nines Champions

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