SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 30: John Sutton of the Rabbitohs makes a break during the round 25 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Wests Tigers at ANZ Stadium on August 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

John Sutton’s camp seem fairly confident the former South Sydney Rabbitohs skipper will secure a new contract with the club sometime within the month.

Sutton, who is the only player to reach 300 games for the Rabbitohs, remains unsigned just a month out from the start of the 2019 NRL pre-season.

Both the club and Sutton have been keen for the second-rower to go around again for his 16th season with the club despite contract negotiations crawling along for months.

It has been rumoured the club could be under salary cap pressure and therefore would need to make space for the 33-year old to stay at the club.

Sutton’s manager Steve Gillis says they don’t have a Plan B if contract talks fall through.

“We’re yet to strike a deal so we’re in a holding pattern at the moment,” Gillis said.

“He’s said he wants to play, the club has said they want him to play. But nothing’s been set in stone.

“We hope to have that resolved in the next month. They return to training in early November and I would think he wouldn’t train without a contract.”

Should Sutton not receive a contract extension, it could force him into retirement or into joining a rival NRL club.

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Another option Sutton could explore is a move over to the English Super League in order to continue his playing career.

It seems those options however could be unlikely given all Sutton has done for the Redfern club and his newly found form under coach Anthony Seibold.

Sutton is the foundations club leading games record holder with 309 games, ahead of fellow South Sydney greats Nathan Merritt, Bob McCarthy, Craig Coleman and Eric Simms.

After making his debut for the club in 2004, Sutton remained loyal during the tough times and was rewarded by captaining the club to premiership glory in 2014.

Gillis says Sutton couldn’t imagine pulling on a jersey for anyone else but South Sydney.

“He spoke passionately at their presentation night about how he bleeds red and green,” Gillis said.

“It’s just a matter of a few cards falling into place and we’ll try and get a deal done.”


  1. “under salary cap pressure” (can’t see how) – but if the case then we need to get the chickens to teach us how to “manage our cap better”….

    • Look 1eyedrabbit in all due respect, if you name call premiership winners the Roosters “chickens”, then what may I ask will they call us if we choked in the preliminary final to the beaks of the “chickens”?

  2. Where do these so-called reporters (not journos) get their information? This article only tells Souths fans what they already know. The general league public know it as well. ”Salary cap pressure” is another term for ”I haven’t got a clue”.

    • Ask the Gladiator, he knows exactly how to free up salary cap space. Get all his players together at his Nana Glen farm house, get drunk, start accusing players for bringing the rabbits season down and chase them away to our arch rivals the Sydney Roosters. That’s how he won the premiership for Easts this year. I wonder if he will put that in his book of feuds.

  3. Sam Burgess our infamous flasher, has recently taken up the excess moolah along with his soon to be updated brothers, who all choked in the preliminary final against Easts. While our Souths hierarchy are busy purchasing new players like Gagai etc for the season completed and new arrivals Kurt Dillon (Cronulla Sharks, 2020), Matt McIlwrick (Wests Tigers, 2019), Bayley Sironen (Wests Tigers, 2019) attempting to win us our 22nd premiership. They have pardoned the necessary income to retain our beloved John Sutton. We at Souths are fast losing our culture at the expense of trying to keep up with the Joneses.

    • You really don’t know much do you? SCUM FAN!
      All 3 Burgess contracts and any increase will be for 2020, NOT in the 2019 Cap.

      All 3 already have contracts in place for 2019.

      • Yes true, Perhaps the Souths hierarchy do not want to achieve the Canterbury/Many syndrome, and backend their salary cap as a whole, by paying huge dollars for Sam 1mil, Inglis 1mil and after 2019 the Burgess twins 850k each along with Gagai 750k Reynolds 850k. That is 4.4mil for 5 players.

        Remember Mr disgruntled name caller 3hats, Souths must refrain from purchasing players as to afford the twins in the near future (after 2019). your immature mind and lack of financial wisdom, has exposed yourself too all, as a “I know everything about nothing” individual. If Souths go hard in the expenditure department for quality players, then be prepared to let at least one of the twins to depart if not both. If they choose to be a package deal, then they both depart.

        • Sorry I detected a little 3hatitis with my math. Should read 5.3 million for 6 players, any wonder why the rumor is beating loud around the Eastern Suburbs that John Sutton is prepared to play for the arch rivals next season if nothing is finalized within the next month.

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