Yesterday the NSW Rugby League twitter account tweeted that a special visitor would make making its way to ANZ Stadium this Wednesday, the Origin shield.

Yes, the very same shield New South Wales are aiming to win for only the second time in a decade.

The very same shield, that if New South Wales do capture this Wednesday Night, that will make the trip north back to Suncorp Stadium, where it will be presented.

Yes, the very same Suncorp Stadium that could very well be half empty if the series is a done deal and one that will be populated in majority by Queensland fans.

Regardless of the result on Wednesday night, unless common sense overrides tradition before the night itself, will not be awarded in front of a jam-packed, jubilant, NSW Origin blue themed ANZ Stadium.

Instead, it will be awarded in front of ten thousand or so fans who decided it would be better to watch the ceremony that battle traffic.

Doesn’t that sound magical?

Funnily enough, if the Blues do capture the series, whether in Origin II or in a decider, it will be the third time in four years that the Origin shield will be awarded in enemy territory.

Last year Cam Smith lifted the shield in front of a half-interested crowd who were still farewelling departing skipper and Origin legend Paul Gallen.

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In 2014, the Blues ended a near decade-long dominance by the Maroons, only for Paul Gallen to be booed as he lifted the coveted trophy that had eluded him for so very long.

Both should have been amazing, emotional moments, held in front of a near packed, friendly house.

The NRL is facing another almost embarrassing situation should the Blues win game two and win the series, given that they will again be responsible for taking a moment away from the fans.

The reason?

That’s the way they’ve always done it.

You see, history and tradition mean more than common sense.

Common sense dictates if New South Wales win the series, they lift the trophy on Wednesday night.

What good comes from holding the trophy ceremony over?

It doesn’t make a dead rubber Origin three mean more, or less. Every Origin game means something. Losing three-nil is crushing. Don’t get me wrong, losing two-one isn’t exactly a holiday, but no player wants to be part of a side whitewashed in an Origin series.


Queensland will want to Origin Three just as much whether or not the shield has been awarded. New South Wales will want to white wash Queensland just as much.

I suppose a few fans may be entitled to travel up to Suncorp for Origin three to see the shield awarded, but honestly, those few hundred ticket sales aren’t worth sacrificing what would be gained through a home field presentation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of tradition. I cringe when Origin games are taken away from Brisbane or Sydney. I hate the idea of moving the Grand Final away from Sydney. I’m supremely jealous of the AFL Grand Final’s Saturday afternoon tradition.

But common sense has to overrule tradition in this instance. Doesn’t it?

Of course, this argument becomes a moot point should the champion Queensland side fight back and level the series this Wednesday night.

It worries me that I’m even thinking about an Origin shield presentation. Let’s hope none of the Blues squad has similar thoughts or Slater, Thurston and co will destroy this argument.

Bring on Wednesday night.

Bring on a New South Wales victory and series win.

Bring on the shield celebration ceremony!!!


    • That is how it should be, but unfortunately the NRL are void of any common sense. So if NSW can get the win tomorrow night, they will lift the trophy in Queensland. I don’t even think that is the worst part of it though. What I don’t like is when either team wins the series in the second game, the loses the third game and lifts the trophy after that, it just doesn’t seem right to me, especially if they get rolled in game 3 like NSW did in 2014, where they lost game 3 32-8, then got up on the podium as champions to receive the trophy. Obviously they still enjoyed the moment, but it seems a bit hollow.

  1. Good article Dan. Makes sense if you win both in game 2, lift the shield. What doesn’t make sense, is these pop up ads of want matures & google ads. How much sponsorship funds do you need to maintain this website, if we can remove these current graffiti of adverts. I’d personally fund it

  2. If you want to make all 3 games count, you make the scores cumulative – add the scores together to get the 3-game total to decide who wins. Same sort of principle as knockouts in football, where home and away game scores are tallied.
    Imagine if QLD win game 2 14-10. That would mean that NSW were currently ahead 38-18 (after Game 1 24-4). QLD would have to win Game 3 by 21 to win the shield.
    Not the best example after Game 1, but in the many years where it has been tight, every point counts as does every minute in every game (no dead rubbers again!).
    Never happen, just sayin’…..

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