Cronulla Sharks coach John Morris has named close to a full-strength line up for his teams’ trial match outing against the Manly Sea Eagles on Sunday.

Sharks Team List

  1. Will Kennedy
  2. Sione Katoa
  3. Josh Morris
  4. Jesse Ramien
  5. Ronaldo Mulitalo
  6. Shaun Johnson
  7. Chad Townsend
  8. Andrew Fifita
  9. Blayke Brailey
  10. Aaron Woods
  11. Briton Nikora
  12. Wade Graham
  13. Jack Williams
  14. Connor Tracey
  15. Braden Hamlin-Uele
  16. Toby Rudolf
  17. Scott Sorensen
  18. Billy Magoulias
  19. Siosifa Talakai
  20. Royce Hunt
  21. Jackson Ferris


  1. What… Fifita is in this team??
    i though we had him in the paper bag… I mean bag
    Offer more money we want to buy him… who else can we buy from this team?

    Russ, James, Dirty Richo, Peter

  2. And everyone is saying we have enough outside backs and we should let Morris go. Dugan, Moyaln and Xerri out so where does that leave us if another back goes down.

  3. If this is even close to the Sharks best 17, I don’t think they will feature in September. I thought they might have done better this year but I guess this is what complying with the Salary Cap does.

  4. Shark..
    Looking a bit thin at fullback? Although I don’t know who’s available behind Kennedy?
    Problem is , some big money buys are always injured. Dugan, who no one will buy because his knee is gone. So that club is stuck with that dept for two more years, Moylan with continual leg injuries. He has played some good games. Still, he’s slow & often caught out of position at fullback.
    On a separate note. I like Wade Graham as a player. Still he’s also always injured lately .

  5. That is exactly why I think the Sharks are doing the right thing here sharkattack. As much as it is a good news story to let him finish with his brother, he signed a contract with the Sharks and i applaud them for making him honor it. Along with the skinny depth it is a no brainer.

    EOD, Wade Graham is my favourite non Eel, possibly favourite player full stop. You guys lost a real good one when he left, same with Luke Lewis who was also a favourite of mine (that isn’t an attack on your recruitment and retention either, just a comment that they are two players I am sure you would have loved to have kept, much like Jamie Lyon or Andrew Yan for the Eels). They are both what I would call true footballers, not athletes who play footy.

  6. Shark attack do you think you guys might be a bit short on front row stock? Woods isn’t that much of an enforcer and if Fifita gets injuries again through the year who fills the void ?

  7. Toddy123, I think Morris is looking at Toby Rudolph, other than that we are up Sh1t Creek without a paddle.

  8. Shark..
    I think they did the right thing also ,by not releasing Morris . No club is in business to help other clubs do better.
    Although, I often wonder if the Panthers are in business to help other clubs out? With the players they always let go. That goes for Wade Graham as well Eels 47. However, I’m a little less worried about Graham now. As they’re just not getting the production out of him , that they would have liked. Due to the injuries of course.
    Talking of players that have been allowed to leave. Matheson Johns was there & looked alright at centre. He wasn’t a local . He was allowed to leave & signed with Wests. Probably their best player in the trial against Penrith. You have to wonder why players aren’t re-signed sometimes ? It’s not like that club is flush with wonderful centres.
    So Shark, looks like they are in the same position as the Sharks. Except it’s because of a lack of centres.

  9. With re-signings there could be a number of reasons, some fair, others not. For example, all those years ago the Eels let Gallen go as they thought he was too small…..not exactly a great call in hindsight. Sometimes though I think it is also an attitude thing, particularly when you see a young guy move around a fair bit. The toughest part for retention staff is determining which guys are going to become good first graders and which ones will be also rans. The you have other clubs willing to throw money at untested players, so a decision needs to be made on matching the offer. Definitely not an envious job.

  10. That’s for sure. Not an easy job!
    Some clubs seem to get it about right , most of the time. Where as some , just don’t.
    If you’re lacking in a position. It’s not so hard to say bye, bye to a couple of players who are failing the club. Then try some others. Whether local products or not.
    There’s a new grade to choose from every year , just for a start.

  11. Short of front row stock. Back row is Ok but could do with one more first grade quality lock. Centers will be Ok if Xerri and Ramien stay healthy. The issue will be the holes left by Dugan, Moylan and Johnson who will rarely be on the park together. The versatility and options of last season just aren’t there in 2020. Jury is out on right or wrong with Morris saga. Whilst the club needs the depth initially do you really want a senior player and mentor who’s heart (and probably head) is somewhere else? Can be destabilizing no matter how much people like to state these are professionals who move around etc. The wing looks pretty exciting with a further year under the belt and consistent selection faith needed to get these guys really on point. We should make the eight but don’t really hold high hopes for anything much more. Flannagan and Capewell are pretty big outs IMO.

  12. I don’t know why the Sharks went down the buy Johnson & let Flanagan go path? They just didn’t require Johnson & Flanagan was cheaper. Would have saved some cash for other players.
    Sharks have done well in lower grades & the backs situation looks alright, other than fullback. Don’t you think bb?

  13. Another worrying fact is they are now short of hookahs as well. Now that poor old cameron king done his knee again. Maybe bomber mught try magoulias there?

  14. With the Salary cap being so tight I guess Bomber has no option unless there’s a hooker out there with FG experience and is on the outer with their club and will come cheap. Michael Lichaa perhaps?

  15. I think just about everyone had forgotten about Lichaa shark. That would be a good idea , if they want another hooker.
    How old is the third Brailey brother now? He’s a hooker as well isn’t he.

  16. Yea the younger Brailey bro is a hooker but still a junior. My bet is they go with Connor Tracey short term. But who knows?

  17. Yes EOD the young backs look good however a bit of experience is needed. Surely between Moylan and Dugan we can put a reasonable fullback on the park each week? Letting Kyle Flanagan go was a bad move. Maybe we need to see Johnson in the 7 and put Townsend at 6? Not realyl confident about this season as the depth just doesn’t seem to be there. The forwards look a bit light on and any long term injury to Fafita or Graham will result in a lack of class fire power. Love him or hate him Gal will be missed as well.

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