This past weekend we saw the very best and very worst of our great game.

Easter Monday produced one of the greatest finishes you'll see this year, while the Sharks were able to overturn an 18 point deficit to record a big win.

Saturday though produced two of the most ordinary games you'll ever see. I don't think I've ever seen Tom Trebojevic produce a more rocks and diamonds performance in his career.

With plenty of ups and downs, Round 4 produced a host of talking points. Below are 20.

1. Hot Rookie of the Year favourite Lachlan Galvin has accepted an early guilty plea to be suspended for two matches over his hip drop tackle (more on that later). This will rule him out of Rookie of the Year contention, much like it cost Jacob Preston the award last year. I have to say, it's a rough shout. I fully understand it effecting Dally M contention, being it's a best and fairest award, but surely it shouldn't rule Galvin out.

2. Rather than just presenting a problem without a solution though, I propose four weeks worth of suspension be the cut off point for awards other than Dally M. Anything that warrants a four game ban absolutely deserves to see you miss out on an award. Anything less, I just don't see it.

3. The amount of negative carry on toward Clint Gutherson really begs the question - do NRL fans just jump on any player with a personality? I love the King, have said so many times in this very column, but he seems to be under the skin of many players.

4. Following on from the above, any player who seems to have any sort of character seems to immediately become the enemy. Gutherson, Latrell Mitchell, Ronaldo Mulitalo. Three players with huge personalities and the list goes on. Three players who draw the ire of most outside their fanbase. Yet we all scream murder when players give cliche answers in boring interviews. The players can't win.

5. I knew this ridiculous "disruptor"/"obstructor" rule would have fans pulling their hair out. Yesterday there was a clear as day version of this missed by the officials. From there the Tigers, who should have had the ball, were forced to defend and lost a player to the sin bin. This rule must be addressed and clarified right away, or scrapped completely. It's the worst rule in the game right now.

6. Speaking of the incident that reduced the Tigers to 12 men, I have no issues at all with hip-drop tackles being straight send off's. Someone's career is going to be severely hindered by this god awful tackle. Maybe Galvin should be removed from ROTY contention after all.

7. I usually cringe with embarrassment at Ricky Stuart's press conferences and he looks to blame literally anyone other than himself for losses. This week though, he was spot on. None of his players deserved any sort of praise, let alone an international winger who was outplayed by a rookie in his second NRL game.

8. One of the big incidents this weekend revolved around yet another complete accident. Latrell Mitchell, tearing across the field to stop Josh Addo-Carr scoring a try right on halftime, saw him collide with the star winger. It was a sickening collision but what is Latrell supposed to do there? He can't stop. He slid in to make a tackle. If he'd kept running and collided, it could have been far worse. Accidents happen in our game. Same with the May head clash last week. Let's all just hope the Foxx is ok.

9. Jack Williams is the best forward in the game right now. I dare anyone to prove me wrong. Three times he has come on and completely changed the game of the Sharks. The only game Cronulla have dropped was when Williams was named on an edge and robbed of impact.

10. It's early but there's a general feeling that both the Sea Eagles and Cowboys may have been exposed over the weekend. Manly probably should be 4-0 yet sit 2-2 after a horror show loss in the Gong. Meanwhile the Cowboys lost their first real test this season. I am prone to hyperbole but my early "Manly can go deep if they stay fit" comments look at risk, at best right now.

11. David Fifita's return made an immediate impact for the Titans over the weekend but whilst they keep naming Tannah Boyd at halfback, it's just not going to happen. I hate to single out players but these are highly paid professional athletes and they have to perform. AJ Brimson is being wasted in the centres. Surely he moves into a playmaking role from this weekend before the season really gets away from his side.

12. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert about concussion symptoms or the difference between Category 1 and 2 symptoms, but I have to believe Jacob Preston should never have been allowed to return to the field on Friday afternoon. A sickening head knock had everyone convinced his day was over. Not only did he escape being ruled out but he then passed his concussion test. Unfortunately he'll miss a month as a result but momentarily it was great news.

13. I've seen a lot of fans jump on the bunker for allowing Daniel Levi and Kayal Iro to score tries despite both clearly losing possession. Under the current, albeit ridiculous rules, they're both tries. The ball can be lost but as long as there is no separation and it's grounded by your arm, it's a try. Bag the rule, not the officials who got it spot on.

14. There must be something in the Panthers number seven jersey that turns players into superstars. That or Ivan Cleary has constructed the best system we have seen in modern rugby league and even a NSW Cup player can slot in with ease.

15. Is it just me or are completion rates at an all time low this season? Seems like there's a drop every second set. It's early but yuck!

16. You have to feel for Luke Metcalf. He had finally enjoyed a run of injury-free footy and was producing some brilliant performances, only to suffer a horror leg break. From a tackle that is made 300 tackles a week no less. Metcalf has plenty of luck, unfortunately it's all bad.

17. How good was Reece Walsh's hat on Thursday night? Highlight of the weekend for mine.

18. Luke Keary is "lucky" Sandon Smith is unavailable or else there would be a very difficult discussion coming his way.

19. I have to admit that I have missed Monday football. As a home fan it was the worst game of the weekend but as a neutral it was the best. I'd bring it back over that terrible 6pm Friday time slot.

20. I can't be the only neutral fan enjoying the rise of the Tigers!? What an incredible story it has been across the past fortnight. Long may it continue.