SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 04: Corey Norman of the Eels scores a try during the round 21 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and the Gold Coast Titans at ANZ Stadium on August 4, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Corey Norman has rejected a $3 million offer from a Super League team and will fight for his place at the Eels.

It is reported that Huddersfield offered Norman $615,000 a year for four years as they need to sign a marquee player, according to the Daily Telegraph.

With Norman entitled to a $600,000 pay out by the Eels, this would have seen the fullback receiving a massive $3 million.

But Norman has decided to stay with the wooden spooners even though his contract is up next season.

It is a big risk for Norman, who last year was on the chopping block.

He is getting paid in between $800,000 – $900,000 a year which many of his critics believe that he doesn’t deserve it.

“All the indications are that he has taken up the fight and the challenge,” Eels coach Brad Arthur told the Daily Telegraph.

“It’s not so much about proving the doubters wrong, he wants to make sure he gets it right for his teammates.

“Corey still has plenty to offer this competition — that’s the attitude he’s got.

“He wants to get it right, he knows he’s a footballer.”

When asked about Norman’s decision, Arthur was excited that the star player was keen to stay at the club.

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“I can only see that as positive, that he still backs himself.

“It’s a known fact Corey likes playing for our club and he has expressed his desire to want to stay.

“All the evidence at the moment is that he’s committed to having a big season for his teammates.”

A big reason for Norman staying in Australia was because of his family and he is involved in a clothing business called YKTR as Issac John and James Segeyaro are also involved in the business.

With the club having two young halves in Jaeman Salmon and Dylan Brown, Norman has a battle to keep his spot in the team next year as well as his halves partner Mitchell Moses who is also off contract next season.

Parramatta will have over 15 players that are off contract after next season.

“It’s a big year for everyone involved, for all of us,” Arthur said.

“We all have to prove ourselves.

“We need to bite down on the bit and work hard. We worked hard last season but we’ve got to work hard together.

“There’s not one person that can solve it and do it on their own. We’ve got to come together. We didn’t get it right last season but we need to get it right next season. It’s that simple.”


  1. Seen this too many times before. I’ll read you the script:
    – Norman plays great footy between for the first half of the season. Parra fans and media go crazy demanding a new contract.
    – Parra management give in and sign him to a 3 year deal .
    – Norman realises he has his contract renewal and that he doesn’t need to try as hard anymore. Goes back to his usual ways.
    – Norman spotted hanging out with El Chapo.
    – End of 2019 and Parra fans lament why their club decided to resign him.

    • No matter how good he goes he won’t be re-signed. The fact that we were willing to pay him 600k to leave now should tell you that.

      • You might be right but the flip side is that he has rejected a 600K payout plus a 4 year contract which basically secures his future. You gotta look at why he’s done that: by rejecting a move to England it means he is confident at getting another contract in the NRL whether that be at Parra or a different club. There aren’t many clubs lining up for him at the moment and by staying put at Parra it means he thinks there is a chance he will get a new contract.

        I think he can be a decent player when he’s on but way too inconsistent and definitely doesn’t deserve the money he is on. If you guys could resign him for 400-450K a year that could be a decent deal. But will he accept that is another question.

        • I have no doubt he will remain in the NRL but seeing as we offered him 600k to go as well as the fact we shopped him around a few months ago, I think I can safely say he won’t be at Parra once his contract is up. I think the only way we would re-sign him is if he accepted a contract for half of what he is on.
          In all honesty I can see him playing for the donkeys in 2020.

        • I don’t think Parra ‘offered’ him 600K to leave but more so he would be entitled to it if they decide to allow him to cancel his contract early. Just semantics I know but I suppose it means they’re willing for him to leave but not necessarily pushing him out the door. Regardless, we are both in agreement that he is not worth anywhere near what he is on.

          End of the day Parra have 15 players off contract next season and alot of their future and recruitment will be down to what happens with Brad Arthur and if he still has a job this time next year. They might want a complete clear-out or might want to keep some stability, which could include Norman perhaps. The replacement for him is also another question. If Shaun Johnson does end up signing long term for the Sharks, could be worth prying Kyle Flanagan to Parramatta as there would be Moylan, Johnson and Townsend all ahead of him in the pecking order at Cronulla. He would be young, eager to make a name and wouldn’t be on huge money. That’s if his Dad is willing to let him go.

    • – Hangs out with a gambling syndicate of gangsters when Parra Make the top four
      – The very next season Parra finish last due to Norman the gangster member throwing games and making a fortune.
      – Moses obviously on board the ganster throwing game club as both have complete shockers after being stars the year befor and only for poor referring would have defeated Melbourne in the First semi last season.
      – Moses the off sider of Norman stars blaming everyone else but himself and shows his amateurish first year syndrome of being a game thrower whilst Norman has got it perfected.
      – Like a rcae horse who holds back now that Parra are ranked by nobody to make the eight, except me because I’m onto them will now have all the punting agencies giving them massive odds and Parra’s two gangsters will clean up big time this season.
      – Why else would a gangster knock back 3mil in the cold hole of England when he can make 10mil with his ganster syndicate right here in Aussie land 😎😎😎😎🔫😎😎😎😎😎🔫😎😎😎😎😎🔫😎😎😎😎😎

  2. I know it’s not likely but I really like the idea of Corey Norman going to the Titans for Mitch Rein.
    Corey would have to take a pay cut and accept a contract similar to 600k for 3 years. But I think he would love to live up North in the Gold Coast. On the feild he would provide to experience and X-Factor running game which would suit Ash Taylor to can lead the ship and get help on attack. Mitch Rein gets included im the deal as Tyrone Roberts will play the bench utility role, and taking his salary off the books makes the room for Corey.
    Mitch also helps the Eels potentially fill there void at the 9 jersey aswell as giving Salmon or Brown an opportunity to get first grade experience.

    • Have to say that I like what your putting on the table. Seems like a win win for everyone. What of AJ, Peachey and that fella from Melbourne though

  3. Wow, 12 months ago everyone was praising Norman and Moses. Something is amiss here. What changed and how do we get it back.

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