SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 07: Michael Lichaa of the Bulldogs runs the ball during the round 17 NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Canberra Raiders at Belmore Sports Ground on July 7, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs are looking to move on from hooker Michael Lichaa.

Lichaa has been with the side for four seasons, but has failed to live up to the excitement that surrounded him early on.

The Bulldogs believe that Jeremy Marshall-King is a better option in that position despite him having limited experience in the role.

Lichaa has been told that he is free to explore options elsewhere, according to Nine’s World Wide of Sports.

The hooker has played 85 games for the Bulldogs since joining the club in 2015, and has not featured in less than 20 games per season over his four-year stint at Canterbury.


    • After years of telling the Dogs fans that Lichaa was not a first-grader the penny finally drops and the Dogs punt him to the kerb. The problem pedro is that I think they were playing him out of position all along. I believe Lichaa is a left edge back rower, period. That is ALL! He has consistently shown he can’t hit a bull elephant at 10 paces passing left to right but he can hit a grizzly bear passing right to left. He has a good running game and is a decent defender who works hard.

      Lichaa’s 2018 stats:

      20 games, 734 tackles, 36.7 average tackles per game, 94.4% tackle efficiency
      7 try assists, 1 try, 6 Line break assists, 7 offloads, 963 Total running metres

      So not outstanding results but IMO first-grade standard but playing out of position. Not quite the “mascot” I once figured him to be like Gerard Beale.

      • Not sure about second row he could be a good lock he fits that Elijah Taylor/Brandon Smith type build where he chews up minutes in the middle so teams can use interchange on the second row while also filling in at hooker if they need him to on a set by set basis.

        also lock is somewhat easy position to learn especially if you have little ball playing skills could be very effective, while second row you have to learn how to read a defence differently because your on a edge also has to learn good line running.

        • True, but as a lock Lichaa can pop up on both sides of the field and he simply cannot pass left to right with any accuracy or consistency. I was trying to lock him down to one side of the field (no pun intended) where he could be more effective.

          I think Brandon Smith is a class above Taylor and several classes above Lichaa he has much more to his game to be compared with Lichaa. Elijah Taylor would be a better comparison but he is more versatile than Lichaa and can fill in at 5/8 if required and do a reasonable job.

          I agree that defensive reads defending on the left edge would be Lichaa’s biggest challenge and yes, it is definitely a different prospect. Defensively he defends well in the middle but a team would be jeopardising throwing a spanner in the works if Lichaa was relied upon to be a link moving the ball to the right side of the field.

          Do you remember the death stares Lichaa got from Josh Reynolds and Moses Mbye? Well, apart from running the ball on 5th tackle they were predominantly for passes that went to ground or got lost in transit passing from left to right. Perhaps Dogs fans see things differently but that is my take on things. At the end of the day, I thought that I would speak up for the kid as I have been one of his biggest detractors on this site while he was burdened with the dummy half role at the Dogs. There are better, younger players like Cameron Murray, Victor Radley, TPJ, for example, coming through all the time and Lichaa will continue to fall further and further off the pace as they do.

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  1. Now that Cam King is gone, He will fit right in other the Eels and there crappy underperforming forward pack. Otherwise he could end up with the Tigers and there pretty crappy forwards. Liddle for Lichaa swap … makes sense

  2. he came to the dogs with all the hype and FAILED
    Then for 3 games in 2017 he showed promise and Pay took a punt
    2018 was a Fail at best so time to go

    Im still scratching my head how they let Zac Wolford go, he was coming along nicely.
    How they think JMK is the answer beats me. Then there’s Nu Brown?

    Liddle? an upgrade from what we got

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