WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 28: Euan Aitken of the Dragons celebrates victory during the round 15 NRL match between the St George Illawarra Dragons and the North Queensland Cowboys at WIN Stadium on June 28, 2019 in Wollongong, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

After a horror 2019 the Dragons will begin the summer clean out with backs Matt Dufty and Euan Aitken told they are free to find new clubs in 2020.

After signing a deal as early as February this year, Dufty has been re-considered by the club who are now looking for a more efficient fullback. Dufty managed only five tries in 16 games as well as only steering St George to a handful of wins.

In a similar fashion, Aitken has also failed to fire with five tries in 21 games this season.

Changes are happening around the club after the torrid time in 2019, with both assistant coaches Ben Hornby and Dean Young to also move on in a big re-building period for the club.

It's been a hard few months for the Dragons who have won one of their last seven games in the NRL, and are facing the Roosters this week.

It will be 10 years since their last premiership in the NRL and Dragons fans are getting fed up with the underperforming nature of their team at the moment.


  1. No Thanks re Dufty. Chip on his shoulder and very average. Aitken was NSW centre after round 2 this year they said. Something amiss there.

  2. Shouldn’t Lafai be joining them. Well next year it will be Lomax to fb

    1) Lomax
    2) Saab
    3) ???? Pearson
    4) Lafai
    5) ????
    6 Norman
    7 Hunt

    Stupid dragons should offer Garrick a contract and bring him back home. Maybe they should chase Ramien too. They need gun centres.

  3. It’s a start, but there is still a long way to go. I feel a little sorry for Euan Aitken and think that he’s a victim of the team’s performances this season. Given the right environment and style of play he could really flourish at a different club imo. Other players such as Lachlan Maranta, Mitch Allgood and Jonus Pearson will probably be moved on and despite the constant criticism of Tim Lafai, I think the Dragons will keep him because he’s the most experienced centre they have and I believe a lot of the criticism of him is unwarranted.
    A player like Daren Nicholls could be kept on as a mentor to the young halves playing lower grades, and as I suggested recently, the Red V need to buy a decent backup for the little warhorse Cameron McInnes.
    The Dragons should also keep JDB away from the playing group next year now that his court case has been put back to March 2020. Having him around wouldn’t be good for the players considering the type tf charges against him. He can get all the support he needs from the club’s welfare arm and his family and friends and other outsiders.
    It will be very interesting to see which players they can bring to the club for 2020. I would start with Aidan Sezer.

  4. Word is st George mgmt has dropped the acid on Mary. “If you don’t show improvement over the next seven seasons, we have to have harsh words with you”.

  5. Now Lafai please.
    Daffy why would you play Lomax at fullback?
    This kid reminds me so much of Gasnier. Can step off both feet and has a offload, he’s a centre not a fullback.
    Club looking for a good fullback, don’t rush with the decision Dragons as this decision could mean the difference between finals or the spoon next season

  6. cmonthedragons Lomax indicated earlier this year it was his preferred option, but if we have other better options then for sure Lomax to centre makes sense. McGregor of course playing out of position on the wing rather than drop one of the other centres.

    Still you do know if Bellamy or Hasler had Dufty or Aitken they’d be killing it now. IMO Mary should have been shown the door first and Dufty and Aitken given a year to prove themselves with a new coach, then punt them if that fails. Mary has no real game plan, it’s boring and insipid and the players look disinterested in trying the same rubbish every week that keeps failing.

  7. I know it looks like a good idea to get rid of those players now. Trust me though St.George fans, it won’t work out well. Those two players are bound to go to other clubs & play brilliantly? You can almost be on it!

  8. Aitken maybe EastOfDivide but not Dufty, he’s too small and every time he returns the ball he get’s pushed back more metres than he gained.
    I’m also happy for Lafai to go play brilliantly for another club.

  9. Get rid of McGregor first, he just has no idea how to coach and motivate players. McGregor is only fit to be a water boy and runner. A total clean out is needed otherwise the Dragons face a very grim few years and will be cellar dwellers.

  10. wonder if dragons would do a straight swap, Aitken for Dugan? although Duges has been havin a dig lately…

  11. Who needs Dugan, he is so full of himself. Start by sacking that imposter McGregor !!
    Then find a new coach from outside the club.

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