SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 20: Cody Walker of the Rabbitohs celebrates scoring a try with Dane Gagai of the Rabbitohs during the NRL Semi Final match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Manly Sea Eagles at ANZ Stadium on September 20, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Rabbitohs five-eighth Cody Walker's asking price may be too high for the club, as his management says he is worth $850,000 - $900,000 and the Souths won't offer him a contract that high.

According to The Daily Telegraph, The Rabbitohs have set a price range of $650,000 per year for Walker and they will not go much higher than that.

Walker is also believed to be an "immensely popular" player amongst Souths management teammates as they want him to stay.

Another recent Daily Telegraph reported stated Walker was wanting a "a rich three-year contract extension at South Sydney worth $2.55 million", revealing that two rival clubs are willing to lure Walker with a $900,000 per season contract.

The Rabbitohs are yet to offer Walker a new deal as he will be out of contract at the end of the 2020 season.

The 29-year-old has continually been linked to the Titans but Gold Coast have not yet offered Walker anything.

Walker was a stand-in captain for the Rabbitohs last season when Sam Burgess was not playing.

He would be an ideal replacement captain of the outgoing Burgess (who has retired due to a chronic shoulder injury).

Clubs can now make formal offers who come off contract after next season due to the November 1st deadline being passed.


  1. I think Souths have their offer about right. I hope he stays there. Souths gave him his chance and upgraded him mid contract when he was performing from memory. I think he should repay them and stay for a fair price.

  2. 650k is probably under value for him especially considering the year he’s had and that he was a stand in captain.

    Walker was 5th equal in tries (best half), 4th equal in line breaks (best half), 6th equal in try assists and 4th equal in line break assists.

    On defence he made less miss tackles than Mitch Moses, James Maloney, Ben Hunt, Mitchell Pearce, Luke Brooks, Cam Munster, Adam Reynolds, Jack Wighton, Micheal Morgan, Chad Townsend and Blake Green. That’s doesn’t say he’s a great defender but it shows that if you d line targets the halves he fairs better than most halves.
    He also gives you less errors than Jack Wighton, Luke Keary, Mitchell Moses, Micheal Morgan and Mitchell Pearce and Anthony Milford. Again doesn’t mean a hell of a lot but shows he’s more reliable to not make a mistake than a few top halves.

    Even if you don’t like Walker he had a career year, he’s one of the games best ball running five eights and he should be played like so.
    I’d say 900k is fair

  3. Greggo Bwahahahahahaha, are you in their “dream time”???????
    What this bloke is doing to Souths is exactly what Mitchell is doing to the Sydney Roosters.

    The only difference is this greedy individual player who never passes the ball needs a big contract as he nears the end of his short career.

    Whilst Mitchell is just pure greedy off the field for money at the begining of his career.

    I hear when Mitchell finds some victim to pay him a million, it is rumored he will put and escalator over Ayres Rock so no whities have to walk on the Rock.

  4. He’s a good player but has his moments and isn’t a big game player. Should of never let Keary go. On his day he is unbelievable. $750k but $900k is asking a lot. We need a fullback, pack leader & a captain. This is a big void for us.

  5. Ahahahahahahahaha how funny is this scenario?
    The player who bombed his chance at Origin is doing a Latrell Mitchell “I am worth more money”

    Must be a trait when you get dumped from Origin they both think they deserve a pay increase for making the Origin that they got sacked from.

    At the end of the day Cody Walker is highly overrated and prefers to zig zag on his own, searching for self glory, before he will set his outside backs up for tries.

    Souths need a decent 5/8 before a Latrell Mitchell who is lucky to get his hands on the ball half a dozen times a game for one expensive million. I would love to see a clubless team like Souths get Mitchell and chew up their dud buying salary cap.

  6. Swa9amuff1n, you make a good point (again).
    I was surprised by some of the stats, even checked a couple out, because he just doesn’t seem that influential, not consistently anyway.
    My immediate thought was the Bunnies were on the money (at around $650-700k), and even with the stats it still looks about right to me (stats alone aren’t everything by any stretch) but adding those stats to some of the salaries of other players in similar positions, albeit many are overpaid (IMO) you’ve got a case, and a pretty strong one at that.
    P.S – thank you. I like reading your comments.

  7. Done nothing to be worth that coin. When he’s a SOO regular and plays for Australia then he’ll be worth it. Can’t defend to save his life.

  8. Adamhoward – So are you telling me he’s not worth 650k? Do you watch much footy mate. Walker is an extremely dangerous player especially in the Op 20m. swa9amuff1n has provided some good stats that would easily support that value. I’m not a South supporter but he’s a very good running half.

  9. You need to lift your game Shadow. Reading your comments is about as entertaining as watching paint dry mate. Do you recon Walker is a gun and important to your team? Do you recon Souths should pay him 900k a season?

  10. Greggos I think we need to look at the stats putting them in perspective. Walker played 25 games
    Whilst the other did not. So the true stats should be average unlike this post by…….

    November 6, 2019 at 4:57

    “Walker was 5th equal in tries (best half), 4th equal in line breaks (best half), 6th equal in try assists and 4th equal in line break assists.”

    Now lets see if Walker is a team player on average stats with players who have played at least 12 games

    Try assists Average Walker 18th 1st Keary 22 in 22 games, Walker 16 in 25 games.

    Line break assists average. Walker 13th.
    1st Keary 20 in 22 games, Walker 16 in 25 games

    So we can see Walker is not a good 5/8 in setting up his outside backs.
    But like I said he seeks self glory by keeping the footy for himself by having a high count of selfish runs for himself with line breaks and tries scored.

    This is why Fittler sacked Walker. He is a footy hogger.

  11. Firstly I don’t understand your paling about average Walker stats and stuff. Your literally comparing Walker to the best five eight in the game in Keary. If anything the fact Walker played 25 games in itself is a good thing it means he had less days off unlike the other blokes.

    And to put Walkers stats into perspective, his 4th equal most tries is the same number of tries as Origin and Kangaroos winger Josh Addo-Carr. It’s 5 more than Suli Vunivalu, CNK and Ponga.
    His 16 tries is double Micheal Pearce and Cam Munsters try numbers and almost double Jack Wighton try total and all 3 of those guys played roughly the same amount of games.

    Walker made more line breaks than RTS, Latrell Mitchell, Clint Gutho, Cam Munster and Jack Wighton. Wighton actually played the same amount of games and Walker had again almost double his line breaks.

    I could go and do this for each category, try assists more than Munster, Milford, Gutho, Teddy, Pearce and Cronk. But it’s a waste of time you get the point. Cody Walker is a top half in this game.

    I’ve chose to list players that are halves or have played halves and players on close to a million to show the Walkers numbers are equal if not better so why shouldn’t he be paid like them. Jack Wighton is considered a big strong halve and Walker broke the line more than him by double almost and he also scored double as many tries.
    Jack Wighton also funnily enough turned down 700k and says he wants closer to 900k (just like Walker) and off the back of this year I’d have those two pretty close to each other.

    Yes, Wighton and the Raiders made it to the final and were robbed yes but that was off the back of a team effort in which Wighton did play well. Wighton has also had off field issues such as beating 5 mean outside a nightclub. Walker hasn’t had said issues and since he’s taken over the five eight role full time 2018 the rabbits have finished 3rd twice. That shows you the kind of impact he has had at the club.

    Personally I think Cody Walker because he is 29, should have a front loaded contract. 900k this year, 800k next year, 700k the last year of the deal. This has Walker happy and paid, Rabbits keep there player and as the salary cap increases his contract decreases which is great for building a winning team.

    Rabbits with the loss of Sam Burgess do need a big forward tho. Id let Alex Johnson walk, you don’t need him and that also frees up more money. As for who you get to replace Burgess I’d try for Daniel Saifiti and Marty Taupau.

  12. LidcombeOval
    November 6, 2019 at 4:05 pm
    “Anthem dodger”

    Good on him. Had every right to.
    Whst makes you a great aussie?

  13. Maybe he would like to play centre at Penrith? I don’t see many signings there & the club has plenty of halves. If he gets about the right money, he should be happy to play any position. It looks like the offer only has to be about $700,000 at the moment. Doesn’t look like any other club has offered more than the $650,000?
    The experience he’d bring to the backline there could be a big help.
    Then they just have to continue with getting rid of Whare & Mansour.

  14. Put simply swa9amuff1n average is what you need to go on because for example if Keary plays 22 games and has 22 try assists then he sets up a try every time he plays. Whilst Walker plays 25 games and sets up 16 tries means he only sets up one try every game and a half. Put even more simple walker needs 120mis to set up a try while Keary in comparison needs just 80mins

    Therefore Walker with your own stats prove what I am saying. He is a ball hogger when his job is to create space for the speedy outside backs but he runs himself to often wasting great opportunities for the team, by trying to get his own try tally up higher. A good 5/8 job is to create room for the backs. In my opinion he will never win a comp and is being overpaid immensely at Souths.

    Ask yourself swa9amuff1n how many tries did Roberts, Gagai, Johnston, Burns and Graham and their dud fulback get this year. Then you will have your answer if he gets the backs going or if he is an individual looking for self glory glory from Soufth Sydney.

    Remember 5/8s rarley are in the top 25 season top try scorers for all clubs list. But this ball hogger is Souths top try scorer because he refuses to pass the footy. Souths next best is a winger 14 then followed by a forward 12. That clearly shows Soufths backs see very little footy.

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