He was banished from the NRL for an incident that affected no person except for himself.

Now, it’s time to forgive and forget, and give Todd Carney his rugby league send off.

The former Dally M winner was snapped doing ‘the bubbler’ midway through 2014, which saw him immediately rubbed out from the NRL for life.

Since then, Carney has featured in the Super League with Catalans, Salford and Hull KR, before returning to Byron Bay to captain-coach the local side, not to mention autobiography Hard Truths was released late last year.

Carney is still in shape, having featured for the Barbarians at last year’s annual Legends of League tournament in Newcastle, and thoroughly deserves to have his swan song at the highest level.

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With the NRL Nines returning this year, in Perth this time around, and the amount of retirees that feature in the tournament (as well as Sydney Swans legend Nick Davis), why not add Todd to the list?

And where else than where it all started - the Canberra Raiders.

Carney grew up not too far from Canberra in the town of Goulburn and dreamed up wearing the lime green.

Unfortunately his dream was short lived, but here is our chance as a rugby league community to right this wrong, and let Todd walk around away from the NRL in his own terms.

The man has matured a long way since his days playing for the nation’s capital.

So please click here to sign our petition and get the wheels rolling to give Todd Carney a proper send off.



  1. Ruled out for life just for being a tool. Can’t see that he hurt anyone else.

    And yet there’s about a dozen violent thugs and woman bashers still happily running around each week.

  2. Todd Carney: Does the bubbler and gets banned for life.

    Greg Inglis: Beats a woman. Gets the Australian Captaincy and gets a multi million dollar payout for a retirement scam.

    Way to go NRL.

  3. BB, Kev… 100%

    If we rid the NRL of all the ‘tools’, characters, larikins it would be a very skinny comp

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Never hurt a fly, but the Matt Lodges etc are lauded as champions. NRL = JOKE

  5. I have to agree that seemingly getting dumped for nothing more than a simple joke seems harsh, but I just read an old article detailing his issues during his time in the NRL and he is clearly a repeat offender that doesn’t seem to understand that when he has rules in place that he needs to abide by them in order to continue playing.
    It may seem unfair that he is not playing in the NRL, but the most recent offence seems to be the straw that broke the camels back, rather than the most heinous of crimes which led to his banishment.

  6. Sorry but Carney does not deserve to come back. He had numerous drunken incidents and was sacked by 3 clubs. The bubbler may not have hurt anyone but himself but it was an ugly look for his club and for the game. Playing professional sport is a privilege and he disrespected that. The game is well shot of him.

    I make no comment nor comparisons with anyone else. There are plenty of others who should not be allowed near this great sport.

  7. Maybe you could go to Goulburn and do the deed for Todd Carney and all of the good people of the town Brennan.Lane.

  8. Barry Beath
    January 23, 2020 at 10:31 am
    “Ruled out for life just for being a tool. Can’t see that he hurt anyone else.”

    Jake Friend charged and convicted with possessing illegal prescription drugs and in possession of prescription pads with the potential to be misused and cause harm to kids yet swept under the carpet?
    Way to go NRL

  9. Where do we start with Mitch Pearce, Blake Ferguson, Shaun Kenny Doud, Tetevano etc , etc, all roosters at the time and all taken care of no questions asked.
    Tod Carney a saint compared to these impostors.

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