AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JULY 14: Nathan Cleary of the Panthers makes a run during the round 19 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Penrith Panthers at Mt Smart Stadium on July 14, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

The New South Wales Blues team in the future will contain a number of young players who established themselves in the 2017 season.

Up-and-comers who’d made a name for themselves to an extent where they look seemingly likely to play Origin in the near future.

The players that headline our team include:

Nick Cotric, an 18-year-old who dominated the rookie of the year award, has proved his worth as an origin player, never looking out of place when playing for Canberra this year.

Clinton Gutherson, who suffered several lacklustre years, has this year proved his desire to reach an elite class in the rugby league hierarchy. His versatility on the field would be a real asset during rep football.

David Klemmer will lead the team from the front. After nine origin games off the bench, the Bulldogs prop finally earned a starting spot in the Australian Kangaroos side for the world cup, and didn’t he take it with both hands? Running for 132 metres, NSW fans have all the more reason to be excited Klemmer; who is a possibility to captain the side next year.

Nathan Cleary had a breakout year, with the 18-year-old scoring the most points in the season. Not a bad way to begin your Origin destined career.

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Concluding our highlighted players, Regan Campell-Gillard looks set to be the NSW hitman and will undoubtedly earn himself a spot for the Blues in the 2018 origin series. Already being selected for Australia, the Panthers prop showcased his instant impact off the bench, earning a spot in the Dally M Team Of The Year.

Predicted 2020 NSW Blues side

  1. James Tedesco (27)
  2. Tom Trbojevic (24)
  3. Clint Gutherson (26)
  4. Jack Bird (25)
  5. Nick Cotric (22)
  6. Luke Keary (28)
  7. Nathan Cleary (23)
  8. Aaron Woods (29)
  9. Nathan Peats (30)
  10. David Klemmer (27)
  11. Boyd Cordner (28)
  12. Josh Jackson (29)
  13. Jake Trbojevic (26)
  14. Regan Campell-Gillard (27)
  15. Tyson Frizell (29)
  16. Wade Graham (30)
  17. Jordan Mclean (29)

The team chemistry is adequate, with a wide variety of different ages. The backline is particularly young, however, the forwards are experienced, and are in their prime stage in their careers.


    • Gutho would fill any nearly spot from the bench. I agree James Roberts or Dylan walker to that centre spot.

      • Walker definitely before Gutho, only because of his explosiveness. Gutho is going to run into a porblem (at least as far as a representative career is concerned), that he is a fantastic utility player, but probably isn’t going to be the best in any one position, so will struggle to make rep teams. On top of that I think someone like Peachey offers more impact from the bench, so I don’t think he will get a bench spot either.

        Cotric will get there in the longer term future I think, at this stage Mansour will be there before him.

  1. That’s a good squad, especially being able to leave out Josh Mansour and James Roberts (although he may only have his speed for one or two more seasons/injuries). Only a couple of questions: Why is Aaron Woods in and Andrew Fafita (love him or hate him) out? Who would be the next best halves if these 2 were injured? I wonder what the 2020 team for Queensland looks like without Cameron Smith, JT and a few others?

  2. Full disclosure – I’m a victorian who supports qld. I would build the team around jack bird at 5/8th. Big build, strong runner and tackler, quick – very similar to munster and morgan. I’m actually wondering if anyone is thinking the same. Think about it, Cleary’s kicking game plus bird running.
    Btw – no latrell??? too early now but surely in the future

    • I’d also add curtis scott as a smokey and addo-carr to think about, his speed has been a revelation at storm. It is a good team though without doubt. Origin may get interesting again with the retirement of slater thurston cronk and smith and all the talent waiting in the wings for NSW

  3. Next year will be

    1: J Tedesco
    2: J Mansour
    3: M Jennings
    4: D Walker
    5: J Addo-Carr / T Trbojevic
    6: J Hayne
    7: J Maloney
    8: D Klemmer
    9: N Peats
    10: A Fifta
    11: B Cordner ( C )
    12: W Graham
    13: J Trbojevic

    14: J Bird
    15: S Boyd
    16: Jr Paulo
    17: T Frizzel
    18: J Jackson

    I’ve got some experience in there and some young up and comers
    I think Hayne should be 5/8th has a good passing and running game and is a big unit
    Pearce. Woods, Dugan, Ferguson will be cut

  4. NSW fans are obsessed with picking hypothetical Origin Teams. The problem is they just keeping throwing up the same suspects that have failed previously, with the odd up and coming potential immortal thrown in. Maloney, Fifita, Jackson, Hayne, Woods, etc. really.

  5. 1. Tredesco
    2. Mitchell
    3. Walker
    4. Tjrboveic
    5. Adoo-Carr/Nofoluma
    6. Moses/Keary/Field
    7. Cleary
    8. Klemmer
    9. Brailey
    10. Woods
    11. Cordner
    12. Graham
    13. Tjrboveic

    14. Bird
    15. Fifita
    16. Frizzel
    17. De Belin

    18. McInnes/Peats
    19. Cotric/Edwards/Gutho
    20. Crichton/Jr Paulo

  6. 1. Tedesco
    2. Trbojevic
    3. Mitchell
    4. Walker
    5. Addo-Carr / Mansour
    6. Moses
    7. Cleary
    8. Klemmer
    9. Peats
    10. Campbell-Gillard
    11. Cordner
    12. Graham
    13. Trbojevic
    14. Bird
    15. Chrighton
    16. De Belin
    17. Jordan McLean

    • Hey , to me Alex Johnston should be considered way in front of Trbojevic, Addo-Carr and especially Mansour, he would have won the leading try scoring this year if he didn’t get injured for the last two games , plus he is adept at fullback plus he has already played for Australia, why isn’t his name put out there? anyway my opinion, and while i’m at it, off topic for this but, , Angus Crichton only had one season of good footy and already people are getting ahead of themselves with him, if he goes to another club, so be it , it would not be the end of the world, he is not a world beater by any means, a solid player but not a game breaker, let him go if that is want he wants, no big loss has far as i’m concerned

      • I disagree on Johnson over Mansour or Turbo. Last year French got up there on the leading try scorer tally only playing half the season, but alone doesn’t make him rep material.

        I do, to an extent, agree with your comments on Crichton. For the record I think he will go onto to be a star, but I wouldn’t be paying full price for that status yet. I’d go about as far as $600k p.a for 3 years now, which would no doubt price me out the market, but he’s still got to prove himself before I could go any higher.

        Now that said, I can understand you being disappointed, as a Bunnies fan, but I think you’re under rating the potential loss a bit much.

        • Eels more of a frustrating reply really, but just how much do you pay for potential? Angus has been told that if his potential holds up he we be a future captain of the club, but it seems to me that he is not taking that into consideration, so maybe it is best that he goes and we move on to someone who values the Souths jersey more, i don’t know , but would like to know what Souths did offer him though.

          Alex Johnston will progress to be one of the best wingers in the game i believe, sure i’m bias , but he is maturing into a very good all round player, wing/fullback and quick, plus he will never let you down.

  7. 2020:
    1. J Tedesco
    2. D Nofoaluma
    3. D Walker
    4. L Mitchell
    5. N Cotric
    6. C Gutherson
    7. N Cleary (gk)
    8. D Klemmer
    9. J Liddle
    10. A Twal
    11. B Cordner (c)
    12. J Jackson
    13. J Trbojevic

    14. W Graham
    15. T Frizell
    16. J McLean
    17. R Campbell-Gillard

    Coach: B Fitler

    18. T Trbojevic

  8. Who’s going to be in the 2020 Origin side? I’m happy to wait, and decide closer to that time.

    But I’m getting very keen to know who Parra is adding to our 2018 roster. I know it’s not related to the current article, but in fairness that’s part of my point / the problem, in that there are no Parra articles, because we haven’t signed anyone (other than Evans), and we’ve lost several players.

    I thought we were on the verve of signing another prop weeks ago, and still nothing, and in the member email from Bernie he alluded to some pending signings, but still nothing.

    Maybe we’re being very (uncharacteristically) patient, and the strategy is to be one of the last clubs with cap room for a potential domino effect situation, or maybe we’re just intending to bring more juniors through to the FG squad (but I doubt we’re doing that alone), or hopefully something is close (not Hayne).

    Has anyone heard any rumours (other than about Hayne), and not related to cross dressing Manly supporters, which would be absurd of course (implying there is more than 1 Manly supporter, REALLY?).

    • Cross dressing Manly supporters ? Mighty we may cross dress however it’s were you put your 13 spoons that should raise alarm bells

  9. @Eelsalmighy

    From a few sources J Hayne is a done deal ( so we will wait and see )

    Dylan Napa heard he’s very close to signing with us..

    Tony Williams has been mention as a possible come back

    I think Hayne will be announced after the World Cup is done

    • Thanks Semi.
      I suspect you’re right on Hayne. I’m looking at that 1 as a case of “if BA’s confident enough to sign him”, and I’m still not convinced.
      Napa, I haven’t heard that. I’d be happy to get him.
      Tony Williams – hmmmm?

      • tony williams is already there i am led to believe – low value contract for wenty….
        hayne is a done deal and napa just needs to finalise the deal for his rorters departure so they can sign angus crichton straight away.

        • So assuming we do get Hayne, and it sounds like we will, I’d expect he would play FB, if not maybe centre, but I doubt it.

          If it’s FB, then Gutho and French to wings, keeping Taka’s and Jennings in the centres, or Taka’s to the bench, and Auva’a or Hoffman to centre or wing, depending on if Gutho would them play centre or wing. Surely we wouldn’t want to run Gutho as a bench utility?

          Its doing my head in, but I’d probably go:

          Taka’s on the bench as utility / bench forward.


        • it will be an interresting selection condundrum for BA.
          I would probably go with:
          1. The King
          2. French
          3. Jenko
          4. Taka
          5. Hayne
          But that being said i would give Hayne and The King roving commissions where they could interchange roles depending on the situation and field position. Maybe when team is in defendng in deep into the opp half, have Hayne back there for a strong kick return with the king running off him in support. But in attack let them play whats in front of them – nothing breaks up an opp defence when you have a couple of unpredictable players running at you.
          Despite what a lot say, Taka has to be on the field when fit – yes i understand his utility value, but having a big body who can pass, kick, run hard and has a handy off load, presents greater opportunities for those inside and outside of him than say an Auvuaa could who just runs hard. The latter part of the season he provided a lot of good go forward to allow semi to do what he did.
          If it all works out and Hayne can play even to 85% of his ability, then it would have to make that backline one of the best in the comp, if not the best.
          Interestng times.

        • and to add to this – maybe we can send hoffman back to the GC.
          I don’t rate him and think our $’s could be better spent elsewhere.
          Great to Leleisiuao, Dane Aukafolau and Stone eleveated to the top squad.
          May not see much game time in 2017 but to have them locked in for the future is promsing..

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