SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 25: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks on during the round 7 NRL match between the Sydney Roosters and the St George Illawarra Dragons at the Sydney Cricket Ground on April 25, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

NRL auditor Richard Gardham will have the final say on Latrell Mitchell’s market value, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The NRL’s salary cap laws state a player cannot be signed to a contract worth considerably less than his market value.

This means that Gardham’s verdict on any contract Mitchell is offered will be key.

The star fullback has had a variety of different contracts offered to him over the summer, including an $800,000-a-season deal from the Roosters that was withdrawn and a $1 million deal from the Wests Tigers.

The Rabbitohs tabled a one-year $400,000 deal that would need to be rubber-stamped by Gardham, but the Roosters could help out by paying a sum of it.

It is understood that his value would be compared to the likes of James Tedesco, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Tom Trbojevic, who are significantly higher salaries.


  1. In 2019 Wests and Easts valued Latrell at their contract amounts of 800-950K on offer for Latrell. The NRL need to do the same. Overlapping old contract signed three seasons ago should be irrelevant. Those two clubs mentioned offered contracts in writing and that is his current value today.

  2. Offers aren’t the player’s true worth, they are what clubs are willing to pay to get a certain player. Often they are overs. To get Mitchell’s true worth let’s all look at the $800k he was offered. Was it $500k plus $300k third party? Or whatever. Let the auditors work it out, no, can we trust the auditors?

  3. Also according to this story. “It is understood that his value would be compared to the likes of James Tedesco, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Tom Trbojevic, who are significantly higher salaries.”

    Latrell will then be valued above 1 million which is considerably more than our overrated new Souths import Arrow.
    I have been saying this to TwentyOne for quite a while but the fantasy lad refuses to see logic when I say….I just can not see Mitchell in a South Sydney jumper next season. Even with our attempts to back end his contract with a two or three year deal the final years will be far to high.

    Mid season crazy purchase of James Roberts costing above half a mil has destroyed any hope of securing the mentally ill Mitchell.

  4. Brennan clown
    Cordner should be the highest payed player in the after all he is the Australian captain 1.5 million
    Keary is considered the best play maker 1.4 million
    Tedesco is the best player 1..4 million
    Jwh and tko are the best props 1 million each

  5. BL I don’t think you should be calling anyone mentally ill, you are housed in the same facility with russelcrower, not sure who you support or who you are!

  6. Toddy123
    Conspiracy theory, maybe these supposed supporters are just ZT whipping up some banter to get clicks to their site. They surely can’t be serious.

  7. Why Australian invader Toddy 12 or 3 goonies today? As far as I know aren’t our arch rivals the Sydney Roosters paying them what the NRL considers to be at current value? Is that why The Roosters can not afford Latrell after they spent his money offered on upgrades?

    Wingers are the lowest paid position, so at 33 For Morris and 31 for Hall at the end of their careers, what is their price at the current market value as vetrens? 300K each?

  8. BL
    Totally incorrect. I have been a regular visitor to ZT but only just recently decided to post.
    Your are very very nervous don’t know who you are or who you are talking too, get the straight jacket out.

  9. Toddy obviously you drinking up to 3 casks a day has your brain cells disintegrating at speed coming up with your rediculous figures for ……

    “Cordner 1.5 million
    Keary 1.4 million
    Tedesco 1..4 million
    Jwh and tko are the best props 1 million each”

    Firstly my South Sydney Rabbits who buy more players than any team could not afford those figures, neither could Easts or any club for that matter.

    The best place for you Toddy is Rehab. Get off the goony juice.

  10. Toddy, Brennan is a kid on fan who just bumps his gums before anything happens. I mean Arrow has only player origin and Bennett has been coaching over 30 years. Oh yeah Brennan knows best. Brennan give the bloke a chance and latrell clearly wants to play for the bunnies. And mental illness a serious issue chief. Shouldn’t be bagging people mate. #noidea

  11. Sidney must be a new Australian ratbag doctor from Italy.

    Look at his lingo.
    “Youra very very nervous don’t know whoa you are or who you are a talking too, get the straightA jacket out.
    Drop the a after the word you daygo.

  12. This kid has been screwed by his managers, by not accepting an $800k contract from the best team in the league and also passing up on a mil from the Tigers, he and his management have assessed his worth at over $800k, more so even higher than the mil on offer fro the tigers, $400k it a Bennet joke.

  13. Mitchell in my understanding of this entire off season circus has indeed mental health issues. Has’nt this boy changed managers for the third time in six months. Didnt Mitchell tell evreryone that he wants a million to look after his family, Mitchell also said the sky is the limit on how much he wants in his next contract.

    Then after stuffing all the clubs interested in him up he comes back to the Roosters bawling his eyes out. Now Wests Tigers said they are interested still in him if ge comes knocking on their door but he is now considering an offer of Souths for 400k.

    Sorry everyone but this player has big mental health issues. The Roosters have doctored and cared for him for years but he spits in their face then wants back in. Sydney have had his exit penciled in from the begining of the year when they put feelers out for Newcastle discard Reiman.

    I hope all the people who have given this poor man advise by leaving the Roosters are happy. They have been bombarding his mind to go to Souths now his dream is on the verge of fullfillment minus up to 600k per year. The boy has not matured and listens to idiots. Mitchell will look back on his Rooster years as his best. Bye bye

  14. Well I tend to agree with you on most of what you have said there MarkofManyWords.
    He is only 22.
    Good comment!

  15. No1 rooster, sorry ex rooster fan idol and pin up star Latrell Mitchell will be proudly wearing the famous cardinal and myrtle colors of the South Sydney Rabbitohs in 2020 to fulfill his lifelong passion to play there.
    Everyone knows it’s where you belong.

  16. Stiive – souths need Arrow more than Latrell and their pack is light on, not sure it is the 2nd year syndrome but at least they have same coach two years in a row.
    Maybe Latrell might be better off under Bennet’s grandfatherly approach.

  17. makeup.mywords given the many nics you post under and the amount of time you spend agreeing and complimenting same, I would suggest there is a strong case for mental health issues going on right there.
    Drowning those long necks every night is not a cure.

  18. All these poor shell shocked ro.rter supporters on here are all of a sudden psychologists, accountants, recipients of well informed sources regarding the affairs of Latrell Mitchell.
    Unfortunately every one of them knows sweet f.a other than what suits them to believe from the media and go into a posting frenzy assuming the rest of us pay any attention to their garbage.
    Bottom line, Latts is coming home to his Rabbitohs.
    Welcome Latts.

  19. Brennan clown what makes you think I’m a Australian invader? Please enlighten me as to how you came up with such a name

  20. Things very quiet here since the news tonight of Latrell excited about meeting the best Wayne Bennett next couple of days to discuss his new role with the Rabbitohs.
    Welcome home Latts.

  21. I think the $400k deal being talked about is a bit low, even considering the only 9 or 10 month contract arguement, which in its self is pushing the envelope. Even considering he’s currently contracted (for 2020) at $550k, when you consider what’s changed since that deal (price) was inked.
    That said, surely “the star FB’s” (when did he become a “star FB”, even if he signs on somewhere to play FB), value shouldn’t be compared to RTS, Teddy, or a “top end” Turbo price?
    If I was the NRL I’d be encouraging clubs (at least those that have shown interest in recent months) to offer any genuine “expressions of interest” to his manager ASAP, and making a “fair value” call (if it’s ultimately needed) based around that. I don’t think you can make a call using RTS / Teddy, or based on the early “bidding war” prices with what’s transpired since.
    All that said, if a club gets him now on a $500/600/700k 1 year deal, and him playing for his future, well that’s a buy.

  22. Mark & Brennan Woodlumps.
    If Mitchell wanted to stay at the French Dressed Chickens, you’d say he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Has no problems & is correctly valued for every contract.
    Now that he wanted to get his true value in a contract & not at the Nuggets. He’s like an enemy of the state. He has real mental issues & should have a value placed on him by the NRL.
    That’s a slippery slope you’d like to see employed by the NRL WoodRots. Especially where your Chicken Nuggets are concerned. If every player has a value placed on them based on success, if they’re rep players, finals appearances etc. . Then your club could never fit their squad under the salary cap.
    So there would be no more hiding payments , & undervaluing players ,for their so called fair contracts.
    I guess you should rethink that strategy , for the sake of your clubs underpriced players contracts!

  23. So clowns like you ClownOfDivide think that Latrell Mitchell has no mental health issue.
    When a player knocks back money that he is asking for from the Wests Tigers and then considers going to a club for 600K per season less, you say that he is in a normal state of mind. The evidence is right in front of you but you do not accept facts.

    Just like in the Asiata story you claim him as a Penrith junior when he played all his kid footy for Wentworthville.

    Look ClownOfDivide even you admit that Mitchell value is up sky high when you wrote and I quote….

    “Now that he wanted to get his true value in a contract & not at the Nuggets.” 

    Well clown I guess you forgot your own stratergy in why Mitchell knocked back 800K from the Roosters and more from the Tigers to play for a team that the NRL know are attempting to buy him at a super cut discount price that the NRL will undoubtedly not allow.

  24. Brennan
    I had a conversation with woody, and as I recall you weren’t even on the site, when woody was carry on with he’s racist routine. I guess this is your way of telling us woody is back.😂😂 what an idiot you are woody so predictable

  25. I see Brennan WoodHousen.
    Now you can also say what I think ? Are you a phychic now as well as a racist ?

  26. Good morning everyone,
    Excerpt from Fox News this morning.
    January 8, 2020 8:25am
    Source: FOX SPORTS
    “Mitchell is believed to have his heart set on cutting a deal at Souths due to his close friendships with Bunnies players Cody Walker, James Roberts and Braidon Burns,.plus the club’s strong indigenous community is another appealing factor.”

    Adamhoward December 29, 2019 at 4:48 pm
    “I have it on good authority that Latrell 100% will not don the green and red christmas elf Souths Pole jersey in 2020 or any year for that matter. 100% guarentee this is absolutely a fact.”🤣🤣

    timmah January 2, 2020 at 8:34 am
    “Are you serious Rhys? Canberra won’t make the 8????
    & Latrell Mitchell is NOT going to the vermin (they can’t afford him and Arrow)….my prediction, he’ll go to the Gold Coast,”🤣🤣

    Welcome home Latrell we are all very happy for you to finally achieve your and your family’s lifelong passion to the play for the Rabbitohs.
    Looking very forward to seeing you at training next Monday and finally playing in front of a crowd in 2020 where the majority support is not the opposition.

  27. Dear Zero Tackle,
    We have a few disgruntled and shell shocked rooster patsies on this thread attempting to divert from the topic of Latrell Mitchell playing for the mighty Rabbitohs in 2020 by throwing insults and false information about him as a result of their despair.
    Could you please evaluate the personal attacks by them towards Latrell and posters on ZT which you may view as inappropriate, childish and inappropriate.
    You have barred the same culprits many times previously only to see them reappear under a new nic.
    On behalf of the sensible and dignified contributors to ZT we ask for your support in further barrings of these undesirables.

    I personally enjoy providing factual information on here before released in the media and despite a couple tagging me as “Nostradamus” there is nothing mystical about providing information from my close friendship with proven sources.
    So far I predicted the signing of CJ Mundine to the Rabbitohs 1 week before the official announcement, I stated that Jai Arrow was coming to Souths before official, Latrell to Souths for over 3 months etc.
    I can also confirm despite the media reports, Jai Arrow will definitely be released to join Souths in 2020.
    I did predict The Fox to Souths but whilst still possible looks like going to the Bulldogs.
    Sadly, it appears Alex Johnston will be going to the Tigers.
    If you consider all the above as playing out let me leave you at this point with a biggy you read 1st on here.
    I predict before mid season 2020 The Sydney Roosters will be stripped of 2 premierships according to my proven source and first mention of this through the media will be around the commencement of the 2020 season.
    Leave it as hearsay for now 😉

  28. Thats great timing after Zero Tackle barred you under the names of Stev.syd and Wood.choock and Shadow.

    Dear Zero tackle

    Please monitor the fool TwentyOne as his jealousy is bringing the good name of Rugby League down, with his lies of our arch rivals Sydney Roosters cheating the system.

    You have barred the same culprit many times previously only to see TwentyOne reappear under a new nic.
    On behalf of the sensible and dignified contributors to ZT we ask for your support in further barrings of this undesirable.

    Your sincerely
    Brennan Lane

  29. The very definition of market value is what he can achieve from any offer put to him in the NRL. Market value is not what the general public thinks he’s worth. Given the nature of 3rd party deals, market value would not include 3RD party deals – though Roosters supports might not understand this concept. If he was offered $1.1m or whatever it was from Tigers then that’s his market value. I would think $400k is “significantly” less than market value. I’d be happy to see him at the Bunny’s but based on this article, apparently it simply should not happen.

  30. BrennanWood..
    It’s interesting how a supposed South’s supporter is always there to jump to the defence of the French Dressed Chickens! Not like any South’s supporter I’ve ever met before.
    Wave that French Flag around Proudly! 🇫🇷 Here’s another one for you.

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