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Newcastle have stood down Tautau Moga for the next two matches, after he assaulted a Taxi driver on Boxing Day last year.

The Knights released the following statement on their club website this morning.

In consultation with the National Rugby League, the Newcastle Knights have made the decision to stand down Tautau Moga for two matches.

This suspension will come into play as of this weekend which means the centre will miss Saturday’s Canterbury Cup NSW match.

He will now face the Club’s disciplinary committee at a date to be determined.


  1. Does that terrible punishment mean that it’s kind of alright with them what Moga did? He gets a two week holiday during the season.
    So far he hasn’t been the greatest buy for the club.

  2. It means he stood down until he faces their committee… pretty sure that is what it says article!!! So I’d say a big fine or s coming as well

  3. I can’t see the full article. It’s blurry . That’s the wisdom of this site ,for people reading off here on a phone.
    However, he’s paid during his two week holiday. He can just pay his fine from the two weeks his paid for , while he’s done nothing perhaps?
    Still not the greatest buy. Long term knee injury. Followed by this. What a buy!!!!

  4. At least the knights have shown some back bone.
    As for the NRL…………… silence as always. Pathetic.

  5. You have to answer the questions on the pop up betting advertisement then you’ll be able to read the article

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