Former NRL players have been sacked from working in the Bunker as the league makes further budget cuts, reports Nine's The Mole.

Ben Lowe, Beau Scott, Bryan Norrie and Ben Galea all helped in the Bunker last year and were met with clashes and disagreements between them and the other umpires.

The decision for ex-players to still be involved in the game was pitched a few years ago, with the main argument being that the players would bring some "common sense" into umpiring.

Now the decisions will be up to existing and retired umpires which is set to anger some NRL fans as they do not believe the men have a "feel" for the game itself.

This negative "feel" was something these players also experienced as the former players said the refs did not have "football sense" and the refs retaliating by saying that the former players did not know the rules.

This lead for a divide between the two groups, another possible reason for the sudden change.