Here are all the squads for the NRL Nines tournament.

The tournament will be held on at Perth's HBF Park from Friday, February 14 to Saturday, February 15.

See the squads below.


Brisbane Broncos

  1. Jamayne Isaako
  2. Herbie Farnworth
  3. Izaia Perese
  4. Jesse Arthars
  5. Kotoni Staggs
  6. Anthony Milford
  7. Brodie Croft
  8. Thomas Flegler
  9. Jake Turpin
  10. Payne Haas
  11. David Fifita
  12. Ethan Bullemor
  13. Tom Dearden
  14. Cory Paix
  15. Tesi Niu
  16. Ilikena Vudogo
  17. Corey Parker




  1. Looks like the Penrith Spacemen are trying to win this tournament with 10 Nrl players chosen. Souths have got 8 players but they to look hopeless.

    I have it on good authority that the Roosters will win back to back Nines trophies. I also have it on good authority (the ninkinpoop21) that Morris is heading to the Sydney World Champs.

  2. AdamWoodTools..
    You have it on good authority? The Nuggets must have been trying to lull the other teams into false sense of security, with that superb first up effort. Then they are going to strike out like a coiled spring. Are they? The other teams would certainly have been ‘lulled’ , after that effort. 😂
    As it’s mostly the Nuggets Canterbury Cup team. It wasn’t actually worth mentioning.
    However, after the Woodcrap written above. You just have to write a response,

  3. EastOfParkes the Defending back to back Premiers and current World Club Champions the Sydney Roosters, are playing for a real Trophy, in the real 17 man game, called Rugby League, on the other side of the planet.
    Not this made up rubbish game called Nines, in which it undoubtably does not reflect Rugby League in the slightest way.

  4. Defending your other sign in names SkidMarks..
    Weren’t you the one talking up your nines Nuggets? How they’re going to cause all sorts of upsets, with the champion players coming through there. Now it doesn’t matter any more & isn’t important.
    I didn’t talk up any team.

  5. Cl🤡wnOfDivide reckons he does not talk up any team. But he sure talked up his Pink Panther Girls after defeating the North Sydney Roosters

  6. No, I just gave replies to your Nuggets rubbish.
    By the way, what a rip off. St.George makes the final. They didn’t even beat Penrith.

  7. Ahahahaha look at this sore loser ClownOfPinkPenrith…ahahahaha
    Just typical of a PunkPinkChock allsorts Soldier.

    They did a South Rabbit and choked trying to win the only chance of winning any trophy this decade and three quarters, by playing a near best first grade squad. Ahahahahaha And still choked ahaha

  8. How did they do a South’s, or choke?
    The St.George player didn’t get close to scoring a try. As it was the last second of the game, only blind referees got St.George a win. Penrith actually defended that move well & stopped him scoring.
    So they were not actually defeated in that game.

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