The Parramatta Eels have confirmed one of their players are at the centre of a sex tape scandal that had been brought to the public’s attention this week.

On Wednesday morning it was reported that a high-profile NRL was allegedly embroiled in a video that filmed a sex act between a man and woman in a bathroom.

The woman in questioned is understood to not have given consent on being filmed, with the footage being spread between members of the public and social media.

The NRL Integrity Unit and the Parramatta Eels are working as a collective to investigate the matter.

The club released a statement in regards to the incident.

“We understand that those on the video have been illegally filmed by another person without consent and that an attempt has been made to distribute the video to media outlets and on social media platforms,” the statement reads.

“The Club has informed the NRL integrity unit and is taking the matter very seriously, particularly given the potential invasion of privacy of those involved.

“The Club will not be making any further comment.

Journalist Dean Ritchie revealed on The Big Sports Breakfast that the video has recently emerged and could place an NRL star in hot water.

“What are you hearing about another sex tape that is doing the rounds in the last 24 hours about an NRL player potentially caught up in another sex tape drama,” Laurie Daley asked Ritchie.

In response, Richie replied: “The video is going around, I received it last night.”

“It is a difficult one. It does look like a first grade player who is very well known. But we can’t prove that yet.

“You would have to go to the right channels to find out if it is the player and if there is any punishment looming.

“It looked like a sex act in a toilet. But until we know more. If we can determine the identity and if it is the player himself. There is more questions than answers.”

It is understood the woman involved is seeking aggravated damages in court from the player in question.


  1. Hey mreel!!!
    What about this story! All your chat about ‘the Riff’, as you say. All your talk about Penrith players & the same type of sex tape, from a couple of years ago. Now here’s at least one Parramatta player, who’s done exactly the same thing!
    I’ll be expecting a suspension for whoever is involved in this, from your slimy sex tape eels. ( said tongue in cheek of course ). Ha, Ha, Ha….

  2. Wow you have taken a long time to crawl out from under your rock EastOfDredge.
    The only thing this player did wrong was not spring for a hotel.
    At least he didn’t do it during covid.
    If it had been a Riff player he would have done it during covid with his cousin.

  3. Is that right? So he says anyway . It could have been his friends taking the footage ? As he knew it wasn’t his phone being used. So then he can go on denying it.
    He’s all class. High profile player in the toilets. 🤪
    After the lessons learnt before, he’s just sooo smart too!
    Moses off to another club & Parramatta chasing Reynolds? Could be a real link there.
    I’m thinking the Parramatta team all knew about this, just before the St.George game.

  4. By the way.
    It’s nice to see The Parramatta Panthers , buy a prop from North Queensland & chase a halfback from South Sydney. Makes a nice change.
    Wentworthville Leagues players now hate your eels , according to their staff & players. Using the club to run the eels Canterbury Cup team through in previous years. To just keep buying players from elsewhere. Hardly ever giving many players from there a fair chance to play first grade.
    I guess the eels can’t get their minds around using players from the Canterbury Cup teams? It’s been so long since they haven’t just bought most of the first grade team!

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