SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 25: Eels head coach Brad Arthur talks to Corey Norman during a Parramatta Eels NRL training session at on July 25, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Brad Arthur insists that Corey Norman will remain at Parramatta, issuing a hands-off warning to rival clubs.

With Manly and Cronulla losing their star five-eights, they have been searching for a suitable replacement player, with reports that Parramatta’s Corey Norman is a potential candidate.

Rumours of a falling out between Norman and Arthur have been swirling, with claims that the 26-year old Norman was ‘unhappy’ and wanted out of Parramatta.

This couldn’t be further from the truth according to Arthur.

“We don’t want to sell Corey Norman,” Arthur said.

“He doesn’t want to go anywhere.

“We are very settled with Corey and Mitchell as our halves and they are signed until the end of 2019.

“Corey is happy where he is. Corey is coming into his fifth year with our club.”

Even after Hayne’s signing, Arthur’s adamant that he won’t have to offload other players to fit the Fijian international in the salary cap.

“Because we have signed Jarryd Hayne everyone is saying we have to release some players,” Arthur said.

“Everyone forgets we have the same amount of backs to what we had last year.

“Semi (Radradra) has left, Jarryd has come in and we have still got two spots on our squad.

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“We don’t have to move any player from our squad.

“We actually have to add two players to our squad (to complete the 30-man roster).”


  1. Where there is smoke there is fire….Norman not happy with all the accolades Arthur is heaping on Moses….The dressing room is not big enough for the egos of Moses, Norman and Hayne…this will blow up deluxe in 2018.

    • what a load of toss pot – jennings ain’t going anywhere, M Jennings that is, George maybe.
      NO contract negotiations are permitted for MJ until Nov 1 2018 as he is under contract for 2019.

      • Actually Jennings is allowed to talk to other clubs. There is no rule that says he can’t. He just can’t sign with another club until November 1, but nothing stopping him from organizing another club to go to and agree to terms verbally until he can officially sign a contract.

        • Sorry mate you’re wrong – rules stipulate that contact cannot be made to discuss contract related stuff until Nov 1 of the year prior to contract expiry.
          This was brought in when they changed the June 30 deadline.

      • I would suggest you read the rule again. There is NO rule that says a player cannot talk to another club before November 1. That rule NEVER existed.

        If it did, then Broncos would not have been allowed to talk to Ashley Taylor before November 1, but they did. They even made him an offer.

    • So it is a “buy one get one free” kind of deal? And they are jumping ship to a team that finished last in 2017? No doubt eager to avoid another wooden spoon! 🥄 Bahahahahaha

      Sorry gotheeels but the “3 eels amigos” took turns playing that old carnival favourite “the strongman game” ( the hammer and bell ringer) with my blood pressure the whole weekend. Now I know how Bill Murray’s character felt in “Groundhog Day”. 😉

        • Ah Ned, that’s funny, but I have one better. It makes me laugh just thinking of your reaction to my “BREAKING NEWS” post on the “James Maloney signs with Panthers” story. Now THAT’s funny! Bahahahahahahahaha

    • I have been saying for ages now that Widdop should be the Dragons FB but no one listens daffy, at least not until Pappa Smurf dropped his notes and got his team list mixed up!

      Still, I can understand Dragons fans wanting to go with Dufty. He looks a good prospect. Time will tell daffy, time will tell.

  2. Jennings is fake news ,i wouldn’t mind Norman. , he’s the type of personality that will grind DCE 😂😂 and if we pinch him I “promise “ not to mention cutlery for 12 months 😂😂😂

    • If Eagles did snare Norman give it a year together and i dont think QLD could resist them both in SOO.Downside for you guys if it happen is there goes prob 6 points during that period

      • AS for spoon jibes its all good fun.We need those spoons to feed all the kiddies in our nursery for certain clubs to poach later on

      • 😂😂😂😂 wouldn’t it be funny if Norman and DCE punch on 😂😂 my moneys on Norman , DCE is a soft 🐔 ! He would be to busy telling Norman that it’s hard blowing ones nose when it’s at the back of ones head 😂😂😂
        DCE is so polite and logical , he should have been and English teacher , Shakespeare could have been right up his clakka

        • Noooooooooooooo (pause to catch my breathe) ooooooooooooooo.

          Losing Norman would be tragic, but to see him line up for Manly……… There are no words. Wait, I just thought of the only thing that could be worse. If we swapped him for DCE. That would turn the “angry sea eagle” into a “kookaburra”, and at our expense.

        • “DCE is so polite and logical , he should have been and English teacher , Shakespeare could have been right up his… (alley)”

          DCE is closer to being a Giraffe than teaching Shakespeare. I mean seriously, have you seen the neck on the kid? Last time I saw a neck that long I was in a zoo!

      • @ ParraMatt

        Neither Norman or DCE will get a jersey over Ash Taylor or Cameron Munster. Michael Morgan, Anthony Milford and Darius Boyd will also be handed the No. 6 ahead of DCE.

        As a former Queensland coaching staff “NSW pick players, we pick teammates.” DCE is not seen as a team player.

        The above was from this story (below) which fully explains how DCE is on the outer with QLD.

    • “i wouldn’t mind Norman. , he’s the type of personality that will grind DCE ”

      If Manly went down that line Norman would probably snort at it! Bahahahahahahahaha

    • Something is definitely brewing at the Eels……. Why because some hack journalist has nothing else to go with now the Hayne saga is over.
      Parra sells papers. Always have always will.
      Micheal Jennings isn’t going anywhere.
      Corey Norman isn’t going anywhere.
      Both very happy at the club and will look to extend their contracts.

      Get a clue.

      • I wasn’t that clown Kev, I would never say BA wasn’t a man manager. He certainly has the respect of your boys and has deserved it.

        Now breathe Kev. Breathe for goodness sake before something “pops”. Has someone got a brown paper bag for Kev to blow in PLEASE! Ah Uncle Nick, thank you. Here Kev, now breathe… and relax! 😉

  3. I’m worried.

    I can only assume there is, or at least was, an issue with Norman, in light of the rumours, our interest in Cronk, and a “hands off” message from the club. I hope not, or they’re sorted, but concerned none the less.

    As for Jennings, well that’s another nooooooooooo. He’s back in form.

    • there would only be one journo out there who has a history of sticking the boot in when things start to look positive, a journo who failed as a player and has never forgiven the club for not playing him more than his one first grade game, a journo who goes never has anything positive to say and is always telling the NRL that they should do things his way because, as a journo, he knows best.
      Doubt that the guy has ever had a real job.

  4. All this Jennings talk seems kinda new but as for Norman iv got the feeling where theres smoke there fire.Honestly i rate Norman but i dont think if he went it would be the end of the world.If it kept Gutho and French happy id let him walk as on paper it looks a bit crowded in the kitchen.I know Parra need another big man and it would free up a lil more $$ as i hope that some how Hayne coming home is a bit of a ploy to entice Semi back an id hope we would have a few $$ to throw if it was an option.Wouldnt be suprised if Norman ends up on the G/C or Broncs

  5. Parras backs for next year remind me a lil off the old nursery ryme,….There were 8 in the bed an the little one(moses) said roll over,So they all rolled over and one fell out (norman)

  6. As for Jennings wanting out i really hope it aint so and its just a ploy to upgrade his contract as who will be Moses bodyguard

    in fairness i agree parra can sign him gor 1. 2 mill no problemo BUT this will mean they will have 2 let 1 player @ lest go & that player should be cory norman now i like that

    • another one who doesnt understand what market value is…get a dictionary or thesaurus and understand the meaning.
      dont just listen to those DT hacks who have an axe to grind.

  8. Paul Kent summed it up perfectly last night on NRL360 which went straight over the head of that gutter jurno Rothfield , you don’t need dictionary or thesaurus to understand that this is wrong , his value should be at least $700 he played all three games of SOO this year for christ sake, like Kent said, no other team were able to bid and he had no doubt, me too, that other clubs would have bidded more for his services, he thinks this whole scene is very smelly, i agree, something just does not add up.

    • paul kent – hhahahaha
      now has everyone dismissed the fact that there was survey of all clubs when his contract was up for renewal and they were asked “would you sign JH?” – overwhelmingly all replied “No”.
      I take the point that this was a survey and not actual negotiations, however the point is still relevant. His market value is not 1.2m despite a contract being held for that at the time. If he went to market, what would most clubs (if they wanted him) would pay? Are you seriously expecting the market to pay 1.2m? 900k? 800k? – strongly doubt it. One club may pay “overs” but 500-600k would be a realistic market value based on performances over the last 2 years.
      Where was the outcry then when Lodge signed a 50k deal with the Broncos when he was offered 500k by the Knights? Where was the outcry when Foran ditched a 11.2m contract and signed on for 600k with the Warriors? Where was the outcry when Roberts signed with the Broncos for 250k when he was offered 500k elsewhere? Where was the outcry when Sims signed for 85k with the Broncos leaving a contract of 300k behind at Newcatle?
      Kent is hypocrite and has an agenda.

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