NRL Rd 6 - Bulldogs v Rabbitohs
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 07: Latrell Mitchell of the Rabbitohs celebrates scoring a try with Cody Walker of the Rabbitohs and team mates during the round six NRL match between Canterbury Bulldogs and South Sydney Rabbitohs at Accor Stadium on April 07, 2023 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

In the modern age of social media, clubs are getting more and more creative when it comes to releasing their draws.

A handful of clubs took to social media this year to continue a tradition that has been growing in recent times, but it can't be said creativity was a strong suit this year.

Here is how clubs announced the 2024 draw.

Borrowed jokes aren't that funny

When the last NFL draw was released, the Tennessee Titans went out and asked members of the public to identify opposition logos. It was a barrel of laughs.

It was always going to be copied in the NRL, but apparently, three clubs had exactly the same idea.

Some of it is kind of funny, and some of it is downright cringeworthy.

I'm sure the Knights would love to find out they are from Canberra, and that the Tigers are Katy Perry.

We never did find out if that green milk was safe to drink though.

The Storm doing it in Melbourne was slightly funnier given, well, Victoria isn't exactly known for it's rugby league support.

A lot of teams have relocated to Perth apparently, the Rabbitohs are now the Easter Bunny and and the Raiders have become aliens.


The Rabbitohs also had the same take, asking tourists around the harbour to handle the draw. The Angry Hawk kicks it off and it doesn't get much better.

Charades and Roosters jabs

Unfortunately you'll have to click through to the Dragons website to view their game of Charades, but it wasn't too bad.

Watch the Dragons play Charades here

It did infuriate Nick Politis at the Roosters though.

Speaking of jabs at the Roosters...

More Roosters jabs from DJ Tiger

This kind of hit the mark in places, missed it in others, and frankly, left everyone but Roosters fans in stitches when it came to Round 17.

Someone ask Nick Politis how angry he is about this one.

Drawing logos

The Sea Eagles took a literal take on the 2024 draw, asking their players to draw logos. The Rabbitohs and Roosters at the start are shockers, and it doesn't get much better.

Cuteness overload

The Cowboys went with Reuben Cotter and Valentine Holmes' children to announce their draw and, well, if you're after some wholesome content, this is it.

Viral videos

We reckon this just works.

Titans Monopoly

Not much in board game lands beats the classic Monopoly. The Titans went with a play on that for their draw release.

Which draw release was your favourite?