MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 27: Cameron Smith of Australia prepares to kick during the 2017 Rugby League World Cup match between the Australian Kangaroos and England at AAMI Park on October 27, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Cameron Smith has confirmed his status as one of the greatest players of all time after winning his second Golden Boot award.

Smith edged out Jason Taumalolo to claim the award, with England winger Jermaine McGilvary finishing third.

Fijian international and Melbourne Storm teammate Suliasi Vunivalu also made the four-man shortlist.

Smith is the fourth player to win the award more than once, joining the likes of Johnathan Thurston, Darren Lockyer and Andrew Johns.

Golden Boot Award Winners

Year Player Club(s) Position
1984 Wally Lewis Wynnum-Manly Seagulls
Wakefield Trinity
1985 Brett Kenny Parramatta Eels
1986 Garry Jack  Balmain Tigers Fullback
1987 Hugh McGahan Eastern Suburbs Roosters Second-row
Peter Sterling Parramatta Eels Halfback
1988 Ellery Hanley Wigan
Balmain Tigers
1989 Mal Meninga Canberra Raiders Centre
1990 Garry Schofield Leeds Five-eighth
1999 Andrew Johns Newcastle Knights Halfback
2000 Brad Fittler Sydney Roosters Five-eighth
2001 Andrew Johns (2) Newcastle Knights Halfback
2002 Stacey Jones New Zealand Warriors Halfback
2003 Darren Lockyer Brisbane Broncos Fullback
2004 Andrew Farrell Wigan Warriors Lock
2005 Anthony Minichiello Sydney Roosters Fullback
2006 Darren Lockyer (2) Brisbane Broncos Five-eighth
2007 Cameron Smith Melbourne Storm Hooker
2008 Billy Slater Melbourne Storm Fullback
2009 Greg Inglis Melbourne Storm Centre
2010 Benji Marshall Wests Tigers Five-eighth
2011 Johnathan Thurston North Queensland Cowboys Halfback
2012 Kevin Sinfield Leeds Rhinos Five-eighth
2013 Johnathan Thurston (2) North Queensland Cowboys Five-eighth
2014 Shaun Johnson New Zealand Warriors Halfback
2015 Johnathan Thurston (3) North Queensland Cowboys Halfback
2016 Cooper Cronk Melbourne Storm Halfback
2017 Cameron Smith (2) Melbourne Storm Hooker


  1. Well no one saw THAT coming. What were the odds?

    “Deidre Chambers. What a coincidence.” – Bill (Muriel’s Wedding)

  2. How exciting for the game (yawn).

    I don’t care what these judges think Taumalolo to me was the clear winner. He was the first NRL forward to run over 5km in a season. That is amazing and may probably never be repeated again.

    • So he ran 5k. Big deal, none of his teams won anything. The teams Smith leads win everything. Probably the best player of all time.

      • It may of gone to script but regardless of people’s opinion of him surely few would argue it wasnt well deserved. Smith is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time and just had, arguably his best ever season. In all my time watching our great game I cannot remember a time when the difference between the best and the rest in a particular position was so pronounced. Even in the twilight of his career there are no dummy halves even remotely knocking on the door. I wonder if this an indication of Smith’s dominance or the lack of quality dummy halves in general.

        Mind you this announcement should have come after the World Cup final.

        • No doubting Cam Smith’s abilities or that he is a far worthier recipient than Kevin Sinfield in 2012. Do they have an award for referees? Because Smith might be a contender for that one as well. Bahahahahahahahahaha

      • It actually is a big deal that he ran over 5,000 metres this season, especially given that he’s the first forward in the history of the game to achieve this. As a forward, it’s his job to get his team on the front foot, clearly he was able to do this and lay the platform for the backs to do their job.

        Remember this is an individual award and not a team award, Hence your comment that Smith’s teams win everything and Taumalolo’s teams win nothing is irrelevant.

        Whether Smith is the best player of all time, well that’s arguable. He certainly has achieved a lot of success, but I wouldn’t say he’s the best. I would rate players like Thurston, Lockyer, Lewis ahead of him.

        • It is no more irrelevant then that your statement that Taumalolo should have won the award. “I don’t care what the judges think Taumalolo should have won the award”. Big statement from a nobody.

        • “Big statement from a nobody.”

          And you are? A guru? Bahahahahahahahahahaha

          I applaud an original opinion (even if it is unpopular in Lemmingland) over the mantra that the multitudinous lemmings chant over and over again. If you are comfortable in your box good for you but allow others the freedom to think outside of theirs. I can’t help wondering if Smith had been from NSW and Taumalolo a QLDer whether you might have been a little more open to the suggestion.

          At least he isn’t delusional enough to try to pass himself off as a self proclaimed “League Guru”. I haven’t read any posts of yours that have taken us to Nirvāṇa, or seen any revelatory insight into the game either. Loved your movie though Guru Pitka, but you were much funnier IMO in the Austin Powers trilogy IMO.

        • In all honesty Taumalolo running 5,000 metres is the best in history, i’ll dispute that, he maybe the best in modern league history when recordings of such data are taken, but i reckon there would be a heap of forwards who probably achieved that, Bob Mccarthy is one that springs to mind, but had Taumalolo won i would not have been disappointed he has had a stellar season, but the strings in Smith’s bow extend wider than the big forward.

      • “The teams Smith leads win everything.”

        Not as hard as you think when you referee the games you play!

        “Probably the best player of all time.”

        Unless you are Peter Sterling then you are just repeating snorky’s words. There is no doubt in my mind, and many others, that Jonathan Thurston and Andrew Johns share that title. Cam Smith is up there for sure but NOT at THAT level. Like Thurston and Johns though Smith has only ever played for the SAME club team, the SAME state team and the SAME national team. Not exactly the biggest challenge being surrounded by that sort of talent.

        Maloney has achieved more at club level when you consider he has had success at 4 different clubs and soon will be playing for his fourth. Now THAT is a challenge! New systems, new team mates, new structures and still he has been successful time and time again. I do not pretend that Maloney is at the same level as these 3 but he does not hide behind anyone either. I give credit to Cooper Cronk for having the guts to really challenge himself and put his reputation on the line coming out from behind the shadow of “the BIG 3”. As good a player as Smith is he would not have looked anywhere as good if he had been leading the Knights around the field for the last 3 years now would he? Be honest!

        • You may be right. Mind you if you look the immortals most have played either at one graded club or a vast majority of their career at one club. On top of that most have played for very dominate teams. I guess it is the old cart and horse arguement.

        • Perhaps mate but the Storm have a well established and respected system that have have Smith, Cronk and Slater as foundations for a long, long time. Take away the foundations and what happens?

          Another thing that has helped the BIG 3 and Thurston is the consistency of playing with each other at origin and national level. They have played a LOT of football together while NSW tend to chop and change way too much. While NSW had Johns, Fittler and Buderas together they went pretty good as well don’t you think?

          I am clearly not doubting the talent of the 4 aforementioned QLDers but I would love to see how each would have gone if they had been split up and had played at the Tiger, Knights, Warriors and Titans this year.

          Again, I’m not saying they would be rubbish but they would not have looked as slick or as dominant by far.

          Fair point about the old guard, Ron Coote did alright switching clubs as did Ray Branigan but when you consider the teams they went to, well they weren’t exactly starting at the bottom now were they?

  3. 2012 Kevin Sinfield? Token! [cough] Token! [cough]

    Wasn’t that the year that JT should have won his second GB?

    • I think you can add Farrell to that list too, in fact The pearl is the only Pom that belongs on this list.

  4. “The pearl is the only Pom that belongs on this list.”

    Absolutely! And Malcolm Reilly as well IF they had this award back in the day. Had Sam Burgess not left the game in 2014 I have no doubt he would have won this by now but sadly he lost all that momentum with an ill-considered venture into an alien arena. Injuries have not helped either and this is another big reason (beyond their unquestionable talent) that both Thurston and Smith have been so dominant. Consider how repeated injuries have impacted Adam Reynolds career.

    Glad to see the North Koreans back at the peace table. You gave us all quite a scare with your rockets this morning!

  5. SSTID. No much footie content in your ramblings. Obviously your not up to speed and are just an attention seeker. “Look at me”.

    • Let’s talk football then…

      Let’s see your argument on the above post:

      SSTID_1970 November 29, 2017 at 8:48 pm
      Report“The teams Smith leads win everything.”

      The balls in your court.

      • Are you talking about the post that compares Maloney to Smith. Thats beyond conptehension. That really paints you in a bad light.

        • Don’t play games. I made the argument even clear enough for you. I clearly said that Maloney is NOT in the same league as Johns, Thurston and or Smith but I think his achievements at club level are more impressive than Cam Smith’s for the reasons I have stated above. Read and reply and don’t try to muddy the waters. The fact remains that “the BIG 3” at the Storm have not had to face the challenges at club level that Maloney has triumphed over. We will see how Cronk goes in 2018 but I would give him greater credit if he had gone to the Tigers or the Warriors. Maloney went to the Warriors and got to a GF, he went to the Roosters and won a premiership and then went to the Sharks and won another. Something the Sharks had been unable to do in their entire history. He also has not been partnered with the likes of Cronk or Slater.

        • Mind you what Smith and co has achieved has not been achieved easily. The Storm system is renowned for its work ethic and commitment at training. Also Maloney’s achievements are admirable but each team he went to was a team on the way up, it is not as if went into a team like, as you put it, the Knights.

        • The Warriors were a rabble and Cleary and Maloney were clearly the difference. When both left the Warriors crumbled. The Roosters, well fair point. They had just bought a premiership in 2013 signing 3 marquee players (SBW, Jennings and Maloney) without loss BUT once Maloney left in 2016 the Roosters went from 1st (Minor premiers) to 15th (2nd last) in just one season! But to be fair neither SBW or Jennings were there in 2016 either.

          All I am saying is that success would not have come as easily or as effortlessly for the BIG 3 had they been in 3 separate struggling clubs. At least Thurston has built his legacy at the Cowboys without the help on major rep stars backing him up and with multiple coaches.

        • You are right but it is the same with most greats. Would the Canberra greats been as good if Stuart, Daley, Clyde and Walters split up. Or Johns, Buderus and Harrigan at the Knights or Langer, Walters and Lockyer at Brisbane. John, Paul, George and Ringo?

          As Aristotle famously said “ The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

        • “renowned for its work ethic and commitment at training”

          And their discipline off the field. Salary cap scandal aside I can’t remember a scandal involving the Storm away from footy where their players have left the club in a compromised position. Not on the BIG 3’s watch. I give credit where it is due but again they have NEVER been a club that is struggling and therefore they have never been truly challenged (salary cap scandal and docked points aside).

          You are right about questioning if Maloney would have faired much better at the Knights and it is a valid point. I think that he would be more easily able to adapt to the change than Slater, Smith or Cronk after all their years at the one club. Maloney is used to changing teams and adapting to those changes the other 3 are not. Cronk is a quality player and I have little doubt he will not do well at the Roosters but it is a team bristling with stars, rep talent and experience. Tedesco will be a huge factor on Cronk’s success at the new club. If Teddy was not there and if Friend were to move on Cronk would struggle (in style) but he would still struggle. The same with Smith.

        • “ The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

          And I was thinking that was from Star Wars! LOL

          I will give you 2 South Sydney examples straight off the stop of my head, Terry Fahey and Nathan Merritt. Both played in a club that was struggling for success and were always closer to the bottom of the ladder than the top 8 but both were able to achieve success as a result their own talent, Fahey representing Australia and being a cult hero and Merritt consistently being among the top try scorers year after year in a club that had more losses than wins.

  6. Is this the same grub who carried on like a redneck whilst a young man lay motionless fighting for air Yep champion alright , champion grub

    • Unless you are in a nursing home it seems a little premature to be going to bed at 9:15pm. Now if you are ducking for the covers I would understand. For the record you challenged me to a debate “guru” on the actual game not just and I am still here. I will keep checking in to see if you surface again or if you are going belly up.

      I haven’t seen you even try to articulate a decent argument or counter my points in any credible way. Less meditating guru and more action if you please. Otherwise don’t challenge other people for having an opinion that isn’t inside you box. Next time less BS and bluster and more arguments on point without getting personal. I thought “guru’s” were meant to be peaceful and humble in any case?

    • Aaaaah, school night. That’s it! Sorry guru, you probably have an exam and you had to take the bins out for your parents. Tomorrow night then when you have finished playing on your XBox. Bahahahahahahahaha

        • You can’t be bothered replying mate because you can’t think outside the box, come up with your own ideas, have a solid argument to begin with or articulate yourself in manner that can be supported by facts and sense and win an argument in your own right. The challenge still stands. Look at my comments on the game (above). Watch and learn, tommyknocker is giving you an example of how to debate and discuss. When you are ready to cast off your training wheels join us. If not, let other have a contrary opinion without bullying or belittling them.

        • @ Zero Tackle

          Always sniping away. Always provoking. Never contributing anything relevant.

          @ leagueguru

          I am still prepared to discuss this on the facts but I have seen other posts of yours in the past and you have a clue where others do not so no risk there champ!

        • Instead of calculating your posts so as to provoke why don’t you voice an opinion based on the sport , the club you may support ? A current story ? I can’t honestly remember you ever providing a comment that genuinely stimulates discussion!, There is more to this site than one individual yet you constantly target them , however unless engaged I can’t recall them ever engaging you , maybe it’s time to just move on there’s more than enough room here for all but none of this would continue without your participation

      • What can you come up with ? Cmon what exactly is not factual about the way cam smith conducted himself during and after that incident

  7. Let me give you another tip “guru”. Look up the following ZT story and watch how someone other than tommy or myself can articulate an argument on facts, knowledge of the game and insight instead of bluster. You just might learn something.

    Excoach February 6, 2017 at 10:47 am
    …Though he was playing prop, he spent most of the matches running 2nd and 3rd man off the ruck; just acting as a link man and never threatening the line; always third man in the tackle and then trying his best to knock Johnathan Thurston’s head off on the last tackle.

    There is more to read and it’s worth a look. It’s a pity Excoach has gone silent. This site needs more voices that have an actual clue about the game rather than a profile name that promises a lot but underdeliver on the expectation it creates.

  8. No sooner than injured player is carried of Golden boots argues with ref
    “Our blokes have been on the end of far worse than that”
    Ref “ cam it’s on report”
    Golden boots “ if he dosnt duck his head that dosnt happen”
    Summing up , more concern about conceding a penalty than the welfare of a player, everyone knew it wasn’t good but golden boy just couldn’t put his ego in his pocket and just shut up ,
    A qld hero ,

  9. Kevin Sinfield haha!!! I forgot about that! What a joke.
    Anyways, with the year Cameron had it really wasn’t a shock he won.

    Who is keen for the Final??

  10. Public IP addresses change when a leases expires but they are allocated from an address pool within a set range for each ISP. It is much harder to mask a MAC address than a public IP address in any case. There are web proxies and vpn tunnels that can accomplish this. Just saying, it is not proof.

    Zero Tackle November 29, 2017 at 11:23 pm
    For the record, xxxxxx’s IP address is shared by no other users on the website.

  11. SSTID_1970. Does your user name mean? “South Sydney till I Die” and is the 1970 your date of birth? Not trying to be offensive, just a question.

    • No started following Souths in 1970 when I was about 4 and a half. There were 2 premierships my first 2 years as a supporter (1970 and 1971). I thought it would always be like that but it was a loooong time between drinks.

      SSTID is an acronym that means what you have suggested.

      • Just that you mentioned Coote and Branigan in a post and I wondered if you saw them play. Branigan was one of my favourite players. I saw him playing Foley Shield for Burdekin after he left Sydney.

  12. SSTID, as we said previously,

    Now soon to be announced, Tasmania to be renamed as CAMania….

    Yes you heard it here first 😂😂😂


    • 👍

      I had a late night fighting tr0lls. ZT had to fumigate but somehow I think they are still here.

      “I’m catnip for tr0lls hey.” – Dr Evil

  13. My pick was JT13, however it is hard to argue against Smith too. Whether or not you like him you cannot honestly deny he deserves the award given the influence that he has on the game, on top of the fact that he is a great player. Not the best of all time, as some state, but close. The best I have seen, in the time that I have been old enough to really make an informed opinion, are Johns and Lockyer, for different reasons. johns was everywhere, always with his hands on the ball, seemingly 2 or 3 plays ahead of everyone else on the field. Lockyer genuinely had “time” with the ball, he knew when to chime in and when to let it go, and play seemed to slow when he was in control. Johns was always there, Lockyer knew when to pick his time.

    What Cam might be is the most influential player of all time, given the influence he has over team mates (see SSTID’s comment above about lack of player scandal at the Storm), influence over representative selections (DCE?) and influence over officials (all captains try to, but Cam does it in a way that is calm and collected, which is a far better way than screaming in their faces). A great player and future immortal, no doubt, but not the best.

  14. Personal prejudices aside, I’m not sure how any NRL supporter can deny that Smith was deserving of this award this year. As with all awards, there are always other contenders, but seriously Smith was heads and shoulders above anyone else this year – yes other players make him look good but, more importantly, he makes those around him look better than they may be.
    I am far from his biggest fan, but still recognise the fact that he is one of the best, if not the best ever, to have played in his position, he is the best leader both on and off the field, yes he is arrogant but he is not obnoxious and has just led his team, state and country to dominant displays.
    And to think he still probably has 2-3 years left in the game and will most likely be the first to surpass 400 games at NRL level.
    I still believe he cheated during the scandal and knew full well that he was a recipient of a rort – from what i hear he still has his first $1 and counts every cent due to him….

  15. @ eels47 and billy

    “Not the best of all time… but close.”

    Yes. As I said, Smith is behind Johns and Thurston and ahead of Lewis IMO. Like Johns and Thurston there are just so many facets of the game that Smith dominates and such a broad range of skills that he can use to influence a game.

    Sterlo doesn’t often get mentioned in talk about all time greats but his achievements in the game and the fact that he was the preferred Australian HB in an era of truly great HBs (Mortimer, Langer, Hasler, Morris and Blake) is testimony to his ability. He was perhaps the major reason for the success of the Eels in the 80’s.

    • I agree re Sterlo too, but that is based on limited viewing as I was a young fella when he was in his prime. His partnership with Kenny in the halves, with Cronin Grothe et al outside was a major reason for their period of success no doubt. I love the old footage of the diving pass too, don’t see that enough these days…. 😉

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