BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 09: Anthony Milford of the Broncos kicks during the NRL Elimination Final match between the Brisbane Broncos and the St George Illawarra Dragons at Suncorp Stadium on September 9, 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The Brisbane Broncos plan to use tactics from Australian Rules football to improve their kicking game.

New Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has sent Anthony Milford, Kodi Nikorima, Andrew McCullough and Jamayne Isaako  to AFL club North Melbourne in a bid to improve the Red Hill team's kicking game for the 2019 season, according to the The Courier-Mail.

Brisbane centre Jack Bird hopes the initiative will give the Broncos an extra dynamic this season.

“It’s a bit different but that’s the thing we need to improve on is our kicking game,” Bird told The Courier Mail.

“Going down there and going to an AFL club is going to help Milf and Kodi as our halves. Jamayne’s gone down to do some kick-catch … Mac coming out of dummy-half, that will help his game.

“It’s a little bit different but it’s good for us.”

Seibold used similar tactics last season while with South Sydney, sending Cody Walker and Adam Reynolds to Port Adelaide.


  1. This will be the year that Anthony Seiballs really has to prove himself. Albeit he has an inherited squad its a bloody good one. Sending guys to an AFL squad for kicking practice is a psychological move and nothing more – the AFL balls float differently, the tactics are opposite in terms of the result and the kick running ability is worlds apart – but hey, stay out of trouble in Bunswick boys.

  2. Hopefully they don’t teach Milford how to tackle!
    Seriously, I see a tough year for the Broncos – seibold seems over obsessed with changing everything to get instant success.

  3. I think you will find it’s mainly for technique. Their action is completely different and they kick much more directly. They won’t suddenly overhaul their kicking while there but they will learn the foundations and be able to hone those skills back in Brisbane with an NRL ball.

  4. It’s something different 4 the players an I think it will be a good thing 4 our ball players to learn how to kick the ball 4 our players out wide. The kicking and how to time there kicks is what they will learn from AFL . Seibolds pretty smart he’s only new to the NRL coaching game but is a real thinker, he got this idea from the storm an it obviously works pretty good with the storms kicking game, so what ever works.

  5. Be sure to send Milford to Soccer school so he can brush up on his milking in the tackle.

    One of the biggest blights on the game

  6. Yea bud that sounds just like soccer players. But know hope he gets sent to the UFC so he can harden up an abit and not lay down like a little b**** soccer player.

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