NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 19: Jack Wighton of the Raiders prepares to pass the ball during the round three NRL match between the Newcastle Knights and the Canberra Raiders at Hunter Stadium on March 19, 2016 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Tony Feder/Getty Images)

Canberra Raiders fullback Jack Wighton will face court on July 10 after pleading not guilty to all nine charges.

Wighton was accused of assaulting six men on February 3 outside a Canberra nightclub, and faced the ACT Magistrates Court on Wednesday on nine charges, including five counts of common assault.



  1. Another in a long list of players that the Raiders have had to let go (if that happens) because of off field incidents. 6-12 months later he will be picked up by a wealthy club and continue his career. Canberra should not have to loose all these players only for them to be picked up by another club without the Raiders getting first option.

  2. Perhaps, just perhaps there is a major cultural issue at the Raiders.

    Something smelly down there with all these off-field incidents concentrated in one single club.

    Just sayin’,

    Now bring on the fire & brimstone…….

  3. I reckon his assaulted a police officer, there just seems to be a lot of noise around this, hope I am wrong

  4. How about we all just wait until the police investigation comes out and says exactly what he did before we all publicly hang the guy.

    • how about we all take guess’, its wayyy more fun…

      i have an inside sause, that’s mates with a mate who says Jackyboi was piss drunk and miss took the ally way next to academy’s for the entrance to moose-heads. When he bouncer tried to help him, he went full berko and re-enacted a scene from braveheart.


  5. Fun it is. When he yelled out FREEDOM, it scared the hell out of Todd Carney, who just happen to be taking a pee in the alley way. It`s splashed him in the mouth, he`s swung around and spat all over Fergo who`s chucked his cruiser, it`s hit a milk create sitting on top of some pallets, the milk create has then bounced off Bromwich and wedged it`s self on Proctor`s hair, that`s when all hell broke loose,

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