As the boredom of the indoors sets in, the fans aren't the only ones twiddling their thumbs without any football on the weekend.

Over the next few weeks, we'll checking in on the players to see what they're up to, and who they'd hate to be stuck with through all this.

In today's edition, we spoke to South Sydney back Bryson Goodwin on his Super League stint, what's keeping him busy, and who he wouldn't want to bet stuck with.

ZT: You've returned from a stint in the Super League with Warrington, how different was the culture over there compared to the NRL?

BG: The culture for me was different because we relied on each other a lot more! It was just us and our families. We became closer with each other, it was great.

ZT: How did it feel having a familiar face in the team with Jason Clark joining the club in 2019?

BG: Him and his family were great, we relied on him and he did for us too.

ZT: You departed South Sydney at the end of 2017 and just re-joined the club for this season, what's changed with the club in the short time you've been away?

BG: The player turnover is big. So many new faces, including the majority of the coaching staff, it's like a new place.

ZT: You've been a back all your career, most notably a centre with Souths, however Michael Maguire was tinkering with you in the back-row in 2017. Has there been any thought of spending minutes in the forwards after the retirement of Sammy and Sutto?

BG: Yeah I played there a bit under Madge. I did a little in the Charity Shield. I'm happy to play wherever.

ZT: You travelled with the club to Perth for the Nines tournament in February, what did it mean to play in the tournament seeing as you played a lot of junior footy there?

BG: It was great going back to where I grew up. I've played there plenty now, always special though.

ZT: We're all obviously stuck inside at the moment, what're you doing to keep yourself busy?

BG: Busy pretending to be a teacher to my kids, and keeping them entertained. Also plenty of housework and some training so I'm ready when we return.

ZT: Who's the last team mate you'd want to be stuck in isolation with?

BG: To be honest I'm not sure, I'm sure all of us would be annoying after a few weeks together.

ZT: With all the restaurants closed, what's your go to feed at home? Can you cook, or is the Uber Eats getting a work out?

BG: Nah cook mate! Or mostly my wife does, she's a great cook.

ZT: Speaking of work out, you obviously can't at the club at the moment, how're you keeping yourself fit?

BG: We have a few programs to do. Mostly field sessions and road runs.

ZT: Lastly, which bloke would be going mad being stuck at home?

Probably Adam Reynolds, he is a rat.

ZT: Thanks for the chat Bryson! Stay tuned for the next instalment of 'Blythy's Lockout Lowdown', and drop a comment below to let us know who we should talk to next, and what you want to know!