SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 04: New South Sydney Rabbitohs Coach Wayne Bennett watches on Sam Burgess speaks to the media during a NRL press conference at Redfern Oval at Redfern Oval on December 4, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

10. State of Origin winner

The 2018 series victory wasn’t fortuitous like 2014 was for New South Wales. There’s a genuine dynasty building on the back of Brad Fittler’s quirky methods. The shield will stay below the border.

9. Bargain buy

Many won’t even be tipping Ryley Jacks to be the starting five-eighth for the Gold Coast, but he’ll be the man to bring out the best in Ash Taylor. Great buy for the Titans.

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – NOVEMBER 22: Ryley Jacks runs the ball during a Gold Coast Suns NRL training session on November 22, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

8. Worst buy

Corey Norman. He doesn’t have the spark or the defence required for a fullback, and if he plays five-eighth for the Dragons then expect a clunky partnership with Hunt. This is if the deal does finally go through.

7. Best Buy

Dave Klemmer is the man Newcastle have needed. A strong, aggressive leader of the forward pack. He’s on big money, but he’ll show why he deserves it when he lifts the players around him – and takes the Knights to just their second finals series in the span of eight years.

David Klemmer Newcastle Knights

6. Biggest drop

While the Dragons will fall, the Warriors will be the biggest drop off, falling from finals football down to the bottom four. Releasing an international caliber halfback without a replacement will do that.

5. Biggest improver

The Cowboys have arguably the best forward pack in the competition, and with Michael Morgan leading the ship at halfback and Ben Barba at the back, North Queensland will jump from the bottom four to sixth.

4. Wooden spoon

Look away Bulldogs fans – it’s gonna be a long year. The spine is inexperienced and clunky, the forward pack is undermanned and there’s little strike in the backline. This won’t be a year to remember for Canterbury.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES – MAY 27: Adam Elliott of the Bulldogs looks dejected after defeat during the round 12 NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on May 27, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

3. Minor premiers

The Roosters have a fantastic squad, and Trent Robinson knows how to manage a regular season. Provided the spine stays fit, they’ll be on top again.

2. Runners up

No one goes back-to-back. The Roosters will make the big one, but they won’t win it. The premiers are a hunted species every year, everyone improves against them. Fatigue will get them at the end of the season.

1. Premiers

Wayne Bennett is the best coach in rugby league history and will guide a stacked South Sydney side to their 22nd premiership. While they lose Crichton, it opens a spot for Cam Murray to start. Bennett has a knack of getting the best out of his players, and he’ll lift players like Adam Reynolds and Cody Walker to a new level.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 04: New South Sydney Rabbitohs Coach Wayne Bennett speaks to the players during a Sydney Rabbitohs training session at Redfern Oval at Redfern Oval on December 4, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Here are predictions:






    • You shouldn’t believe that rubbish.
      AJ is happy and he will be staying.
      Fullback or Wing, it doesn’t matter.

      This Media crap about AJ is just that.

  1. Roosters will likely be premiers again , however if say Cronk and Friend get serious injuries then that goes out the door.

  2. Learn how to spell (calibre) and “clunky”!!!!!! As for your predictions- learn how to spell ….

  3. 😁😂😆🤣😁😂😆🤣 If souffths aren’t under enough pressure already with the signing of a coach who has lost his defence playbook and now letting local juniors walk like Jason Clark and soon Bennett will release the services of Johnstone as he does not fit into his Darius fullback plan has already caused upheavals and change for the worse. Now Souffths have turned into the true Transit Lounge of the 2000’s signing a heap of nobodies from other clubs like Corey Allan (2021), Cory Denniss (Newcastle Knights, 2020), Kurt Dillon (Cronulla Sharks, 2020), Rhys Kennedy (2019), Liam Knight (Canberra Raiders, 2020), Matt McIlwrick (Wests Tigers, 2019), Bayley Sironen (Wests Tigers, 2019)

    The Burgess twins are into there last season as they will be offered massive money to change clubs and souffths have no hope to match those offers. Old man Sutton will be on his last legs also. Gagai is useless as a centre when he is a winger and Inglis is only half the trouble he was to tackle as he was 5 yrs ago. The Roosters showed everybody how to handle big packs by disposing of Melbourne, Souffths and Cronulla with ease in last season semis.

    How could any body predict that this washed up relic will get souffth rabbit a comp when his last test match he coached for England they leaked 34 points to nil and his last game for Brisbane in Brisbane his coaching style leaked 48 points🤣😆😂😁😂😆🤣😆😁😂🐇🥄 Further more not one player has from Bennetts Bronco NRL team followed him to Souffths because they were all pleased he left and left for good. Then one by one the Bronco players that could have followed re-signed with the Brizzy Ponies.

    Soufffths first for 2019 is i’m sorry to say to this journalist but he has been sucked into the old trap of living in the past of Bennett’s achievements. Bennett really needed to retire about 5 years ago.

    • Penz0 Like you say mate Soufffths really look after their local junior’s 😂😂😁😆🤣😆😁😂😁😆🤣, The word out of Redfern is that try-scoring ace Alex Johnston is still not happy and wants a release before the start of 2019.

      • Wow woodduck you clearly are worried about Souths hey!! You know more about whats goin on at Souths than i do, you maybe a closet supporter, hope not, all i know is that when people knock teams or players they infact fear them, i’ve said from the start that Easts won’t finish better than top 6, there have been better teams who have been unable to back up winning a comp than you mob, and has for Inglis, he is the one centre who will deal with Mitchell both in defence and attack, Mitchell is awesome, I rate him highly, but Inglis will deal with him, don’t disrespect Inglis cause he should have earned your respect by now, just shows your maturity.

        Good to see your shelved your alter ego Russ Crower, that was becoming painful and an embrassement to your self.

        • “all i know is that when people knock teams or players they infact fear them” Ahahahahaha

          Your a funny bloke Penz0. You and your Souffs off siders have been rubbishing the Roosters since I came onto this site, so with your immature statement, you shall be judged by your own words for all to see. Which means you fear the Roosters. And so you should after we showed every team in the comp how defeat you twice over the last six weeks of Souffths season and how to deal with the Burgess brothers and Cook.

          Inglis has been a champion but he is getting easy to handle in the last season especially when he lost weight at the end of this season. Im not showing disrespect only presenting Facts.

          Talking of Facts read this about the disgruntled Alex Johnston

          Souffths really took their time to re-sign another Souffths junior in the ancient of ancient Sutton then let their beloved local junior Jason Clark leave and now they are pushing Johnston out the front door. Souths are a discrace towards their own breed, ahahahahahaha treat they local juniors like crap.

        • And Penz0 why do you always assume that I am Russell Crower ?????? That’s ridiculous, If I were you then a little trip down to the couch doctor to eliminate your paranoia is a must mate. Go on off you go.

          If Bennett has made the Souffths fans carry on like you then what hope have the players got. ahahahahahahaha. Any wonder why no Brisbane players followed the nitwit down to sofffths rabbit land. Even the hierarchy at Souffths are nuts when they organised Souffths home games who can’t even play a home game in their own territory, Every body must travel 17 plus kms from Redfern to watch a game ahahahahahaha

          You blokes at Soufffths are a dicrace to the League and should be relocated not at Olympic Park but Perth.

        • Another thing Penz0 Inglis will never play against Latrell Mitchell because they both play number three and three always opposes number 4, So lucky for you that you will never be proved wrong on that silly statement. Just admit not many people respect a convicted drink driver when they drive their children in the family car on the road and blokes like him want to speed and be over the limit, As for his footy he is still ok but he is coming to the end of his career and I can’t see him playing like Gallen in his late 30’s. Ingliss 32 in January at best will retire in a couple of seasons when he is 34 at the end of 2020, I cant see him going on after that, In fact he is already playing like he should be retired

        • “when people knock teams or players they infact fear them”

          So is that why you always knock the roosters penso?hahaha

        • At least we got some juniors to get rid of woodduck, and why do you keep quoting my comments, can’t you think on your own son.

          Back2back , if you do not know by now why people knock the Roosters, then no need for me to explain it to you.

        • “At least we got some juniors to get rid of”

          Atleast we have more than 1 premiership in the last 40+ years, Souths are developing losers.

        • Wow back2back, now you are fabricating history to suit yourselves , stop listening to that idiot woodduck , developing players to disguise your lack of junior committement over the years, i would have thought you would have been smarter than that backo, guess not, but to say you have won 1 more comp than us over the last 40 years is a seriously dumb comment.

        • Penz0 the only 1diot on here is a silly as a rabbit called Penz0, Back2back is spot on when it comes to soufffths developing useless players, 1 premiership since 1972 and on;ly 1 grand final proves who the nutcase is Penz0 in the same amount of time the Roosters have played in the 1972, 1974, 1975, 1980, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2010, 2013 and 2018 grand finals. That’s 11 Grand Finals to Soufffths 1, did you get that 11-1 Penz0 That’s 4-1 in premeirships Roosters favour. Even the Posh nutter Russell Crower knows that. You can’t be that silly Penz0.

        • “fabricating history to suit yourselves” (Penz0’s comment)

          Why do you fabricate history about your so called champion local juniors who in the same time as the Roosters made 11 grand final Souffths juniors won themselves 5 wooden spoons. ahahahahahahahahahha 1975, 1990, 2003, 2004, 2006 plus being so useless were booted out of the comp for two seasons. ahahahahahahaha. which is a nice way of saying your Soufffths was so hopless that they would not even qualify for a spoon in 2000 and 2001.

          “but to say you have won 1 more comp than us over the last 40 years is a seriously dumb comment.”(Penz0’s comment again)

          Of coarse it is a dumb comment because back2back19 never said that. You did Penz0. ahahahahahahaha, What back2back19 said was At least we have MORE than 1 premiership in the last 40+ years, Souths are developing losers. and FACTS presented Prove that soufffths are developing losers. Seven years of last placings or lower is EVIDENCE.

        • Penz0 it looks like the Sydney Chooksters have developed a lot of young talent because every player here that plays with other clubs made their Debut for the Roosters. Which means if they made their debut from the Roosters then the Roosters coaching staff must be good developers……..Hello McFly anybody home in there Penz0 ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
          1. Tiuvasa-Shreck
          2. Nene McDonald
          3 Tautau Moga
          4 Joseph Leilua
          5. Kenny- Dowall
          6. Connor Watson
          7. Mitchell Pearce
          8. Kane Evans
          9. Jackson Hastings
          10. Dylan Napa
          11. Iosia Soliola
          12. Ryan Matterson
          13. Aidan Guerra

          14. Kane Linnett
          15. Mose Masoe
          16. Sandor Earl
          17. Tom Symonds
          18. Brad Takairangi
          19. Paul Momirovski
          20. Brendan Elliot
          21 Shaun O’Sullivan

        • “Wow back2back, now you are fabricating history to suit yourselves”

          Explain to me how I’m fabricating stories? The rabbits only have 1 premiership since 1971, so that is 1 in 40+ years

          I’ll be waiting pea brain

        • Back2back19 when the clown🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 penz0 gets in contact with you, let him know I made a massive error. Tell him the Roosters won 5 premierships in their 11 grand finals not 4

          And tell him on behalf of my mate Russell Crower that Sam Burgess’s wife has found out that the face book stripper is her husband, and tell him to “read all about it” here
          Where is Nero Reagaan and penzo 🤣😆😂😁😂😆🤣😆😂😁😂😆🤣 my good old souffths mate Russell Crower being a Souffs true blue fought tooth and nail with those two clowns 🤡🤡 and even wanted Burgess banned before the Preliminary final. And that was coming from a fan of the rabbits. But those other two rabbit clowns came up with the largest run a round story then tried to turn the tables on him. The truth always comes out in the end, Just ask that Newtown second rower Dawson

          Now Sam Burgess wife is blonde but not stupid 🤣😆😂😁😂😆🤣😁😂😆🤣

  4. Should change the title from fearless predictions to baseless predictions.
    The game has passed skeletor by so South’s WON’T win the title this year. I don’t even have them in my top 8.

    Roosters won’t make the GF let alone go back to back.
    The only one that sounds about right is the dogs getting the spoon although my Eels will give them a run for their money.

  5. I spoken to many Souths players, they all say the same thing that they are happy and excited for the new season and they are all fit also, even on the very first day!

    The Aj CRAP is just rubbish as I have spoken to his family personally.
    AJ hasn’t even received any offers from other clubs it is all just Media Propaganda.
    His whole family are deeply disturbed with all of these accusations.
    Johnston will be at Redfern in 2019 and 2020.

    Bennett didn’t release Jason Clark as that decision was made in May 2017
    The twins won’t be going anywhere

    • 3hats Do you think Souffths can afford 3 million dollar Burgess brothers???????. I know of a bloke who lives in the nursing home who is related to Brian Fletcher, and the claims are they will be leaving in a package deal in 2020.

      Also Johnston is very unhappy the only thing that is keeping him at Soufffths according to the Fletch birdy is that he has left his run to late this year but will snap up a big money offer next season from a rival club. Thank God we are assured it won’t be the Roosters.

      • Don’t believe what the media are saying when it comes to players salaries, I don’t and that goes for players at every team, the main guys are being overestimated.

        Sam is on about $800k under the Cap, the Twins on about $500k MAX.
        Sure there are some TPAs added.

        So that is about $1.8M not $3M

        As far as AJ is concerned he is happy at Souths, I know one of his family members personally.
        I talk to AJ when I see him also.
        You can take that as a fact.

        AJ did Re-Sign in 2016 as a Winger and he did take less.
        He got a go at FB during Inglis injury.
        In 2018 GI was underdone so AJ stayed there.

        Corey Allan is Impressive and will get his opportunity, In Rd 1? Maybe.

        The media speculation always comes up when AJ is overseas, he is back now and will be back training next week.
        I hope to see him on Tuesday!

        • The Salary Cap next season is the Base of $9.3M
          Long Serving Players Allowance $300k
          Development Cap is $300k for 4 to 6 players
          An additional $200k is for either Development and/or LSP Allowance.
          The Total is $9.6M plus that $200k.

          Do you really think that $3M would be for only 3 players?
          Really? I doubt it.

          Cook, GI, Sam, Reynolds, George, Tom and Gagai are our highest paid players.
          Those 7 players take up about $5M of the Cap.
          Sure there are some TPAs also!

        • Well a bloke that talks cap logic is refreshing on this site after fellow Souffths flipouts Nero Reagen and his off siders kept at me for the 5 players that they believed the Roosters had signed for a million each🤣🤣😁😆🤣

  6. If you calling a Souths v Roosters GF, can’t see the Rabbitohs winning unless the entire spine from Roosters are all out injured.

  7. Clubs improving in 2019
    Newcastle, Cows, Tigers, Manly, Titans, Broncos

    Clubs staying similar to 2018
    Parra , Dogs, Sharks, Panthers , Storm, Roosters

    Clubs going down from 2018 results
    Warriors, Saints, Raiders, Souths

  8. Finally, good to read a decent and respected journalist having a say. Easff’s coach Cooper Cronk having put the envy boot into his old Captain Smithy last year with the help of the South Sydney trained Keary won’t have the interest this year, and will hand the team back to Robbo. Word going round is Robbo was very thankful Cooper only had one arm to coach with at the back end of last season.

    Anyway, thank goodness THAT Rooster has gone home to roost.

        • rabbitwithdudzon sounds like you named yourself well, so when you drink a dudzon, which another is term for light beer, then you go on a dribble a thon😂🤣😆😁😂🤣…..💪👴👉🐓🏆🐇🥄

  9. “Fearless” ??? … Clueless would be more apt.
    Copied and saved for season’s end … and the reckoning.

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